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Palantir Settles Federal Discrimination Lawsuit

Palantir Technologies, the Palo Alto-based data analytics company, has settled an administrative lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Labor last fall.

The suit alleged that Palantir discriminated against Asian job applicants by routinely eliminating them in the screening process, even when they were as qualified as white applicants. 540 more words


An encounter with Splunk : Boot up


People think Splunk as a SIEM, but its not just SIEM. not just for logs. I think it can be used for anything that is machine generated, use it instead of R, Spark or python or anything. 1,566 more words


Splunk could make the vision of Cognitive Devices-as-a-Service come true!!

In a decade from now, in a world of connected devices, controlled by a variety of human inputs (voice / touch / gesture), Splunk could be the brain behind these connected machines providing an efficient, synchronous and seamless experience to the end user. 1,147 more words

Running Splunk without root privileges

If you’re anything like me, when you run a daemon on a Linux system,  you’d prefer that it not run as root. Security, and all that. 801 more words


Dell EMC Elect 2017 - Big Data Beard Contributors Go HARD!!!

Today the Dell EMC Elect team released the names of the Dell EMC Elect members for 2017. We are proud to announce that 4 of our contributors were elected into the program for 2017. 151 more words

Make Everyone Talk to Hal !!

Hal is my Hubot chatbot .. He’s awesome !! He gets me beer !!

He also does things like restart app servers, deploy code, and show me pictures of grumpy cats ..  270 more words


SIEM: You're Doing it Wrong

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is not specifically mentioned in the CompTIA Security+ Exam Objectives. However, the implementations of a network’s security infrastructure that feed SIEM are specifically mentioned in CompTIA Security+ Exam Objective 1.0 “Network Security”. 638 more words