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My Daily Tool Use

As a performance tester I spend most of my daily time somewhere between the browser and a web server. I also so spend a lot of time on servers themselves analysing data. 1,144 more words


Getting value from your proxy logs

In a previous post I mentioned that IPFire makes for a good proxy server. It’s quick to install and setup. So what do you do with the information from… 402 more words


Building a Splunk lab [part 2]

Part 2 – Universal Forwarders

Now we have a working Splunk install it’s time to get some data in. In this part, I will configure a Universal Forwarder to forward logs to the indexer then confirm that the Universal Forwarder is configured correctly by searching Splunk’s internal index for our new forwarder. 406 more words


Application Log Analysis and Data Visualization

Application log data is a useful source of information that provides an insight on how the customer interacts with the product. It also helps in troubleshooting the issues with the application and getting to the root cause of the problem. 636 more words


Windows CPU monitoring with Splunk

I needed to overcome the Nagios limitation of a slow polling interval for CPU utilization. Splunk provides robust tools for leveraging WMI to monitor windows performance… 841 more words


Enabling TLS 1.2 on the Splunk 6.2x Console and Forwarders using Openssl and self signed certs.

Good luck. You will need it. Certificates are a major headache and complicated to implement. Using them with Splunk is no different. Splunk’s penchant for twiddling files all over the place makes this process time consuming an rife with error. 982 more words


What's The Half Life Of A Unicorn?

“Cybercorns” are companies that have surpassed the magical $1 billion valuation. Several of these extraordinary ventures are Okta, Sophos, Tanium, Palantir, … 915 more words