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[os] Fear is illogical #Spirk

Fear is illogical

Pairing : Spock/Kirk

*angst, hurt/comfort?, fluff*

“For Vulcan, fear is illogical but for Spock, the worst fear in his life is to hear his Jim, sounding so terrified– 114 more words

James T. Kirk

Star Trek Tattoos That Go Beyond The Final Frontier

For the longest, Star Trek fans were labeled the nerdiest of all the nerds. As a result, Trekkies, aka Trekkers, have molded together into their own community. 142 more words


​Hey guys, Joanna here and welcome to FandomGenerator, the wordpress blog for fan communities everywhere.

    Even if i was born in the early 00’s, Star Trek was kind of the only thing that i grew up with, alongside Star Wars, Naruto and Pokemon at that time. 536 more words


    The Daily Philistine - January 5th - Marc Chagall and Jocelyn Pook

    Picture of the Day – Marc Chagall’s ‘Adam and Eve Expelled From Paradise’

    I first saw this piece whilst on a backpacking tour of all the most beautiful churches of France. 344 more words

    Star Trek

    The Reason Behind The Previous Post

    I came across this story via Twitter. Found it an interesting take from the usual loss of civil rights. The idea that a country’s immigration policy would include mandatory quarantine on arrival as the de facto procedure, would be a violation of a person’s civil rights. 231 more words


    Star Trek Theology: A Life Lesson From Spock

    In a scene where two members of the star fleet try to convince the leader of an enemy federation not to go about his quest of galaxy domination. 849 more words

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    Star Trekking: The Cage

    This review is part of a continuing series in which I watch through the entirety of the Star Trek television shows and movies, having only ever seen a handful of episodes from the original series and a few of the films. 399 more words