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The Benefits of Aromatherapy / Essential Oils

We’re all familiar with the power that scents can have over our daily lives. This is clear every time you spritz on your favourite perfume before a big night out or breathe in the smell of a delicious dinner; aromas and their influence are everywhere. 546 more words


Heart based compassionate spirituality: giving and receiving love

“Central to the vision of creative love theism are loving relationships, reconciliation instead of estrangement, and adoption into God’s family. The goal is to get people back into the relationship of  giving and receiving love as the Creator intended.” (Pinnock and Brow: Unbounded Love, chapter 1).

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It's time to move on.

Part of the St. Lawrence experience is being near Adirondack Park. Although it is not a required part of our curriculum, all Laurentians are encouraged, at some point in their academic career, to climb at least one of the forty-nine Adirondack peaks. 1,376 more words


Hanuman and The Bhagavad Geeta

To learn the story behind this fun fact, click here!

Do join us for our 24 hour Hanuman Chalisa Recitation on 13th and 14th February 2016! Click here for more information!

Being nice versus being loving

A friend once told me he was being nice to me and that he didn’t really like me, despite evidence proving the latter. To this day, this is sort of an “agree to disagree” idea with us. 887 more words


Loving God 

Is unsustainable- it’s fickle because it’s untrue.

“God” is the universe and everything in it. We are God. Love is God. Etc. As for evil, we should aspire to kill it extinct- in ourselves etc. 377 more words

New Blog - Searching, Being and Becoming

Here’s a Link to my latest post on my new blog – enjoy.