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ROBIN SHARMA'S "The Leader Who Had No Title" (Book Review Ninang?)

ROBIN SHARMA’S “The Leader Who Had No Title”
What I learned and will probably remember for a long time
(Book review Ninang? “Hmm.. more of book report.”) 1,446 more words


Love Them Anyway

I had occasion to pass along this poem to a friend, and in so doing, discovered that the author has revised it slightly. I thought it a good occasion to reprise my blog post from three years ago, with the updated text. 485 more words



Wheels spin round and round

In man alone the answer never found

Only with God’s love in each heart

Here on earth will peace start… 25 more words

Detecting God

The reasons,
The reasons why we’re here;
The reasons to have no fear —

God is interior;
At your purest mirror —

At your most quivered affirmation, 118 more words


He takes by the hand

Himself as a child

Τον εαυτό του παιδί

written and sung by Mario Frangoulis

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Dear Miss Tilney - Anxiety & Self Care

Hello Mrs. Anxious!

Thank you so much for writing in! Your question was short and sweet.

“What is the root of my anxiety? And how do I address it?” 926 more words


Pleiades 1 Messages October 22nd 2017 ~ Oct. 22, 2017

Whoo-hoo! This is a somewhat cryptic message from the spiritual group in Italy called Disclosure News Italia (you can read these mesages in English). … 180 more words