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Solitude is an achievement!

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“Being solitary is being alone well:

being alone luxuriously immersed

in doings of your own choice,

aware of the fullness of your own presence… 24 more words


Patience, Duty

We can sum up the Aversion stage as follows: “My way or no way”. If both are stubborn, this is the end of story, the usual one. 272 more words


100+1 SYMBOL: Three Shades of Goddesses - Kali, Durga & Gauri

Kali and Gauri are the untamed and domestic forms of the Goddess. One is naked, the other fully dressed.One’s hair is unbound. The other’s is tied with a string of flowers. 147 more words



Sikhism is a pretty young religion and it is one that not many people know a great deal about. One of the most important things for a Sikh to do is to get involved with selfless service aka seva. 296 more words


...and what of stress?

My life isn’t one that’s based on stress. Meaning stress is not something I thrive on. I don’t seek it. I don’t ruminate on things that might stress me out. 259 more words


Glory Be

On bended knee, heaven bows,—
Exquisite beauty weeps joy in return.


Ripples of Memory

Ripples of Memory

Like Ribbons of Time,

Singing Enchantment, 40 more words