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Star Trek - The Lights of Zetar

In which we finally learn where the Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha gets its name from. (It’s a library. In Space.) The Enterprise is heading there to do a data transfer (guess Federation protocols must require a lot of air-gapping between networks). 266 more words


Star Trek - That Which Survives

In which we join Spock and Kirk mid conversation as they discuss a planet that seems to either be a ghost planet or somehow younger than the life forms on it. 391 more words


The City on the Edge of Forever

When people are asked what the best episode of the original Star Trek television series is, most folks will state The City On The Edge Of Forever as the best and for good reason. 1,310 more words



Its ridiculous.

I know that, so don’t point it out and indulge me.

I was wearing one of my favorite Christmas presents this week, which is a black t-shirt with LLAP on it. 349 more words


Day 24

Live long and prosper 🖖

Nice day for a scooter ride!

Star Trek - The Mark Of Gideon

In which Kirk has a transporter oopsie and finds himself on an empty Enterprise while trying to visit the isolationist people of Gideon.

Spock, believing Kirk is on Gideon, is increasingly infuriated by the comms calls with the Gideon ambassador, a curiously haired chap called Hodin. 487 more words