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Custard Cousins Collaboration
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, 2012

Time lapse using video stills of performance

Photographs documenting performance

By way of an eating competition Custard Cousins (Black and Hall) fed one another, groomed themselves, and between them gorged on 72 custard donuts, washed down with glasses of custard.  68 more words

a few more from Bike Porn 4

This week on Greetings from Toronto, we are showcasing artwork made by collective members for Bike Porn 4 (the art show component of Bike Smut 8… 58 more words


Meredith & Cristina (Grey's Anatomy) vs. Pam & Cheryl (Archer)

Division II: Work Friends

With this mashup, I think the key piece of evidence is the phrase the friendship has entered into the popular lexicon. 65 more words


Brand new Brand New!

I won’t lie to you, typing at this moment is difficult. You see, I’m too busy hyperventilating whilst rocking the fuck out to NEW BRAND NEW. 89 more words

Random Thoughts

21 Girls Name The Specific Physical Quirk They Find Sexy In Guys

Found on AskReddit.

1. The way their back muscles move when they reach to grab something…sploosh!

I like men’s backs. I like the way they look in shirts, out of shirts, the way the muscles move when they reach to grab something. 631 more words

Beep beep sploosh.

I’ve come to the concusion that while car sex is not as awkward as some people made it out to be, I’d much rather find myself elsewhere for the act.

Random Thoughts