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I believe in reincarnation. I believe that our souls have lived through many lifetimes. I believe that my soul in particular has lived many lives, some I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, some I have. 2,243 more words

A Powerful and Deep Lesson on Openness to the Holy Spirit

I recently had an experience that gave me a powerful and deep lesson on openness to the Holy Spirit.

To give some background first, I have been spending a lot of time at the local ice arena lately, watching AAA hockey. 753 more words


Finding physical movement thats good for the soul

Often times we associate movement, or exercise, with being a physical practice-sometimes maybe even a mental practice- but if we’re looking to live a life uncaged, finding full being alignment in our every day habits is crucial. 436 more words


Get ready, Asset, Release

Release what no longer serves you! With the new moon in Scorpio approaching tomorrow. I have found that letting go is way easier and much more of a relieve than holding on. 186 more words


Halloween 2018

I hope that everybody had a Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday to decorate for. For the past several years, I decorated my parents’ house, played music on the porch, and dressed in costume to hand out candy. 687 more words


How to make home your "sacred place"

I write a lot of self love and self care articles and I am grateful that a lot of them have been published with some really cool sites.  621 more words