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All Good Things: but what sort of end will they come to?

Emma Newman’s conclusion to her Split Worlds sequence is full of surprises as Cathy and Sam receive a shocking proposal from Bea, Lucy reveals her true purpose in Albion, the Gargoyle forces Max to confront his loyalties and Will finds new and deplorable ways to make me shout NO WILL NO. 709 more words


Where I am at... Lets Begin!

So since I mentioned that I will be using my blog as an outlet as a writer and an outlet for the identities aka characters that I create. 332 more words

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Book Review: A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman

Fourth in the Split Worlds series, and in some ways a brand new start after the original trilogy (Between Two Thorns,  Any Other Name… 822 more words


Fanfest crossover: what would the Sorting Hat say?

I was recently burrowing deep down a rabbit hole as I attempted to write a review, and I found myself discussing characters in terms of their Hogwarts houses.  439 more words


Review | A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman

Where to start?

First off, I’m about to get spoilery. So, if you don’t like to be spoiled. I suggest you watch my video about Split Worlds #1-3 and then go read them. 589 more words


A Little Knowledge: long is the way and hard

Cathy and Sam have more influence than they would ever have dreamed of (or asked for), but they face violent opposition with unreliable allies. Can they reshape the Split Worlds, or are their self-imposed missions doomed to fail? 737 more words


All Is Fair (in the battle for hearts and minds)

As the new Duchess of Londinium recovers from the Rosa attack, she is faced with a fresh threat from the Agency. Working with Max the Arbiter, she realises just how dangerous an enemy she has made. 940 more words