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Silly Sunday #52 Online Education Sites: and the Spam Goes on.

On many occasions  (hereherehere and here [1-4), I have warned against top 50 and 100 lists made by online education sites, like  accreditedonlinecolleges.com, onlinecolleges.com. 442 more words


A Better Kind of Penguin

A little while back, Google made a pretty big change to their search algorithms with an update that they call the “Penguin” update. 290 more words


Even the Scientific American Blog Links to Spammy Online Education Affiliate Sites...

On numerous occasions [1,2,3] I have warned against top Twitter and Blog lists spread by education affiliate sites.
Sites like accreditedonlinecolleges.com, onlinecolleges.com, onlinecollegesusa.org, onlinedegrees.com, mbaonline.com. 783 more words


Not on Blogger or WordPress.com you dont!

It won’t surprise any long time WordPress.com bloggers to see what’s not allowed on the WordPress.com platform is likewise not allowed on Blogger, but I thought new WordPress.com bloggers would benefit from gaining some insight into Terms of Service Violations. 746 more words

Blogging Tips

How Whoosh Traffic Works, Translated

From the new website for Whoosh Traffic, which I will not link to because I don’t want to encourage them:

Here’s exactly how Whoosh Traffic works:

479 more words

How to Ruin Your Blog Credibility in 4 Easy Steps

If you want to ruin your credibility and that of your organization in record time follow these four simple blogging steps using Scrapes, Scomments, Spings, and Splog: 497 more words