Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay’s epic franchise is back and bigger than ever. This is now the fifth instalment of the franchise which makes it that much harder to bring a fresh story and perspective into the universe. 716 more words


Spoiler Alert! The July Book is....

Our pick for the July Cozy Reader Club box is Hello Sunshine by Laura Dave.  It was chosen as one of Redbook Magazine’s and… 171 more words


Spoiler #52 – Tyrrell R1 - R3

Here we go!

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

1,512 more words

The spoiler

A noise maker.
Full of complains.
In a loud voice.
Not silent. It pains.

Watch the signs.
Bulging veins.
A distorted face.
Anger. Turns ugly. 84 more words


Despicable Me 3

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10

***This review may contain spoiler***

Hi guys! How are you? So I just watched Despicable me 3 and it’s pretty good. The cinema was almost full, but there were only two-three kids. 340 more words

Movies & TV Series

Burning down the Set

In the interest of avoiding spoilers, let me just say that there is a certain showrunner that, after the fifth season, tends to burn down the entire set. 22 more words


My Hero Academia: episode 13 chat (beware of spoilers!!!)

I just finished watching episode 13 of My Hero Academia and everyone is picking their hero names. Seems simple enough at first glance but I feel like the episode is foreshadowing Lida pulling a Sasuke and getting consumed by revenge… but that’s just me… Anyway, Midoriya  decided to make Deku his hero name and to intern under All Might’s old teacher and possible the scariest(???) person All Might knows. 37 more words