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Discovering Bliss

Sometimes I feel like I am running uphill, chasing time and yet never feeling like I have enough time.   Then, there are other times…like watching the waves crashing on the shore or seeing the sunrise and I realize…what was I chasing? 259 more words


Vincent Van Gogh's Nature Quote

“It does me good to do difficult things. It does not prevent me from having a terrible need of–shall I say the word–religion.  Then I go outside in the night and paint the stars and I dream ever of a picture like this…” 200 more words


Thought For Thursday: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In what is probably de Chardin’s most infamous quote, he challenges us to think of ourselves not as people striving to be spiritual but to recognize that we are already in fact spirit.  

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Our Purpose for Blogging

So I contemplated the problem of what do I write about in my blog after so little writing in the whole of this year.  How do I explain the quiet? 480 more words


The Key to Happiness (Quote)

“The happiest times in my life has been when I was more involved with something I was doing for others than in something I was doing for myself.

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Trying To Stand Up While Still Sitting Down

I still get a joyful shock when a revelation is revealed to me.  I am never quite sure whether to call it my inner guidance or the Holy Spirit but perhaps they are one and the same.   653 more words


Five Steps for a Happier New Year

Do you ever think that it isn’t quite fair that we face a new year immediately after the chaos of Christmas?  We all have had different ways of preparing as well as different circumstances in our life.   847 more words