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Clinging vs Flow

A friend’s been taking tiny bits of my course whenever he gets lost, and last night he had the huge epiphany he’s been waiting for; the one where he understands deeply enough that he knows he’s always fine from here on in. 765 more words

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Please vote for Sacred Spaces

I have entered my Sacred Spaces into the SA Blog Awards in the  ‘Best Religious or Spirituality Blog’ category.

(Voting Period is:  28th November 2016 until 31st December 2016) 119 more words


The Friday Dose #133: Biocentrism

I haven’t changed my view of how the universe works since I was five. It all makes sense, but it makes sense as dreams within dreams. 256 more words

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Hello to my Friends!

November 17, 2016

Today is my first attempt at a published blog. Why write a blog? For me, the main purpose is to share my thoughts with readers that I hope will prove to be inspirational and motivational because we, as Christians, are never finished growing spiritually until we have taken our last breath. 303 more words

The Eightfold Path

Yesterday we discussed two common descriptions of the Four Noble Truths. In the other common expression of those Truths the final stanza is different from those discussed yesterday in that it tells you that the path to the cessation of suffering is The Eightfold Noble Path, which relates to the Truth’s daily manifestations. 784 more words

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The Four Noble Truths

Understanding the secret behind a clear, rewarding life is not a matter of intelligence, it’s a leap into a paradox. Enlightenment is the action behind a rewarding life. 557 more words

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Why Work With Crystals and How To Choose the Right One

If you are new to crystals and have never worked with one you might be wondering why you should even care about pretty and colorful rocks. 645 more words

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