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View from the Jetty

I snapped this image early morning at the wonderful Gold Coast Spit. Queensland, Australia.



9 am, the half moon at the tip of yellow leaves among white clouds in the blue, blue sky. I doubted my eyes and looked at it over and over again. 306 more words


be kind

be kind, she says.

roll your fist, he says.

I just look down on my toes…

tears roll down and drop onto the floor. 9 more words


What Did Jesus Do For You?

Jesus Endured so much for us.

Our Lord and Savior put up with a lot. I mean, A LOT. Below is a list of things done to our Lord. 520 more words

Borger Church Of Christ

Spit PsyOps Spitballing

Quite a tongue-twister, eh? Try reading the header out loud ten times in a row without getting saliva on your keyboard. Do try! That will be an excellent way to get started, since here’s what I’m suggesting… 1,495 more words

Mangled Rhetoric

Another Reason to Hate Birthdays...

Blowing out birthday candles increases cake bacteria by 1,400 percent, or 14X, on average – based on study. However, it is stated that the health concern is minimal unless the blower is sick. 23 more words


Have you seen the moon lately?

I haven’t done DSLR for a while…
because of the moon tonight… I took it out.