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"10 Underrated Horror Movies To Feast On This Month"

Much as I advocate for people to go out of their houses to see movies, and much as I think horror is a genre best experienced with an audience at a movie house, there’s a delicious creep factor to watching horror alone in the comfort of one’s dwelling.  88 more words


HMM Day 18 - Splinter

What makes a good monster movie? There are so many monster (or creature feature) films out there and it seems that for every one hundred you may get one film that actually rules. 1,124 more words


I Have a Splinter in My Foot, or, Musings on Patience

This summer, my patience was tested by a number of circumstances. I can withstand children melting down, applying to job after job, and long waits before exciting things happen. 334 more words

One Line Sunday- Splinter in my heart

Every time I see innocent people suffering from wars I get a splinter in my heart.


Ragtag Daily Prompts: Splinter

GarGar looked at the tree that had offended him so badly. “Someday you’ll be just a splinter that I catch in my paw.” He sniffed.

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RDP-Sunday- Splinter

Sometimes things begin to come apart. They get smaller and smaller and smaller until they are just…

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for Sunday is–SPLINTER.

That the word, roll it around in your head. 48 more words

Ragtag Daily Prompt

Spikes (Splinter, 2008)

Polly and Seth are looking for a cheap motel after ruining their tent while camping, only to run across Dennis and Lacey, criminals on the run whose car has broken down.  153 more words