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Ancestor Bottles

Yesterday I spoke about Spirit Vessels and how mine differ from the others I commonly see- as well as a base outline covering how I make them. 575 more words

Spirit Bound

Spirit Vessels

A discussion in a Spirit Worker Facebook group I’m a member of made me realize I’ve never talked about Spirit Vessels or Ancestor Bottles- which is odd considering how important an item these can actually by in my practice. 812 more words

Spirit Bound

Confronting Spirits

Now that I’ve covered the subject of ethics (and their exceptions), I can start getting into the better stuff that you probably came here for in the first place. 862 more words

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Misleading Spirits and How to Deal with Them

One huge risk in Spiritwork is encountering a spirit who is lying through their teeth. There are spirits who possess a naturally tricky nature or demeanor, Spirits who attempt to wear the faces of others, and many more… So it’s not an uncommon problem that Spiritworkers run into, either. 1,040 more words

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Ethics When Dealing with Spirits

I want to discuss something a bit heavier than most people are used to.

I’ve said it a thousand times already: Morals are subjects. And they are. 347 more words

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My (Briefly Outlined) Journey to Spiritwork

It’s well known at this point that my religion- Estendra– is best categorized as a “Death Cult”. I make no real attempt to hide this fact. 865 more words

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Trees and crossroads

So. I seem to be re-engaging with Heathenry.

It’s good in that I shut that door some years ago and have only flirted with re-opening it prior to now. 221 more words