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Two Brains, One Head

There is such a thing as callosal disconnection syndrome. It can happen by sheer incredibly unlikely and unfortunate accidents but mostly is done through a corpus callosotomy. 682 more words

The Spooky Story of the Split-brain

You’ve likely heard something about the logical left brain vs. the creative right. It’s reasonable to say that most experts would agree this is an outdated, oversimplified view of the reality. 820 more words

Simple Explanations Of Interesting Brain Conditions

Post Of The Week - Saturday 4th February 2017

1) Split Brains

This article introduces some recent research involving split brain patients which on the face of it challenges the way in which we think of these patients. 429 more words


Elasticsearch Node Type

An instance of an Elasticsearch is a node and a collection of nodes is called a cluster.

All nodes know about all the other nodes in the cluster and can forward client requests to the appropriate node. 823 more words


Ethical challenges in science

You hardly ever see or hear it anymore, but many Norwegian radio stations and newspapers used to have an ênquete, often called “five on the street”. 1,014 more words


Post Of The Week - Sunday 2nd October 2016

1) HM Yet Again

Here is another piece about HM. This one features an interview with Brenda Milner, now in her nineties and one of the original researchers of HM. 519 more words

Cognition And Development

Going Left (or right, depending on how you think of it)

 FYI, this is not a political post. It’s about which hand I use to color and write. It’s about going ambidextrous and seeing what my brain does with that. 2,001 more words