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Making heart based decisions

What would the world look like if we did things from our heart center? Imagine that, heart-centered action, a life that flows-unrestricted. No need for tug of war or struggle, sounds out of this world but it is possible. 192 more words


The Ants Part II

I struggle with “ants” that crawl around inside of me. It is a gnawing, biting need for something more. It is the impulsive urge that the present moment can never satisfy. 676 more words

Take me higher

No matter how we spend our time, here in this physical plane, our lives revolve endlessly in it’s grasp. Creativity for me, appears to stop time. 164 more words


your story is always infirm

I keep waking this week with a distempered head that wants to destroy every thing that crosses my mind, and smash the physical objects in the room.   688 more words


Q + A: Why Did I Start My Youtube Channel

I’m going to try to do weekly Q+A’s so please leave your questions concerning anything in the comments below. My recent question comes from @styleguide365blog, a really cool menswear blogger who you should totally check out, asked me “What Made Me Start My Youtube Channel + How Did I Start My Youtube Journey?”. 46 more words


No Exit

Book Name

No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre



One Line Summary

Hell is other people

The Setup

Okay, technically No Exit is a play, so I’m cheating a bit by considering a book. 1,000 more words

Book Review

A Declaration of Love!

by David Brandt Berg

As Christians, we believe in love!—Love for God and others, for “God is love” (1 John 4:8). That’s our religion—love!

Love… 1,376 more words

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