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After-Action Report: WAR INC.

Sadly, subtlety is a lost art among the privileged denizens of Hollywood.

This means that as a result, sometimes when we seek entertainment, even when we know we might not agree with the message, we are instead disappointed with wasted potential, and bloodied by a point of view that you cannot begin to seriously consider because of the over-the-top delivery so weighed down in cynicism that you cannot even begin to believe that the messenger believes it. 627 more words

Why The Internet Is Fun And Informative

Two Brief Interludes...

…and then back to “The Big Project”.

1.  Michael Jackson.

I had to leave work early today to assist a family member with something, so I got to listen to some of Hannity’s show.  533 more words


Another Thought On Sarah Palin

A question for the self-appointed cognoscenti who keep using their soapboxes to tell us how “stupid” Sarah Palin is:  Why do you keep telling us?  Out of all the “important” things you could be lying and dissembling about, why do you keep spending precious time on preaching to us about how dumb she is six months after the election? 60 more words

The Politics Of Lowered Expectations™

"Hick" Governor Responds to Unfunny and Mean Spirited Attack On Daughter, Usual Lefty Outrage Suspects Still Silent.

Sarah Pallin is apparently unwilling to let David Letterman’s (see also Unfunny Partisan Hack) uncalled for and disturbing joke about A-Rod impregnating the Governor’s 14 year old daughter slide by with out criticism. 287 more words

The Politics Of Lowered Expectations™

Another "Star" Acts Like A Trained Seal, Performs For A Sardine And The Frantic Clapping Of A Clueless Cadre.

Add young starlet Megan Fox to the list of really, really classy people using their soapbox to display that famous Hollyweird Tolerance and Extraordinary Patriotism. 139 more words

Entitlement Culture