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Finding Purpose in Small Things

Since centuries great sages and individuals have tried to discover the purpose of human life. We human beings indulge ourselves in different vacations in life to seek meaning. 548 more words



Hidden behind a pretty painted mask

lies an astonishing haunt

that rearranges the nuances

of the surface expressions

an indivisible source

of feigned complexions

attempted calculations

divining Kolkata

the sacred atom heart

mystifies skeptics

and entrances sentients

who quiver in rags

and pools of matter of fact

connecting the pieces

of rumored salvations

and ancient salutations

stately contemplations

reveries of chronic consumption

a pretty painted mask

obstructing the inner room

engendered hearts

conspire novel identities

that reverberate from there

syntactic absurdities

reign great heights

and intelligent strife

the sub-conscious assumes

the cheap humer in all

reflections from the abyss

shining into all

imaginary contrite emotions

from nothing at all

red paper never let blood

only sharp tongues

carving sharper notes

of songs long lost

to the dead prophet

who lies in wait

for God to reveal himself

beyond the pretty painted mask

the attic light strobing

announces itself to no one

wallpaper incantations

vexing the infidels

and trumping the mystics

heuristics of paintings

where the depth becomes flat

contrast lines

cut up dimensions

from white space

under the painted mask

be still and know my name.
Scribbled Poetry Of A Poltroon

The Hermit

Once a man from mountains
Prayed in a little cave, carved
By the mighty slopes, in his
Dark little den, the hermit
Sought the benevolent god… 77 more words

July 2018 Musings

CommunityI once read a blog that shared the life, through a personal journal, of the great-grandfather of the person who was producing the material online. In it the man walked all over where he lived, worked, shopped and went to church in Roanoke City (where I currently live), 100 years earlier. 596 more words



Some days I am a wild gypsy

Free and careless

I soak my bare feet in the Earth

Yet remain unrooted

Taking in Mother Nature… 54 more words

Denial Is My Spiritual Practice Too!

An unsolicited book review!

Denial Is My Spiritual Practice by Rachel Hackenberg and Martha Spong  is a book that everyone needs to read!

I received it on Thursday and finished it Sunday afternoon. 296 more words


Oh Happy Day

Don’t tell me the Universe doesn’t have a sense of humor. Today proves otherwise.

My son and I were driving to the city today to a gospel brunch. 808 more words