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Conviction from a 5 year old

Today, RUF had their first large group.

Yesterday, I had my first community group for church.

The day before that I had church.

Tomorrow is girl’s Bible study. 585 more words

God's Love

Subjective Experience - The Hard Problem Of Consciousness

When it comes to consciousness, nothing allows us to deduce the properties of subjective experience — the redness of red, the bitterness of regret, the warmth of fire — from the mass, momentum, spin, charge, or any other property of subatomic particles bouncing around in the brain. 30 more words


Dr. Kathryn May’s Channel Panel Radio Show – September 2, 2015

Dr. Kathryn May’s Channel Panel Radio Show – September 2, 2015

Kathryn and Christine share their journey of healing, which can be very valuable for all of you who need healing, I consider one of the most valuable lessons while listening to these shows to be learning just how the Company of Heaven works with all who ask for their assistance. 123 more words


Here we go..

When the truth is clawing its way through my being, you are my only solace. I see you everywhere. You’re the first thing I hear in the morning. 1,152 more words

Coming Of Age

St. Gregory, Pope and Doctor of the Church

St. Gregory was born in Rome, in Italy. His father was a politician and his mother is a saint, St. Celia. Gregory studied philosophy and when he was still quite young, became the governor of Rome. 444 more words

Lives Of The Saints


“Restless path saga
Idleness insurrection
Oneness latency

Cogent free thinkers
À propos Humanity
Consummate Species 28 more words