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The Day the Rat Poison Died

Breaking news, via Facebook:

Pepsi to ditch aspartame in Diet Pepsi

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Cranky Blogger Gives Up Soda Once Again

       –“I will always love NutraSweet,” says pathetic, dehydrated, Diet Pepsi addict. 535 more words
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BREAKING NEWS: Diet Pepsi will be offering aspartame back in their soda formula. Consumers will have options! Migraines can be avoided! Too bad for them that this is happening after I took the year since the formula change to get myself addicted to Diet Coke.  Pepsi schmepsi. :-P #TeamFizzyCaffeine

Splenda is officially bad for you

by Alison Feller

You’ve sworn off most processed foods, prefer kale over cake, and have even dabbled with ditching dairy. You’re the super healthy one in your girl group, and your family knows that the weekend can’t truly start until you’ve logged a sufficient sweat session. 227 more words

Family Safety

Energy Drink Review: Monster Ultra Red

To be honest, I’m not sure what the Ultra refers to in this drink’s name. If the colour of the can, then I don’t see it. 361 more words

Critical Thought

Entry 597: Splenda in the Grass

Back in March, my wife was headed to the store one day and asked if I needed anything. “Splenda,” I replied.

I use artificial sweetener in my coffee. 897 more words


Straight, No Chaser: Artificial Sweeteners

It’s always struck me as somewhat odd when people approach me with concerns about sugar substitutes. What I mean by that is my first response is something akin to “Whatever your concerns are, the sugar substitute is going to be safer than using the sugar you’ve been using.” This  733 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

National Coffee Day

It seems with the power of the interwebs that every day has now become National Something Day. I mean cats alone seem to get at least three to four National Something Days a year which I’m not complaining about considering I’m a cat owner. 757 more words

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Low Carb Pancakes

Low Carb Pancakes & Waffles (makes 4 pancakes)
1/4 c. Low fat cream cheese
2 eggs
2 TB oat bran
1/4 t. Vanilla 138 more words
Low Carb