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Alcohol Induced Split Personality

Monday, bloody Monday. That’s what I used to think when the alarm clock on the bedside table would start its endless tirade of noise. I can’t remember a time when I woke up feeling refreshed after the weekend was over. 589 more words

A Duo at Elkor Food

In case of the split personality disorder, an individual’s behaviour is controlled by the presence of at least two identities, and, it seems, that Elkor Food… 384 more words

Mind Your Business

I’ve created a voice in my head.
A most positive one.
Keeps interrupting all my negative thoughts
With statements such as
Build that home,
Or, let go; 14 more words


Dragon Age II (2011, Bioware)

I loved the first Dragon Age. I avoided the second. When it was released, all I heard about it was that it was a rushed, overwrought, poorly developed mess. 981 more words


My Split Personality after Cancer

I sat in my Russian language class and the teacher corrected my classmate:

“No, pak (*pronounced rahk) means cancer.” She nodded in self approval. “Yeah, it means cancer.” 588 more words


My Adjusted American Life -rant warning

I have come to realize that I live in not one but rather in two highly disparate but parallel worlds.

And not just me, but everyone else too. 1,289 more words