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Keeping Track of Who I might be

Keeping Track

Some of you might be experiencing difficulties, finding out just who I am. In that regard, I’ve tried to make a list of my known personalities, at least them that I am aware of: 284 more words


Martha Ticklebottom's Psychiatrist speaks...by Chuck Duboff

Part One:  http://chuckduboff.com/2016/01/23/the-further-escapades-of-martha-ticklebottom-by-chuck-duboff/

Part Two: http://chuckduboff.com/2016/01/25/martha-ticklebottom-alas-she-speaks-by-chuck-duboff/

© Chuck Duboff

We knew that she had some serious issues that we had to deal with.  The persona she had taken on, that of Martha Ticklebottom, had got out of hand. 281 more words

Identity Crisis

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Identity Crisis

M: I know who you are.
K: Do you?
M: Yeah. I do.
K: But… *twists hair* How?
M: I just do. 331 more words


An outward aggression

Starting at a very young age I’ve had a temper but that temper of a child is harmless isn’t it? That’s what my mom thought anyway but boy was she wrong. 587 more words

Life Coaching

One and many. 

No one can be just one. We all have so many characters and personalities inside of us. Even some animals and parts of other human beings which are long dead exist within us. 15 more words


I need an outlet. I need my discovery and journey to have a home. I need to voice my experience. I need to know i’m not alone. 446 more words


I’ve lost control. In some ways it’s terrifying because I’ve seen what she’s capable of but in others I’m becoming comfortable with her being in the driver’s seat. 230 more words