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250 GB/day of logs with Graylog: The good, the bad and the ugly


  • Load Balancer: Load balancer for log input (syslog, kafka, GELF, …)
  • Graylog: Logs receiver and processor + Web interface
  • ElasticSearch: Logs storage…
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Splunk adds more machine learning, analytics to security detection tools

Good News :) — Splunk adds more machine learning, analytics to security detection tools

zdnet.com says: Among the key points for the UBA and Enterprise Security updates: 53 more words

Machine Learning

Firewall Rules For Splunk Ports

In *nix we see the splunk port issues frequently especially when the servers went through the patching activity or the new server being brought in to environment. 45 more words


Reload Splunk Services

Most of the time people do server config changes like (create new indexes,new app in master node,new scripts ..etc) in splunk and to make it effect we restart the whole service.This could be a pain staking process especially when we have big  splunk setup and too much dependency on the servers.  51 more words


Splunk CSV Lookups

Lookups are one of the cool feature that splunk provides. Using lookups we can manage small set of data items easily and later use them in searches efficiently. 173 more words


Configure Multisite Splunk Cluster

Splunk clustering allow us to enable multiple sites and manage them individually on the same environment. This feature an ideal setup when we have servers from multiple data centers. 159 more words


Logstash - Elasticsearch -Kibana (ELK)


I recently attended an excellent free developer conference called DDD11 and went to Joel Hammond-Turner’s session on Splunk.  I know our infrastructure teams use Splunk at work and I knew its a powerful framework, although I was  626 more words