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Sex and Spirituality

The two S’s… sex and spirituality. I want to note here that spirituality is not necessarily religion. Religion is man-made, and involves a community. Spirituality is individual. 243 more words


Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving day in the United States, and I am spending this day in Miami Beach with people from all over the world, and feeling grateful for all that I have in my life.   232 more words


Be Blessed by Being a Blessing

It’s not easy for some people during the holidays. There’s an empty seat at a table, a smile or laugh that is only there in memories. 130 more words


Coffee & The Church

Just try ordering a cup of coffee these days and hear what happens.  It’s not easy.

Decaf or regular, black, ground, roasted or blended, whole, two-percent, skim, soy, and in some places, organic milk. 913 more words


Parivrajaka's Life: An Epiphany Moment...

(Parivrajaka: A wandering monk, Spiritual Seeker with deep sense of renunciation)

The cars took an exit and drove a couple of miles down the freeway. Beautiful country side with scenic patches of green pastures and idyllic Indian village life. 618 more words


The Miracle on Market Street

“For we walk by faith, not by sight…” II Corinthians 5:7/KJV

Joey and Kristen Masciantonio are devout Catholics.  But they were losing faith.  Their 15-month old daughter Gianna suffers from juvenile xanthogranuloma, a rare but serious blood disorder. 1,199 more words


Preparing your baby for their birth

In the third trimester the end of your pregnancy comes into focus. You will not be pregnant forever! Preparations for birth take on a different meaning as the day comes closer when you will finally get to meet the small person who has been growing inside you all these months. 1,045 more words