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Day to day Guide:8-days Ignatian Retreat

Day 5 Contemplating Christ looking at us

Theme: Person of Christ: Ministry of Healing and Reconciling


My Lord Jesus, I beg for a deep, interior knowledge of your person, your Gospel values and especially your way of loving, so that I can all the more fall in love with you, follow you and learn to love as you love. 312 more words


Wisdom for the Day

Integrity has no need for rules.

Disobedience to God’s call to stop a specific sin is a double sin.

If you plow the field every day, the only thing that grows is resentment. 68 more words


Stipend By The Rains Fall Into The Clouds

I’m stipend by the rains which

Fall into the clouds.

Frozen breaths drop them down

Unto the heads of man.

With every tear cleansing my… 150 more words


Joy Epiphany

Joy bursts forth
Smile shines forth
Laughter breaks forth
Happiness raptures forth
All in the heart
All from the heart
All from an open heart… 37 more words



God the Father
My dear children: It is I, your Heavenly Father. My children: Come to me and open your hearts to me tonight. Give me your “yes” in every moment. 236 more words


Life is Transition

Well, well, well. So we meet again. Aparently it has been three long years since my last post on this blog. As the title suggest things have been changing and some things not so much. 202 more words


My Dearest Friend.

It was almost a month ago that my friend died. I haven’t written about her on here, but I think my recent increase of blogposts is largely due to the fact that I am simply unable to cope with both the accident and her passing. 515 more words