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Eeek! Sweeteners!

Aspartame is scary. We want sweetness, we want fun. But like a Jekyll-and-Hyde potion, the end result can be misery and death.

In 1965 a pharmaceutical chemist absently licked his finger and found it 200 times sweeter than sugar. 798 more words

Self Healing

Artificial sweeteners???  DANGER!!  DANGER!!

Here’s why:
Studies have shown that tasting something sweet enhances your appetite, regardless of calories, and consuming artificial sweeteners has been shown to result in even greater weight gain than consuming sugar. 235 more words


nutrition: all about sugar substitutes

Now that I’ve made my rant about Best Buy destroying my Chromebook, I’m going to leave you with one final blog post before I send it away to the computer hospital. 796 more words


Johnson & Johnson completes divestiture of Splenda Brand to Heartland Food Products Group.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. has completed the divestiture of Splenda Brand to Heartland Food Products Group.

Johnson & Johnson announced on Friday that it has completed the divestiture. 38 more words

North America

Public Service Announcement: Pie

PSA: Sugar-free Crowd-Pleasers

It’s easier than you think to make fruit pies sugar-free (at least, in the “no added sugar” sense).

I’ve long adapted my favorite apple pie recipe for relatives with diabetes. 154 more words

Other Desserts

Hubbard's Habblog (That's Habit Blog): The Need for Coffee

I don’t have an addictive personality, so I never got into things like alcohol or smoking or drugs–or coffee. And you really aren’t seen as an adult if you don’t drink coffee. 467 more words


Ingesta excesiva de edulcorantes: mucho dulce con cero calorías que te hará subir de peso

Los edulcorantes vienen reemplazando el azúcar, su uso se ha extendido desde personas con problemas de insulina, pacientes con síndrome metabólico, hasta personas que desean perder unos kilitos de más. 351 more words

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