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S.P. Woodstock Interlude - The Basset Hound Howls

Wherein the Author attempts to explain herself without regurgitating drama, apologizes for the ongoing delay in the retelling of the conference, relates an instructional parable, and gets, perhaps, just a little teensy bit preachy… 2,631 more words

Spirituality And Religion

The Friday Dose #81

We lost two giants last week. Two men with immense capacities for compassion. Most people know Dr. Oliver Sachs thanks to the film about him entitled Awakenings with Robert Deniro and in which Dr. 199 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought And Reality

The Wisdom of Solomon is a timely book on esoteric principles.

Paul Solomon (1939-1994) was a scholar of comparative religion, the Qabalah and ancient mystery traditions. As a student of Paul’s teachings, I collected and edited his work on spirituality and mysticism, prayer and meditation, and the mind-body-spirit connection into this book,  32 more words

Grace De Rond

The Friday Dose #79

Today we’ll focus on existence and our various ways of appreciating it. We’ll start with the physical, advance to the social/personal and we’ll end on the spiritual. 173 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought And Reality

Identity Crisis: Who Are You?

There has been a lot of fussing and fuming within the greater Pagan community, just lately, over Facebook’s policy regarding names.  The specific cause of this upset, is a recent change in that policy which has resulted in the closure of several accounts that did not utilize a legal or ‘true’ name, according to the Facebook terms of Service. 1,594 more words

Modern Life

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Our friend Stone of Destiny has a wonderful post here - a different tapping on a very old drum. May be this beat will resonate with your heart. Thank you Stone! :-)

We Are All the Same, Yet Different

We are all the same, yet different.

It amazes me how people can disconnect and forget that we are all humans.  It frightens me to listen to the news sometimes when I hear how some people treat others, wounding and killing without seeming to care.  332 more words

The Presents Of Presents On FB

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I have been beating this drum for YEARS but sometimes people need to hear a message from a different messenger. I hope if you take the time to read this that this is how you will grasp my message. :-) Thanks Dream Big Dream Often....another positive blog to follow! :-)

The Friday Dose #76

We all need to   s l o w d o w n . We need more peace, less thinking. We need less striving and more senseless joy. 212 more words

Society And The Future