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How George MacDonald Has Affected Our Lives by Teresa Churcher

There are few moments in life which we remember with acute clarity.  There are even fewer moments in our life where we experience a frozen moment of time.  560 more words

Classic Fantasy

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Josh Withrow was kind enough to ask me to be a part of a series he's created on his blog discussing how George MacDonald has impacted our lives. You can view Josh's blog on TheWiseImagination.com

On A Dark Night: part 2

More than ten years later, I begun to be aware of other Christians who really loved God, served Him but did not share the same beliefs as those of the fundamentalist persuasion. 768 more words


On A Dark Night: Part 1

Recently, I came across a term I had not heard before, ‘Post-Evangelical’.  Apparently, it was coined by Dave Tomlinson in a book entitled, The Post-Evangelical. Having not read the book,  I wondered if I could describe myself as a post-evangelical.   695 more words


Thou Art Dust

I did a very human thing today: I overslept. That is, I allowed myself to oversleep. As a freelance writer and editor, my days are very much mine. 239 more words

Life Lessons

Through The Heart Of Ultimate Love

What  is it like to see the world and all of creation from God’s perspective? I know this seems like such an odd question to ponder upon but somehow while my mind was flitting about in the early hours of the morning, my mind found rest on that thought.   824 more words


What is Mature Religion?

“Essential for mature religion is the constant willingness to shift gears, to integrate new insights and to revise new positions.” — Henri Nouwen


Mindful Tolerance

“We have so little tolerance for uncomfortable feelings. I’m not even talking about unpleasant outer circumstances, but that feeling in your stomach of I don’t want this to be happening. 550 more words