Late for the Train or Rather Playing This Game

So I decided to do some gaming on the PS4 today. With that, I thought it was finally time for me to play the remastered edition of The Last of Us that I have had for well over a year now. 197 more words


Morgan is crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead for Season 4!

This piece has opinions, theories, and potential spoiler points taken from the comics please read at your own risk.

For a number of weeks, AMC has been teasing the fact that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will be having a cross over event. 827 more words


A Torch is Passed

Hours In: 38 Hours

Percent Complete: 88%

Before I started this blog, I wanted to play every Assassin’s Creed and beat them to my standard. That means to beat them all while achieving 100%. 357 more words


Brothers: Tale of Two Sons Review

This is one of my first reviews from a good amount of time ago. This game was one that really left an impact and definitely does not end how one would think it should. 334 more words



“Don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you”

Apakah Chrisye bisa hidup lagi? Begitu bunyi salah satu headline koran dalam kelebatan berita dan fakta singkat yang kita lihat di menit-menit awal film ini berlangsung. 1,166 more words


Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review

**Spoiler Warning**

Shadow of War is a game that takes emotions in times of war and can carefully consider them. It challenges the characters with their own gains and goals, which allows them to define what they want and where they want to go. 494 more words


Spoiler: quote from Phil Lollar

Hey, nerds! You can hear this quote on the new AIO Podcast! 

Phil Lollar: “However, I will say this: we have some shows planned, coming up, where a character from the past, a really important character from the past, shows up again. 26 more words

Adventures In Odyssey