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But I Don't Want To

One reality to living alone-if you don’t do the chores, ain’t nobody else going to either. As a task-oriented guy, not usually a big deal. 369 more words

Learning & Growth


when the wind lifts hair
off your brow
think that it was I
with tender thought
looking at a lonely sky


June Astro Report

The Sun is now blazing through Cancer, about to catch up with Mercury and Mars which are also swimming through the sign of the Crab. This brings attention to the home front and the deep, vulnerable parts of ourselves. 750 more words


Intro to the Journey

December 11, 2010 will always be etched in my mind. I watched as my mother was journeying through a part of her life, a new part, a different part. 544 more words

Peter The Disciple: part 13c

Christian Order and Fellowship

Home, Society, and the Church

Running like a thread that weaves the two books of Peter together is the theme of social interaction. 464 more words


So Many Synchronicities Of Late

Thankfully, my health has improved over the last few days and I am feeling much better. Emotionally I am also feeling like myself again. I feel as if I am thinking much more clearly and am more organized. 695 more words


Animism and Tarot

Most of my friends who practice tarot treat their decks like their best friends. They name them, ask their birth dates, give them personalities, place them in pretty pouches and boxes, and even chitchat with them. 513 more words