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The Wall

Sitting. Eyes on wall.


Noticing the cracked green paint. The black ant crawling across my field of vision.

And the wall said, Watchyu lookin’ at? 86 more words


Goddess Gathering Draws Closer

As you can see, from the picture, things are really greening up down at Raven-Wolf. To quote Coordinator Mary T. Borden, “It is Spring and everything is springing up and trying to reach over our pathways.” 506 more words

News And Events


I think joy is commonly misunderstood. Joy and happiness are two different realities. In my experience most of us cannot explain how these two are different. 281 more words


This talk describes a truth I often find difficult to stomach in principle, but so lovely when experienced.

“At the top of the world, the pinnacle of experience, a window opens and you can see with unsurpassed clarity the total futility of everything you have achieved. 412 more words

Faith & Doubt

Many consider doubt and faith as opposites, just like success and failures. Famous saying puts failure as the stepping stones for success. Doubt could be the starting point in the journey towards faith. 131 more words

Re-Dedication Ceremony

I’m having a re-dedication ceremony to my patron Demon on Walpurgisnacht (April 30). I decided this date because it’s close to the First Rite to Leviathan (May 2nd). 128 more words


Blue Rose Arena; Part Two

Part One | Part Two

Me: What are your notions about the blue rose?
Andrei: Mysterious. Unpredictable. A journey. A goal. A dream. And something very real, even if it can’t be proven.

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