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Since then

I had taken what could be accurately described as a “magickal break”. Which is probably not the best thing to do, but I just don’t necessarily have it in me to do daily magickal workings (except a few, which worked nicely). 84 more words

A Black Cat's Crossing

Beneath the dark moon I separated flesh and fur from the bones of a cat. My love found her washed up on the dam one morning after the flood waters began to recede. 301 more words

Spirit Work

So I go to the river... (June 2nd)

I was considering not actually posting the happenings of last night on here… but I feel like it’d be something I would want to read in the future, and might help out someone else who is going through the rite (since there are precious few actual accounts recorded). 569 more words

Shit's gettin real

There is now only one week until I go to the river and toss in the bones.

The full moon (when I go to the river) is landing perfectly on the night when I do the last of the seven spheres ritual (the Moon rite). 495 more words

The Venus Ritual

Just an update. I did the Venus ritual last night about 11ish. I didn’t have the best stuff for it. Did it in the nude. Had some great sex after. 34 more words

An update: Further progress and the shadow of Venus

As any of you know who are reading my blog, I am┬ádoing the seven spheres ritual that was created by Rufus Opus. This is where you do a ritual for a specific planet on that planet’s day and hour. 549 more words

The Sun ritual (May 20th)

I wasn’t originally going to post anything on this, but since some may be wondering how the Sun ritual went I’ll just throw out a quick blurb. 211 more words