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Then I Realized I Was Trans: River's Story

CC image courtesy of Flickr, torbakhopper

When I was about 13, I asked my mom for the first time when I’d get my period.

Beverly Cleary was a favorite author when I was in public school, and she wrote at some length about periods. 888 more words


A Spirituality for Every Day: The Sermon on the Mount

Thursday 16 March 2017 10.00am – 4.00pm

The Edmund Room, St Edmundsbury Cathedral

A day led by Bishop Mike

Bishop Mike writes: “One of the greatest gifts of Jesus to us is his Sermon on the Mount – but some of the ways we interpret it can seem like bad news in terms of how high the bar is set or what we are required to do. 152 more words

I like the way

I like the way
yr vagina
fill out
yr white
it’s like watching
the moon walk
across the night


Realm of Heaven is like a treasure in the acre

When we don’t understand Jesus’ stories today anymore, or when we mean, that we still haven’t understood them, may be the reason, that the truth in this stories is too easy, too trivial: The realm of heaven is like a treasure in the acre. 216 more words


The In Crowd

After I posted my last park run time on my Facebook group, someone noted that there were 622 participants on that particular day. This particular park run regularly has 400/500/600 runners on a Saturday morning. 433 more words

Save Your Pennies. Change Is Coming.

I’ve had quite a few wild insights in recent years that I’ve held back from the public. Now I know why. This is it. This is the moment to share everything. 30 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

finding the love of your life

This week, the Holy Spirit impressed me to focus on a particular subject
on family and marriage to write in my blog. It’s been a long while since I… 1,298 more words