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Free Alternative to Splunk Using Fluentd

Splunk is a great tool for searching logs, but its high cost makes it prohibitive for many teams. In this article, we present a free and open source alternative to Splunk by combining three open source projects: Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Fluentd. 8 more words


Unlock new insights from machine-generated data in real-time

Machine data is a goldmine and is growing fast. IT leaders, says Splunk’s Tapan Bhatt, need to leverage it and gain greater insights into security and their customers. 60 more words

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Splunk Light Vs. Alternatives: Cost, Functionality Compared

Splunk Light offers a new option for companies to apply data analytics to IT operations. Here’s how it stacks up against Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and emerging open-source and commercial rivals. 48 more words

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Kickstarter Splunk : Une soirée pour s'initier au Big Data

Les équipes de Splunk animeront ce mardi 7 avril chez D2SI une soirée Kickstarter Splunk , un premier module de formation pratique sous forme de hands-on.​ Ouverte à tous, cette session gratuite se déroulera dans une ambiance conviviale avec bières et pizzas. 132 more words
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Raspberry Pi as a Splunk Universal Forwarder to Store-and-Foward Logs

I am a fan of Splunk, so I run it at home.  The problem is, I don’t want it running all the time, but I always want to collect logs. 1,012 more words


Base Splunk query on indexing time

If you manage Splunk, you might want to know when the log is indexed. Basically we can know when the log was generated by means of  79 more words


Splunk Leads Tiny Big Data Market

Splunk marks another big year, taking in more revenue than the top three Hadoop distributors combined. That’s why startups want to follow in its footsteps. 48 more words

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