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Fae Work Basics

If you’re comfortable with your spirit work practice and would consider yourself beyond a beginner level, this is the fae work tutorial for you! If you’re still very new to spirit work, I recommend this  1,611 more words

Spirit Work

It has been a while...

…since last I posted, and there are probably things I ought to catch up on (my Wep Ronpet, for one) but for today I am stopping in to write up something a bit more time sensitive: my first Unseelie Weather Report for the year. 149 more words


Questions 12:  The Greatest Challenge and Reward

This questions was from Susannah Ravenswing:

​From one shamanic practitioner to another: what do you find to be your greatest challenge and what aspect most rewarding? 715 more words



I made my astral body in a black void and transferred over. This is the most I’ve been able to do in months, and i just stretched myself by running around, walking, swimming, sensing, feeling, frolicking. 161 more words


Willow's Song

I love this, both the song and the video! (the song is from the original Wicker Man). This reminds me of some of the spirits with whom I work. 

Saint Michael the Healer

Throughout Europe, many healing springs are associated with Saint Michael, whose waters have the ability to cure any ailment under the stars.  Though primarily Heaven’s prince and God’s right hand warrior, defender of souls in the Heavenly Courtroom and psychopomp to the righteous, Michael also has a softer side that deals in miracles – the Marian Apparitions, the sacred cave at Monte Gargano and holy places like Mont St Michel.   339 more words


I don’t know which one spoke.
I have my suspicions.
I was lighting candles,
offering prayers,
thinking of angelic voices
born in blood and pain… 335 more words