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Mayank : “Sushil!! All these while I thought you are my friend, you wretched traitor. You betrayed me, my trust, my friendship.”

Sukriti : “No Mayank, he did not. 457 more words

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Given to Change


We need to recognize the alter spirit when it is right in our face.


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Split Personality 

I just realized that I’ve somehow created a “thomaslopinski” account that is connected to a “thomas.lopinski” account. I’m not sure if this is just a normal function of gmail or if I surreptitiously wiggled my way into the inner workings of some cyber hacking network without even trying. 127 more words


The Middle Way - a short story

Before now, I have often joked about drunk me. I would come into the office to find a package on my desk. Drunk me ordered a book I wanted but couldn’t afford. 3,569 more words


Bars Over Time Equal Apathy

I wonder.  If my weekly excus to kill brain cells caused me to lose my inhibitions wouldit be replaced by one of my common foreign entities.   26 more words

My hand is all shaky because of the smoking, so pardon me. I know you can’t
tell; this was meant to be written not typed, so pardon me. 487 more words


Of Dates, Darlings and Daddies: An Excerpt from 'Me, Mia, Multiple'

My bladder is pretty heavy by this point, but I am not sure if I should ask his permission to use the washroom. In fact, I am not sure of anything right now. 894 more words

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