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What Lives, Evolves

“Do one thing today,” he said. “What you do matters less than that you find something you can do. Your foundation has been washed away, between losing your home, the wreck, and all that has happened since then. 486 more words

Demara: The Sanctuary

I don’t like to be bothered when I’m not in a specific mood for some of the spirit work and other things I do as a part of my practice. 1,009 more words

Spirit Bound

Servicing the Athansi

Spiritual Service is the first aspect of Shrine servicing. I can’t go into it too much due to the nature of Estendrian practice as I’ve set it up, but it’s pretty similar to anyone else Servicing a Shrine. 318 more words

Spirit Bound

Gathering Spirits

A Shrine to spirits is pretty much nothing without the spirits that inhabit it. I am a spirit gatherer in multiple senses of the word; When I am actually functioning religiously, I run an Athansi… 1,402 more words

Spirit Bound

Shrines, Altars, and Spiritwork: The Estendrian Athansi

When practicing, I always have a specific Altar set up in my house that contains several Shrines to the dead. This area is referred to as my Athansi- a practice specific term in Estendra that refers to Altar + Shrine combinations meant to be our primary place at which Estendrian rites concerning the Dead and Spirits are performed. 627 more words

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Graveyard Etiquette and Protocol

My dash appears to have run amok in the Graveyard today. I came across this post on my dash thanks to the-green-witch, and this post… 1,057 more words

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Ancestor Bottles

Yesterday I spoke about Spirit Vessels and how mine differ from the others I commonly see- as well as a base outline covering how I make them. 575 more words

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