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Be Still and Listen

The world has not grown so loud that I cannot hear you when you call.  The chaos of man cannot drown out my reply when you sit in stillness and wait.  

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Beautiful vs. Misary

I walked along; a crowd ahead.
The laughter of many treasures untold.
I feel like I’m just creeping along, the feeling is getting so old. 549 more words

Soul Connecting

Eric Raines ~ Energy update 2/21/2017

Unleashing Natural Humanity

Timeline anomalies and incursions are being actively reversed and smoothed out as much as possible energetically, and as far as I know this is a brand new development as of 3 days ago. 845 more words


Something about White

Man it’s something about the white. The pure innocence from being bad. Little you know that Jesus, the Son of God was a bad kid during childhood. 397 more words


The Dark Side Of Always Thinking Positively

(Paula Hicks) You’re feeling down? Life hit you too hard, so now it seems to you that nothing makes sense? Think positively! When you shift your mindset, your life will change, too. 1,471 more words


How I Cured my Own Mind

This is a brief overview of how I cured myself and changed my feelings about living the lifestyle of being mentally sick

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