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Near-enough a straight remake of the classic 80s Horror, Steven Spielberg’s story of ghostly goings on gets the volume turned up, and every gesture expanded in 3D. 108 more words

Anish K

Mad Max: Fury Road

Full-on, in-your-face, jaw-dropping, and epic – each to the final degree – this brand new take on the 80s classic is furious (no pun intended), with despondent undertones. 114 more words

Anish K

Spoiler Free Review #6: "Carrie" by Stephen King

I would like to begin this review with an amendment to a previous one:

< Don’t read “Firestarter”. Read “Carrie” instead. Everything that makes “Firestarter” even remotely interesting is done much better in “Carrie”, and without the boring padding sections, confused tone and two-dimensional characters. 167 more words


Spooks: The Greater Good

Britain’s very own espionage series makes its cinematic debut, helmed by “Hustle” and “MI-5” writer Bharat Nalluri. Making the transition from small to silver screen with aplomb, keeping every twist fresh, familiar faces and new all hold up well against London’s varying districts, keeping anglophiles and natives equally happy. 66 more words

Anish K

Top Five

Surprisingly entertaining and remarkably funny, for a film that is supposedly a satire, it felt genuine and refreshingly honest. Throughout, Rock seems to play his character very close to himself, and Dawson is raw and open, while the comedic moments are truthful and not forced. 45 more words

Anish K


Cue the air-raid siren, sound the alarm! The end of all existence is coming… and it comes completely in IMAX® !!

Here at ‘The Spoiler-Free Review’, we are all fans of IMAX®, and we’re all fans of Marvel. 683 more words

Anish K

Big Game

Not quite the big-budget action flicks he’s been recently spotted in, Jackson returns as Commander-in-Chief President Moore in this explosive, and preposterously unrealistic action thriller. Set amongst the scenic backdrop of mountainous Finland, this joyously over-the-top hunting-trip adventure is laughably entertaining, but nicely shot and dramatic to the end. 17 more words

Anish K