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House Spirits & House Blessings

Note: I have a religion that observes rituals. I have a witchcraft practice that does not observe them as often as others. Although I may sometimes talk about them in the same posts, they are not connected.  1,329 more words


Familiar Pains

So I was window-shopping for my spoiled dolls, I mean, my helpful familiars when I come across an adorable pair of fairywings from Bambicrony. Joren… 64 more words


Deep Dive pt 2

I flatten my hand on the shinning gem of the monolith, and let the water around me go black. For a split second, I feel the selkie elder’s whiskers brush against my arm. 187 more words

Family Life And Other Spirits

Deep Dive pt 1

I let my eyes cross, then focus them again on the stone monolith in front of me. “It’s wet.”

The old selkie woman laughs at me. 247 more words

Family Life And Other Spirits

Broken Down Faces

I’ve got to say, I never entirely expected a vacation.

Basically, in the last year or so I’ve started Working. Not spirit-worker normal working, but it is Working. 242 more words

Family Life And Other Spirits

Seasonal Depression: Working with an Evergreen Spirit

I (Réaltán) suffer from seasonal depression (AKA Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It makes keeping my energy up, both physically and magically, much harder in the late fall and winter, as my natural inclination is something like hibernation between Samhain and Imbolc, approximately.   778 more words


Spiritbound: Communication Channels

I spoke about Doorways and Borders earlier and made an oh so brief mention of communication channels towards the end. I would like to elaborate on this, however, as there is often quite a bit of conflation that occurs in this area. 736 more words