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This won't hurt a bit (Between Two Thorns 3)

It’s our penultimate week in the Split Worlds. Sam is lured to meet the Sorcerer; Cathy must outwit Lord Poppy; and Will flits between competing impulses.  1,128 more words


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Long time no post!

I’ve been ludicrously busy, what with frantic preparations for the Split Worlds Ball in Bath (it was fantastic – more detail than I give here on the actual roll play aspects on that will have to wait until after book 5 is out as I have written up the entire day from my in character perspective, and I don’t want to spoiler anything).  1,331 more words

Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman

Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Catherine Rhoeas-Papaver has escaped into a normal life. University, boyfriend, a flat and bills. 366 more words


Be Careful What You Wish For (Between Two Thorns 2)

Catherine Rhoeas-Papaver has been dragged back to Aquae Sulis to be married, but first she must impress Lord Poppy and cast her final wish. Max the Arbiter is desperate to understand who destroyed his Chapter, but he doesn’t understand the political waters he must now navigate.  1,046 more words


Entering the Split Worlds (Between Two Thorns 1)

The Split Worlds of the Fae and the Mundane are connected by the silver-skied Nether and the portals that permit the Fae-touched and their watchdogs, the Arbiters, to cross between them.  928 more words


Today on the Newman News - The Split Worlds Re-release and Pete in Paperback!

Good news, everyone!

The Split Worlds series, by the lovely Emma Newman, has had a makeover and is getting a snazzy new re-release in e-book format today from Diversion Books, with the paperbacks and a fourth volume to follow later in the year. 159 more words


Book Review - "All Is Fair : Split Worlds Vol 3" by Emma Newman


PB, 396 pages, Angry Robot

Buy All Is Fair (The Split Worlds)

Please be aware this review may contain spoilers for all three books in the Split Worlds series. 347 more words