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Passing, On Grass

Rabbit on the lawn
Bounding heavy feet, body long
Across the grass, fast
A blur heart beating mass


Hardness, Is Clear

Being a poet is hard, not being what you are
Is harder

Look around…

Like all unemployed writers I am in need of support, in more ways than one. 29 more words


Happy Galactic New Year!

The Galactic New Year on July 26th, 2016 launches us into The Blue Spectral Storm Year!

This year brings the forces of Pure Transformation, calling us to let go and surrender on all levels… 313 more words

Other, Space Cover

We do not die to this world, we die to ourselves
Wake, as each other
Sleep, past future— stutters

The world, twin brother
The moon, mother… 11 more words


Yearning to Go Home

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian

Home, real home . . . is not of this world

Eternal abode

Where only good is seen, evil has no place… 21 more words


Hunting for Patterns in the Unpredictable

There is quiet out by the pond. The stillness is broken only by the underlying rise and fall of bird song. Bullfrogs began their chorus as soon as she arrives. 430 more words



Today I was thinking about how much of the conflicts in my life have been created by me. I’m not talking about a literal conflicts with another person or something. 765 more words