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Trusting What Comes

Her father was a taxi driver and her mother a stay-at-home mom. He supported his eight children and they lived a comfortable life in Al Ghadeer, a district in Baghdad where many Christians lived. 682 more words


filled with the Holy Spirit

Think of it!  Just a few days ago, Peter denied Jesus three times and ran away from the horrors of Good Friday.  Today, (Acts 4:1-12) we have a different Peter.   118 more words



I used to be an open-air bar. I was Legends on a Saturday night. My door was never closed because I had no door. My heart could not break because I had no lock. 634 more words

High recognitions . . . . ethereal, not "ghost" world

“The earthly human being must consider the worlds of ethereal matter where he will dwell after his earthly death in a much more natural manner. His ideas of ‘ghosts’ and spirits swirling up and down are only products of the intellect, nothing more.” … 38 more words



I don’t usually make a habit out of dispensing advice (especially unsolicited advice.) It has been my experience that most of us don’t care at all what you think, unless, of course, you agree with me. 567 more words

You Are Magic

I want to believe that it is my responsibility to dream and imagine beautiful and creative stories that morph into reality – stories that enhance our knowledge, expand our consciousness and lift our lives. 98 more words

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