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How To Make A simple life: First Steps

Have you ever felt that you need to cut out some of the stress in your life, exercise more, or change your diet? Or would you like to create more significant changes in your life like making a career shift or getting into (or out of) a relationship? 850 more words


Why Does My Body Ache?  

When You Ache All Over

Muscle pain that affects a small part of your body is usually caused by overuse — sore arms from lifting boxes all day, for example. 954 more words


On the spirit of language

Much has been said about the nature of language as a matter of socio-political construction that humanizes what is perceived; or in short: what is… 96 more words

Visions And In-sights

Mood, Anxiety & Personality Disorders

Many treatment centers talk about treating mood and personality disorders, but few focus on them as distinct diagnoses. Left unaddressed or undertreated, symptoms may worsen or lead to other problems such as drug or alcohol abuse. 832 more words


The Key To Beautiful Relationships - Unconditional Love  


We all live in a world where love is the most precious virtue or quality that exists and we are all souls full of love. It’s only when we lose access to our inner treasure of love that we starting expecting love from others and begin searching for it outside, from others. 915 more words


Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi (1000th birth anniversary)

This is a post that comes on the day (May 01, 2017) the world celebrates the Millenium of Sri Ramanuja, the Hindu Saint, who lived in India. 789 more words


Soul Songs #22

Parables of Love, Part III:

How Great Thou Art, A Lesson in Song

The sun shone through the time-streaked bay windows in the small chapel, appearing to reflect directly off the lawn’s morning dew upward to light the room. 655 more words

Soul Songs