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black candle, black magic, black sun, black heart, black eyes, black dreams

For all my ancestors,
unknown and hidden.

For my shadows,
demons drawn from fear… 18 more words


white candles, white light, white death, white marble, white bones, white faced

For all my ancestors,
known and named.

For my higher Self, my wyrd… 20 more words


blue candles, blue skies, blue ice, blue skin, blue eyes, blue magic

Frozen winter,
bitterly cold darkness
cut by blue moon’s
light, distant and erratic. 14 more words


red candles, red silk, red lips, red blood, red magic

For every drop of my
blood, I am predator
and prey–
in the seasons of cold and death… 25 more words

Periodically I like to remind people these exist

I actually write things!  And stuff!

Visions of Vanaheim (420 pages; Ravens Hall Press, 2014): By popular demand, I have re-released a revised and expanded version of… 876 more words



Since my previous post, I’ve put the word out on tumblr (rotwork.tumblr.com), and I’m very optimistic about the potential this idea has to reach people. 152 more words


2015 New Year Assessment


I started out an eclectic pagan in the fall of 2012, very casual and doing things by intuition.  I devoted myself to Persephone and Loki and interacted minimally with other members of the Greek and Norse pantheons.  271 more words