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Sleeping with The Enemy

Leaving the glitter of the masquerade ball
this time not cautious if the mask will fall

as you sleep your way to fantasy kingdom
but woke up screaming for ultimate freedom… 231 more words


Shattered Goodnight

They told me to be positive and to see the good side of life, but that’s easier said than done. You know that feeling don’t you? 380 more words


When You're With Other People And Become A Different Version Of Yourself

I once read somewhere that if you met yourself on the street you wouldn’t recognize yourself. Because you’ve only ever seen you through a mirror, your perception of yourself is so distorted that you would appear to yourself as a complete stranger. 607 more words

Project | Two People, One Person

As a final project for one of my classes, I decided to do this project involving self-portraits and designs. This project was slightly inspired by Alice in Wonderland and card games, both of which you can probably tell in the design. 34 more words


The Fatal Reflection ( A short story - thriller )

The cold mountain breeze caressed her cheeks and tossed her golden locks playfully. She tried to shove the rebelling strands behind her ears, but failed. Then having finally reconciled, Cynthia gazed at the narrow serpentine road, as it coiled its way through the hills, stretching far beyond. 5,217 more words


The Choice & The Split

“I’ll be damned if I apologise for the choices I’ve made. They were hard decisions, but I had good reasons for making them…”   –  Christine Feehan…

334 more words

Fill The Well

Last final days of being away. In this time my heart has expanded, contracted and at times split and spilled over with love and pain. Many memories here, coming back after 3 years. 843 more words