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CrowdTap - Review - Splenda Liquid Sweetener

CrowdTap is another website that is WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing). You just log on to their website and click on the brand you want to participate with and answer a few questions about the brand and your opinion towards the brand and things that they have done or might do in the future. 131 more words

Saturday Evening Dessert - Creamy Lemon Bars

This week’s Saturday Evening Dessert is Creamy Lemon Bars. A lightened up version using Splenda. You can find several versions of the recipe on the net. 253 more words


Here's proof that diet soda can make you hungrier

by Susan Rinkunas

Did you hear that? That was the collective shriek of diet-soda drinkers after reading about the latest study linking artificial sweeteners to hunger. 314 more words

Family Safety

Sugar Substitutes - Worst to Best

If any of you have a subscription to Oprah’s O Magazine, you may have seen this article already. I found it to be a great comparison between all the most commonly used sweeteners and sugar itself. 513 more words


Getting Off Artificial Sweeteners... Without Ruining my Coffee!

So, recently I posted on Facebook how I “was totally ruining my perfectly good cup of coffee by forgoing any artificial sweeteners.” You see, the day before I was telling my co-worker about my “4 Splenda a day” habit. 873 more words


You Asked: Do Sugar Substitutes Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

By now you’ve heard that sugary foods drive insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. The more of the sweet stuff you swallow—whether it’s table sugar or organic honey—the more insulin your pancreas has to produce and release into your bloodstream in order to control your blood’s glucose levels. 581 more words

I am an HSI

A “Highly Sensitive Individual” isn’t sensitive to everything. I am sensitive to high frequency noise. I have tracked and hunted mosquitoes in a room by following their sound. 463 more words