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Some seek You
In silence.

On remembrance.

Some savour
Your words.

Broken hearts.

Some reach
Your throne.

On a teardrop.

Some Journey… 43 more words


How to Cope with Change: A Mini Primer

My last post was about how messy transformation can be, so to follow up I thought I would write about a few ways to cope… 350 more words


Experience Unconditional Love to handle maximum change

There is a lot of light coming in, stimulating old karma, positive and negative, and old pools of energy. It is all been brought to the surface and speeded up. 1,278 more words


Evil exists, but evil comes from anger and fear, the absence of love and forgiveness.

– Christopher Penczak

Faith in God

Faith in God is not belief where there is no evidence. The Gospel writers make it clear that we are to seek out the evidence in order to believe. 62 more words


Crossroads - May, 2016

Check out this article – http://www.mamamia.com.au/how-to-deal-with-grief/

It is very much worth a read. The author, an anonymous commentator, compares grief to a shipwreck, in which, they say, we cling to whatever debris we can find to survive. 430 more words