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Solomon Wise.

He could see through the world’s madness and lies.
His  experiment in experience
Wealth and deviance
Opened his innocent eyes.

All blessings


Spirituality And Religion

In the End - our choice for Love ?

You see, only love can move across boundaries and across cultures. Love is a very real energy a spiritual life force that is much more powerful than ideas or mere thoughts. 274 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Why we connect to Periyava

This post should have been written long long ago, but somehow it’s just materializing (and that’s called “Periyava chittam”)

The Sage of Kanchi, the 68th pontiff of the celebrated Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Sri Chandrasekhrendra Saraswati Swamigal has been spoken of by innumerable number of his followers and otherwise, as “Nadamaadum Deivam” or “The Walking God”. 474 more words

Spirituality And Religion

"I Was Overwhelmed by My Own Power of Mind"

AngelicView: This is an STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) from a woman who was very ill with a genetic illness that lead to other health conditions. An STE could be an NDE (Near-Death Experience) or an OBE (Out of Body Experience) in this case. 4,463 more words


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The very powerful revelations here from our friend Angelicview - thankfully some I've been able to pick up just through life experiences to include all the earth angels I've encountered in this life. What we focus on expands in our life experience. Just a small phrase given to me by my therapist and friend that started a whole new level of life transformation and journey to seek the truth.

Unapologetic Praising of God

Sometimes I question
Where I’m at.
Where am I supposed to be,
And what am I supposed to be doing?

Yet rejoice oh my heart! 185 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Do Souls Plan Suicide In Their Pre-birth Blueprint?

I was gathering my thoughts around the topic of pain and suffering in connection with my previous posts about forgiveness and grieving, when news about Robin Williams’ passing and… 1,898 more words


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As one who’s had quite a bit of experience with the topic – Mother, Grandfather, cousin and contemplated it myself at really dark periods in my life – this post is really on the mark and thought provoking. Things I’ve heard about my Mother’s choice included her being so selfish to do such a thing. With my Roman Catholic background – she’s in purgatory, she’s a sinner. Sigh. From how much I have always felt her presence and love even though she’s not tangibly here – ever since was barely a year old – I think she’s in a good place. People who suffer from mental illness can get in a dark tunnel and not see anything but getting out and often this leads to the ultimate escape mechanism. Some people kill themselves slowly with addiction, reckless behavior, poor choices or do it quickly with weapons, hanging or lethal doses of substances. They are desperate to escape what they perceive as inescapable suffering. Was it written by them on their souls before entering this life? We can never be certain but we can, as those who are left behind, forgive them and avoid condemnation of their characters. The death of Robin Williams hit me really hard – the world was a little less bright when he decided he’d had enough.

This is now

Eye Candy

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This phrase is something I've learned through time from many different sources - many of which are those with no "voices" like my beloved cocker spaniel Sammy. Now was the best meal, now was the best walk, now was the best snuggle...now!!