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Spitfire Custom Wallet

If you have something in mind that you’d like engraved, painted or printed on a leather wallet, bag, or sheath. I can make it for you!

'Malta Spitfire' flies again in 2016

One of the major drawbacks of doing this blog thing for fun rather than as a career is that one can only report on what is seen. 1,404 more words

Hollywood on the march again

It appears that moves are afoot in Tinseltown to remake another flying epic – in this case The Battle of Britain.

The original 1969 movie was directed by the godlike genius of Guy Hamilton (responsible for the British spy movie masterpieces… 1,027 more words

Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2

I’m now on week 2 of my half marathon training plan, so I figured I would share what I’ve done so far. I’ve been using the… 783 more words