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Tarot message

Ace of Wands

Watch it grow! New and fresh ideas are ready to rise out of the dark earth to bloom. Let them manifest as they should. 21 more words

Energy Healing

Prairie fire!

Just before supper time today my wife smelled smoke. We went outside and saw the fire behind the buildings of our neighbour. Our son-in-law was the first to see it while going home for supper. 607 more words

Faith And Life

From a simple sidewalk stand, this group is leading many into the Catholic Church

Ed Graveline had a gun pointed at his head. The 20-year-old had been beaten “to a pulp” by robbers and forced to open the safe at a Los Angeles restaurant where he was working. 1,416 more words


Kintsugi of the Soul, edition 34

For today’s Kintsugi of the Soul* I’m am sending you over to UpliftTV once again to watch a short 10-minute film called Rosa: These Storms… 595 more words

Creative Resources


Two Thousand or so years ago, God sent his only begotten Son to this earth to give his life for the sins of the world (John 3:16-18). 115 more words


High recognitions . . . . abuse of pure sexual force

“Only after earthly death do the consequences of the abuse of the pure sexual force become visible in all its tragic reality. By then it is usually too late for redemption for the misuse and squandering of the pure sexual force corresponds to a sin against Love, according to the Law of Creation. 32 more words


Wherever You Go The Sky Is The Same Color!!

There is a saying in Persian which states: ” harja Neri asemaan hamin rang ast” which translates to : “Wherever you go the sky is the same color “. 213 more words