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Children, it’s I your Heavenly Mother, my dear little ones. Make good us of this time. Be fruitful with your works. Especially when it involves caring for another. 33 more words


A healer's thought! A SATURDAY THOUGHT

This is a snapshot of the thinking of one particular healer, the discoverer of Christian Science. But it exemplifies the kind of consciousness that can heal instantaneously – far removed from blind faith, quite apart from judgment or human counselling…so unselfed and all-embracing.  35 more words


Humanimal [I want to make a dark mirror out of writing], by Bhanu Kapil

47. I want to make a dark mirror out of writing: one child facing the other, like Dora and little Hans. I want to write, for example, about the violence done to my father’s body as a child. 414 more words


Electric Bicycle By Vela Wants To Ease The Urban Commute

The bicycle was the first form of personal transportation before automobiles were even prototypes. Since then car manufacturers have embraced technology into their products at a rapid pace, while the bicycle has been taking its time to slowly evolve. 192 more words


The unspeakable nearness of God

Poor Moses never gets to enter the Promised Land. But the wishy-washy, always famished, fickle, forgetful Israelites and foreigners traveling with him do. After all Moses did to bring these people out of Egypt—including saving their butts from divine fury on multiple occasions—he is now too old and too close to death to continue. 1,005 more words


A Song of Praise

Pull up a chair

Settle into your pew

Kneel beside your bed

Sit on your haunches

(like in Grapes of Wrath)

I’m going to tell you what God has done… 170 more words

Spiritual Reflections

What If?

What if everything you ever believed in, every thought, every idea, every perspective, was never you, and what if it can never be you? Then who are you? 894 more words

Meaning Of Life