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Ive been alone, purely alone without the noise of life for a couple of days now. Not to say I haven’t interacted or been with people, that triggers and pokes are not still happening, they do, but being so isolated from the crush of life, makes me able to feel each sense perceptibly. 879 more words

I'm back...ish

So Rob, you’ve decided to start writing stuff on this blog again? Why?

Yeah, well, last time I had a lot of funny ideas on what to write and big plans on what to do with writing in the future. 808 more words

Random Nonsense

Today is hard.

The biggest problem I have with staying sober is that I feel like I am two different people trapped in one. Half of me is very reserved, calm, and responsible but the second half of me is obnoxious, loud, wild and self destructive. 127 more words


Sent to a Group Home

When I was 12, until the time I turned 15, I was in and out of group homes. I was a rebellious adolescent. My mom called our local CPS and claimed that I was “out of control” and that she “couldn’t handle me anymore”. 1,196 more words

Mental Health


Every time I drink with Mike at the bar, people look at us weird. I have to explain that Mike is An old friend. In fact, right from Primary school. 146 more words


Alcohol Induced Split Personality

Monday, bloody Monday. That’s what I used to think when the alarm clock on the bedside table would start its endless tirade of noise. I can’t remember a time when I woke up feeling refreshed after the weekend was over. 589 more words

A Duo at Elkor Food

In case of the split personality disorder, an individual’s behaviour is controlled by the presence of at least two identities, and, it seems, that Elkor Food… 384 more words