Bad Moms Review

“But it is surely in reality the most important work in the world.”

Ingat saat kami netapin bahwasanya film-film, especially film Hollywood, enggak pernah menggambarkan tokoh ibu sebagai tokoh yang normal? 1,422 more words


Auto Breakfast Bar

for years, I was under the impression these hideous monstrosities on the back of cars were something to do with maintaining contact of a car with the road when travelling at speed… 12 more words


Spoiler #30 - C.C. R1, R2


Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

404 more words

Robin: Violent Tendencies

The cover of this trade gives away a pretty big (please forgive me) spoiler regarding the main storyline here. Obviously, Spoiler (or someone donning her costume, as Stephanie Brown is supposed to be dead) reappears in Gotham, throwing Tim Drake for a whirl as he angrily tries to hunt down this imposter. 653 more words

DC Universe

Too many "Legends of Tomorrow" may give conflicting answers to our heroes' question: What makes a hero?

“The Justice Society of America,” Legends of Tomorrow, Season 2, Episode 2. Directed by Michael Grossman. Written by Chris Fedak and Sarah Nicole Jones

Spoilers for this and future episodes of  2,734 more words


November 2016 Peaches & Petals Sneak Peek & Promo Codes!

Peaches & Petals November’s Theme is Campfires & Cuddles

All  November subscribers will receive this cute cuddle weather campfire mug! The perfect accessory for cold nights and hot chocolate! 48 more words

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Me vs. Mami Review

“She lives inside your laughter; your first home, first friend, and first enemy.”

In real life, ibu kerap dianggap sebagai ‘musuh utama’ anak perempuan. Kontras yang natural sepertinya, … 1,358 more words