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South Sudan is violently burning as ceaseless gunfire rocks the capital city of Juba. On july 7 2016, the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) and its opposition clash in a hostile confrontation resulting in bloody killing of roughly 300 people and 42,000 civilians on the run to wilderness for safety. 297 more words

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“Rescue mission” force for SPLA –IO threaten to overrun Juba 

Some force which identify themselves as “rescue mission force” and parts of SPLA-IO have threatened to overrun Juba saying that “we will not spare anyone” 251 more words


The 5th Anniversary

Dear readers. You may all know that, South Sudan as the youngest nation of the world, is now five years old from its independence from Sudan. 278 more words


SPLA and SPLA-IO to joins hands and "fight against anti-peace elements" in Raja: Spokesperson

Juba – The SPLA has issued a statement regarding the evolving situation in Raja after it’s alleged that some armed group overrun the town, forcing the governor and the deputy governor of the controversial Lol State to flee in disarray. 212 more words


Press statement: Government soldiers blocked SPLA-IO special force from Booth


Pagak – Government soldiers blocked SPLA-IO special force under command of Major General James Ochan Puot Buop from Booth.  The SPLA/IO soldiers were on move for the last three days to Mai-wut County, East of Upper Nile close to Ethiopian border where the sector is located. 242 more words


UNMISS kicks off airlifting SPLA-IO troops to Juba from Malakal

Malakal – The United Nation Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) has begin airlifting the troops from SPLA in Opposition who are going to Juba as part of implementing the peace agreement signed last year by the two parties to end the bloodiest brotherly conflict in South Sudan. 128 more words


South Sudan peace monitors should not always said both side or both parties violated the ceasefire.

Opinion – Am writing this article in response to routine report from South Sudan peace monitor CTSAMM,JMEC & IGAD who always pointed the blames of ceasefire violation on both parties,this is something that is not fair and it does not make any sense if they would always be saying that both warring parties violated the ceasefire,this is completely different from what we expect them to do. 385 more words