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once upon a time...

I’ve been asked to tell a story, and most stories begin with, “once upon a time”.

  • Capitals. You didn’t capitalize the title.

Once Upon A Time. 510 more words



Split in two:
Am I me or am I you?
One soul made up of two parts,
one side each – half and half,
a beat for us both from one heart. 164 more words


Me, Myself, and Hank

I have woken up several nights and restlessly looked around for Hank. While my family loved and supported me incessantly, they couldn’t help finding this behaviour odd. 270 more words

Short Stories



Mayank : “Sushil!! All these while I thought you are my friend, you wretched traitor. You betrayed me, my trust, my friendship.”

Sukriti : “No Mayank, he did not. 457 more words

Shortest Stories

Given to Change


We need to recognize the alter spirit when it is right in our face.


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