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Worst Way to Die

They were all dead.

I kept on repeating the mantra while I stared at the ceiling of my cramped room with the moonlight as the only source of illumination; a foul odor lingered in my nose as a result of poor hygiene due to the days of my confinement and withdrawal from society. 1,277 more words

First Person

À bientôt

She tiptoed silently into the kitchen, her family fast asleep.

He sat at the table munching cookies. They talked in hushed voices. Animated conversations about life, books, films, music. 35 more words

Fiction By DK

Split by JB Salsbury

Dark Suspense Novel by JB Salsbury

This is a stand alone novel

Book Boyfriend: 💋💋💋💋
Lucas/Gage – you may wonder why there are two names here… well, it is because the main male character has a split personality. 674 more words



I am a mad woman

Locked in the attic of my fragmented mind

Where life like images keep passing by

Is it happening or has it happened? 230 more words


A Process for the Road of Crazy

All writers create characters differently. Some has a process. Some work on the fly. And others tell you it’s a secret mystery that they can not divulge – much like a magician and how his tricks really work. 498 more words

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Interviewing Identities

The easiest way to understand a character, even one inside your own head is an interview. So many writers find that once they get on a ball writing their characters will go off on their own and screw up the plot. 297 more words

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Violet Grenade

If you like beautifully dark books that make you think…”What did I just read?”, read on.


DOMINO (def.): A girl with blue hair and a demon in her mind. 577 more words

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