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Black Cat Blue Sea Award

I was nominated by Palfitness and I am accepting this nomination with honor. Hopefully those I nominate will also accept or at least take time to visit my followers. 373 more words


Once So Strong

He fell without a sound
When no one was around
And lay there on the ground
Until hours later he was found;
And what an unthinkable sight… 69 more words


Hay Fever

There is a certain elegance to the fallen leaf.

Such as, the distance between what is seen and what will be.


There is a backyard mechanic in me…that ponders, just let the ‘upheaval be!’ 85 more words


On Old Friends

How, you might ask, could a 50th anniversary high school reunion relate to spiritual matters? Quite a bit, as I recently discovered.

I was not going to attend my high school reunion. 452 more words


the spiritual moment

What is the spiritual moment? What is moment in people lives when they become susceptible to looking into spiritual topics? What could possibly trigger someone to go to a meditation class or order a spiritual book, or find themselves watching videos of spiritual teachers on YouTube every day? 650 more words

The Figurine

​From the outside, looking in

Head bobbing, up and down
Wintered breath, projected frost
Excitement all around
Oh Daddy can I have it?
That one! That one right there? 242 more words


'Amping Up' Life Force Flow through Spiritual Renewal by DL Zeta

Spiritual purpose plays an important role in creating health. There are ways to amp up the amount of life force energy flowing into your life. It’s the flow of life force flowing into one’s life that determines the realities that can be accessed. 675 more words