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Willow's Song

I love this, both the song and the video! (the song is from the original Wicker Man). This reminds me of some of the spirits with whom I work. 

Saint Michael the Healer

Throughout Europe, many healing springs are associated with Saint Michael, whose waters have the ability to cure any ailment under the stars.  Though primarily Heaven’s prince and God’s right hand warrior, defender of souls in the Heavenly Courtroom and psychopomp to the righteous, Michael also has a softer side that deals in miracles – the Marian Apparitions, the sacred cave at Monte Gargano and holy places like Mont St Michel.   339 more words


I don’t know which one spoke.
I have my suspicions.
I was lighting candles,
offering prayers,
thinking of angelic voices
born in blood and pain… 335 more words

Wow...Just...Wow: talk about missing the point

Someone emailed a colleague of mine out of the blue with the following question (he shared it largely out of shock at the utter obliviousness of it all): 623 more words

the Dierne as Pedestrian

In my mystic life, I think it’s safe to conclude that the Dierne Pallis does not like me. It’s been thirteen months since the first heavy hint of that. 1,809 more words

Recent Encounters: Unidentified, Differentiated Duplicates, and Passer-Bystander

The descriptor that got through to me, that I could understand a labyrinth as sacred geometry after, was grace. The shape of a labyrinth can mean: In this place, there is nowhere else you must be; in this movement, there is nothing else you must do. 1,165 more words

Starting My Pocket Altar

I have this card holder with a compass embossed on the cover, and found a photo-printing place that could print them in wallet-size from digital files. 403 more words