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I am feeling a bit down, so I need something to distract myself from myself. Well, there is only one valid solution for this dilemma, video game violence. 222 more words


Choose Your Own Adventure and Video Games

One thing that I have always personally wished for, is a gaming experience that REALLY is mine. Not just minor things, but my choices can determine the entire main story. 122 more words
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In my discussion of why I thought Batman: Arkham Asylum worked, I mentioned how it was due largely to the fact that it took the Batman character and merged it with Nintendo’s long-standing Metroid franchise. 837 more words


Splinter Cell: Why is Conviction on the Blacklist?

If it were up to some stealth purists, all stealth games would be hi-res expansions for the original Thief. The situational awareness afforded by a 3rd person camera is a cop out, Snake’s regenerating health is a betrayal, Agent 47’s ‘instinct mode’ a travesty and Splinter Cell: Conviction? 761 more words


March Madness: Titanfall vs Infamous vs Metal Gear

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Next month will be very exciting for Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners for three reasons. I’m sure the title gave it away, but we’re headed for our first true console exclusive showdown. 1,141 more words


Featured Game: Splinter Cell Conviction

The thing you have to understand is this, the Splinter Cell series that you knew is dead. During the five years that Splinter Cell: Conviction… 760 more words


[Review] Splinter Cell: Conviction

Schleichst du noch oder schießt du schon?

Fisher – sechs Buchstaben für guten Schleich-Shooter-Spaß

Ja, er ist wieder zurück und ja, es macht wieder verdammt viel Vergnügen mit Sam Fisher auf Ganovenjagd zu gehen. 795 more words