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Sabbath Poem from Wendell Berry

From 1981: I

Here where the world is being made,
No human hand required,
A man may come, somewhat afraid
Always, and somewhat tired,

For he comes ignorant and alone… 130 more words

Spiritual Practice

Cause And Effect

Hey folks, I’ve got a bone to pick about what’s going on in the world right now, so here’s the thing… What’s really going on with all this new information that’s being discovered and released? 28 more words

Spiritual Dynamics

Mindfulness and Meditation: An ancient answer to a modern struggle.

Meditation and the modern struggle

Modern life can be frantic and stressful.  In order to stay successful in this competitive fast paced world we often feel like we can’t slow down, not even for a moment, lest we fall behind in our work, lose sight of our goals or lose our competitive edge.   783 more words


Whom to follow heart or brain?

What is different between mind and heart? How ideas come from heart and mind are different? On which ideas or thoughts we are following? Why? 286 more words


A Simple Guide to Staying Well

I can’t guarantee that the following will change your life. At best it might give pause for thought, at worst you’ll unsubscribe. If a post is a call to action than it would be a result either way, I suppose. 298 more words


Pregnancy and Childbirth: Spiritual Preparation

… Becoming a parent is a wonderful opportunity to express unselfed love, discipline, order, purity, innocence, and most of all, to grow spiritually.  The other day as I was watching our daughter standing on the grass, gently rocking back and forth while digging in her toes to maintain her balance, I saw these first few steps of independence as a reminder that God is her Father and Mother and that she will be constantly upheld by her creator. 55 more words


Wisdom is the balance between emotionality and rationality

“There must be some reason for having rationality in us. Why God has given us rationality? He doesn’t believe in values like that. Rationality gives us the sense to understand that we cannot reach there through rationality because unless and until this thing happens to you, you are not going to believe. 204 more words