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My hand is all shaky because of the smoking, so pardon me. I know you can’t
tell; this was meant to be written not typed, so pardon me. 487 more words


What is dissociative identity disorder (split personality) really?

It seems that many people are confused about what Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is. This disorder previously known as Split Personality Disorder, has received media attention over the years, with the book… 480 more words


When You Have To Choose The Right One For You (All of You)

We often live life as two different people: the person we know all too well, the creature of habit; the one who is predictable and falls into old patterns and trends and imperfections – and the person that we don’t know all that well yet, but we want to; the one who we’ve only met in short bursts of confidence or passion or resolve, but can’t wait to meet again. 788 more words

The girl with many faces.

I open my eyes, and I see her sitting there.
Eyes glowing, legs crossed, a wild mane gently fluttering in an invisible breeze.
Laughter plays across her lips. 814 more words

takeaway: my selves are splintered my body a whole half.