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Kalau ada satu hal yang saya sebeeeel banget di dunia ini, itu adalah para spoiler brats, alias tukang bocorin ending atau twist buku dan film. Saya nggak ngerti sama orang-orang ini karena saya sendiri anti banget spoiler, semua review saya di blog ini spoiler free, bahkan kalau memang ada artikel atau postingan blog yang mengharuskan saya membocorkan plot atau ending suatu buku, saya akan tulis Spoiler Alerts di postingan tersebut. 390 more words

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Game Of Thrones Spoiler Alert

What Jon Snow's Return Means for 'Game of Thrones' https://t.co/tMNjCN9idT via @rollingstone

— Syd the Jack (@mxdentrepreneur) May 3, 2016

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Wicked Revenge: Thanks for hanging in there with me!

My readers are awesome!

Sure all authors say that, but I am honestly amazed that almost a year and a half after releasing the third book in the Someone Wicked series (Wicked Glory), which was… 1,217 more words

Outlander 2x03

It is sort of funny – and by that I mean “disappointing” – to read “analyses” of this episode’s fight between Claire and Jamie that pretend Jamie’s anger is born out of chauvinism and… 751 more words


Spoiler Alert

Have you had such an important conflict that you couldn’t watch your favorites team’s match? Did you miss the super bowl because you were on a flight for work? 207 more words

I'm a Happy Spoilerphobic

Movie spoiler ahead:
Terminator Genysis, Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars the Original Trilogy, The Raid 2.

I believe one thing: 1,008 more words


Vamp Talk (Damon Edition) - The Vampire Diaries SPOILER ALERT

I enjoyed watching The Vampire Diaries. I fell at the first episode. The first time I watched TVD I decided that I could relate to Elena Gilbert. 453 more words