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Sugar Substitutes Compared : The Best and The Worst- Part I

Trying to cut calories? Contemplating a healthier way of eating? Or got a mid evening craving?

Often the scariest part of being on a healthy diet is avoiding sugar: the ‘sweet evil’ that is not only calorie dense and nutritionally void but also a proven contributor to our much prevalent obesity and diabetes epidemics. 400 more words


Mmm... Cookies

Mrs J busied herself in the kitchen after dinner and tried out a new cookie recipe she found written on the Splenda sweetener blend package but it’s also… 64 more words


Low Carb Pecan Pie

I love pecan pie. Love, LOVE, LOOOVE, LOOOOOVE. At Thanksgiving, this was the thing I was most looking forward to cheating on from staying low carb. 72 more words


Sweetener vs sugar: Which ones you should avoid

VANCOUVER – The only common thing about sugar substitutes and sweeteners is that they taste sweet.

But everything else is different.

Dietitian Melodie Yong says our bodies handle these substitutes differently and the chemical structure of each are different again. 281 more words


Banana Snack Cake

With, how to use over-ripe bananas and make something sugar-free for my honey, as the question…this is the answer. It’s a healthy, sugar-free, low-calorie, moist, flavorful banana snack cake. 256 more words


Chocolate Angel

Yes. I’ll admit it. I’m most definitely one of those Valentine’s Day cynics that think it was solely invented for the chocolate and greeting card companies. 707 more words

Saturday's Chili - Vegetarian Chili

I have a Vegetarian Chili for this week’s Saturday’s Chili. It’s from the CooksRecipes website. A fantastic website that contains varied recipes of all types. … 233 more words