New Sets: Atlazan? Conquest of Power?

Recently, these images appeared in Magic: the Gathering survey, according to a reddit user.

Yes, these images are from real a survey of ours, but the survey was made to test packaging design concepts–not test actual packaging.

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Upcoming Sets

Headshot Review

“I’m the color red in the world full of black and white.”

Ngaku deh, saat anteng duduk makan kacang nontonin pertandingan olahraga, secretly kita ingin melihat pesertanya rusuh kemudian berantem. 1,477 more words


(Spoiler) Series Review: The Lone City by Amy Ewing

The Jewel, The White Rose and The Black Key by Amy Ewing
Genre: Dystopian, Romance
Publisher: Walker Books
Pages: 362 | 310 | 304
Format: 1,303 more words


Sing Review

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Animasi binatang kayak gini, kita tertarik oleh kelucuannya. Tetapi lebih daripada itu, kita butuh cerita dan karakter buat bisa betah duduk menonton. 1,301 more words


Young Justice Legacy

While the Batman Arkham games are for everyone, even people who don’t care about Batman, YJL is kind of the opposite. There aren’t any solid reasons for anyone to play this, if they aren’t also into the show. 884 more words


TLC 2016 Review

Smackdown terus menggunakan things yang enggak seharusnya bekerja – maksudku dengan “things” adalah bukan meja, tangga, dan kursi – dan terus saja berhasil memanfaatkannya sehingga semua… 1,727 more words


Movies that didn’t suck (42)

I feel like I’m ruining peoples chances to enjoy this movie the way I did by saying that, because I myself saw it without expecting anything, but… 209 more words