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30 day writing challenge (redux):  Day 12: List 5 blessings in your life: Number 1? I am an alcoholic

  1.  This is fairly deep – you ready.  My number one blessing at the moment is being an alcoholic.  What?  How the hell is that a blessing?  
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30 Day Writing Challenge

Today - my crazy savant journey - March 17, 2018: the adventures of a girl with hyperthymesia and dissociative identity disorder

It’s been about six months since I realized that I not only have one savant trait (synesthesia – seeing, tasting, feeling sounds/music), I have multiple savant traits.   550 more words


Within the Heart

The Heart does not believe,it knows!

The Heart follows no other voice but its own….

It is a chamber of absolute Truth.

The heart allows the freedom of afflictive emotional states and experiences,yet has the resilience to resolve with understanding and compassion. 69 more words

Spirituality And Religion

30 Day Writing challenge (take 2): Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you: Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash (may he rest in peace) inspires me for many reasons.  His long career.  His artistic honesty.  His amazing songs.

Johnny started out in very poor circumstances, and started his career with just a guitar and a dream.   149 more words

Music Therapy

Ayaca e' Iguana: Decolonizing Indigenous Diets

Most of the social and spiritual gatherings I participate in are composed of people from a variety of ethnicities and beliefs. Coming from a multi-cultural background myself, this is usually not an issue. 3,409 more words

Indigenous American