Savage Girl

Savage Girl by Jean Zimmerman.

It was hard work reading this book. I had to force myself to continue reading to the end. The story didn’t flow for me. 601 more words


Spoiler #26 – Friedrich R1 ~ R3


Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

689 more words

Friday's Feature - What Do You Mean Spoiler?

I’ve been wondering this for awhile; how much information can you give in a write up or a review before you enter spoiler territory? And even if you do tell people what something is about, or what happens in it, does that actually spoil the watching of it? 691 more words


Athirah Review

“Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts.”

Bagaimana mungkin bisa menjustifikasi sebuah seni sepi penyayat hati, kalo tidak disaksikan sendiri? Maksudku, di sini aku duduk menatap halaman yang kosong terhitung dua jam sejak keluar dari bioskop, berpikir: Mau secerewet apapun aku mengetik kata pada ulasan ini nanti, tidak akan bisa menghantarkan derasnya emosi yang terasa saat menonton Athirah. 1,169 more words



Kal-Elle is another subscription box for only $19+shipping a month! Usually you get some jewelry and other items that go with the theme of the month. 258 more words



FOTMC which stands for Fandom of the Month Club is another monthly subscription box that is only $13+shipping a month! How cheap is that? Every month you receive a bag, magnet, jewelry, and a customized card to meet the theme for that month! 175 more words


Geek Chic Monthly:Sept2016

Geek Chic Monthly is a subscription box that includes jewelry and other goodies that are delivered to your doorstep for only $15+shipping a month.

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