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When A Monster Dies

When a monster dies
Someone cries,
For they know only part
Of the monster’s heart.



I recently caught ‘Split’, after seeing it mentioned way too many times on Twitter. In case you didn’t already know what its about, the film follows ‘Kevin’, a guy who suffers from disassociative identity disorder (DID), or in layman’s terms, split personality. 382 more words

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Burial Grounds

Tall-rises of the city sweeps through my shadows
Scattered across hounding nights,
Seeping in, sliding out,
You kissed my third-eye?
Like the flame glowing on power-cut nights, 102 more words

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The Silent Treatment


What is it about us that always goes for the person that treats us the worse?

A) The excitement of the chase?

B) The thrill of getting somebody to fall in love with you? 488 more words

Excerpt From The Story Of Kazious

Finally ‘Seeing’ Sable.

Author’s Note: This is probably my favorite part of this novel. Writing this scene not only was a challenge for me due to the character’s blindness, but it also felt very intimate and special. 1,385 more words

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I am a man of many personalities, both simple and complex

There’s me who favor cats with their irresistible charm and personality

Me who treats dogs, birds, rodents – all animals alike, with care… 109 more words