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A to Z: Rawra Chin

Rawra Chin hails from Hypothetical Lizard, a graphic novel from Avatar PressĀ in 2007. It’s based on an earlier short story by the great Alan Moore, creator of… 456 more words

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Split Brain Research

What we know about the regions of the brain has been significantly helped by research into the way someone’s experiences can help shape the brain. But it has also been greatly advanced by what my biology lecturer calls “opportunistic” case studies. 610 more words


Is The Self an Illusion?

Do you sometimes feel you contradict yourself? Are there others in your brain competing or collaborating to create the illusion of a singular self?

It seems quite clear that the more the experts understand the brain (which might be very little right now) the more they are coming to the conclusion the self is an illusion, or to be more precise, there may be many selves within one brain. 396 more words


Energy, Enthusiasm and Willpower

“Energy is a power which meets with an instant recognition by the mind. What the mind of the average healthy person cannot endure for long in monotony, or, worse still, absolute stagnation. 1,367 more words


A Nasty Case of Split Brain

Are you predominantly left or right brained?

This is to ask whether you think yourself to be more of the analytical, calculating type – one who would excel at solving complex math problems or games of logic – or the creative, “artsy” type – one whose talents would be better expressed through a painting, or musical composition. 1,788 more words

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National Geographic Features Split-Brain Pioneer

For more than fifty years, DABI member Michael Gazzaniga, Ph.D., has been working towards fostering our understanding of the human brain. During the summer of 1964, he worked under neurobiologist… 422 more words

Dana Alliance For Brain Initiatives

Split Brain Procedure :: Psychology Lesson Plan

What happens if the two hemispheres of your brain stop communicating?

I asked my students to seek the answer to this question, and I was very proud of the end result! 321 more words

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