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Ignatian Adventure Week Twelve

This prayer week introduced the idea of contemplative prayer. In Ignatian contemplative prayer, one uses the imagination to place oneself in a scene from the life of Jesus. 478 more words


The Gift of Suffering?

In the not-too-distant past I attended a Purpose Driven Life™ program at the church I’ve been going to. After short video presentations each week by the book’s author, Rick Warren, the group divided into smaller, more intimate discussion groups where we would tackle certain questions before rejoining the larger group to talk about what insights we may have had. 428 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Ignatian Adventure Week Eleven

This is the first small-“w” week of the second big-“W” Ignatian Week. The Second Week is focused on deeper intimacy with and knowledge of the Divine, particularly through its incarnation in Jesus. 639 more words


God is good and he will always be good. He is just the only one who fully understands when am in need when i need a shoulder to lean on and when there is no one else to offer me theirs. 194 more words


Ignatian Adventure Week Ten

This week was marked by a significant increase in anxiety for me. It’s not been specific anxiety, but rather a general sense that I’ve left something undone or perhaps made a gaffe about which I should be aware. 849 more words


East is West, West is no other than East

Here’s the latest link in my chain of cranky blog posts: I am sick  to death of going to yoga / meditation / dharma / Buddhist gatherings and having the leader tell us how materialistic THE WEST is. 138 more words


The Things You Find When Cleaning Out Your Hard Drive!


This is an old piece that I’d honestly forgotten I still had stashed away in the depths of my hard drive. I wrote this back in 1997, just a few weeks after the Heaven’s Gate suicides, and maybe a year or less after I left my cult, and just about a week before I started talking to ex-Scientologists online. 9,741 more words