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Explaining Death

Death comes in unexpected places at times we can’t predict. It’s a strange concept to even wrap our heads around.

This week while we were playing, you grabbed the little plastic Enterprise off my desk and started flying it around the room. 195 more words


Testament: Part 1

Author’s Intro:

     This story occurs midway in my “Star Trek: Beyond” series (no relation to the movie) posted at adastrafanfic.com. Spock is married to a human Starfleet doctor named Lauren Fielding. 1,990 more words


Quote of the Day

Kirk: Spock! Did we just see the beginnings of a new lifeform?

Spock: Yes, Captain, we witnessed a birth. Possibly a next step in our evolution.

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Quote Of The Day


“Bonk! Bonk!”

Let me preface this by saying that it feels like every time I try to watch “Miri” I always am starting or end up with a splitting headache.  843 more words

Star Trek

Quote of the Day

Kirk: The antenna leads are melted away.

Spock:Yes Captain, just now. By V’Ger itself.

Kirk: Why?

Spock: To prevent reception.

Kirk: Of course.

Decker: To bring the Creator here, to finish transmitting the code in person… to touch the Creator.

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Quote Of The Day

The Final Frontier (My Voyage Aboard The Star Ship Enterprise)

My geek credibility has been called into question because I have never watched Star Trek. So I set out to remedy this.

Initially I was going to start with the original series but decided to start with the prequel series Star Trek Enterprise. 213 more words