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Westerosi Rhapsody

Do you like Game of Thrones?

Do you like Queen?

If you answered yes to both of these questions (and are up to date on Game of Thrones up unitl the end of Season 6) then watch this video

I promise you will laugh


Review: Sherlock

***Full Spoilers for Sherlock follow***

BBC’s Sherlock has a lot going for it, namely the two leading actors who are now stars. Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Martin Freeman (Hobbit trilogy, Captain America: Civil War) are both great actors who seem to keep running into each other. 1,451 more words


Mapping the Stars: The Girl of Ink and Stars

Isabelle is a young girl which you both love, and despise at the same time because she is portrayed as the hero of the story throughout, but ultimately, she is not. 268 more words


Baasvik Reviews- 'Little Red Lie'

Baasvik is here to discuss Little Red Lie, a visual novel from developer Will O’Neill. He discusses some of the main overarching themes and delves into the misery of humanity that the game so accurately depicts.


Câu chuyện của màu sắc: Xanh lam đối đầu cam và đỏ (Kỳ 1 – White Album 2)

Vì vốn không biết gì về màu sắc, nên mình quyết định sẽ… viết bài bàn luận về màu trong anime, sẵn tiện vừa viết vừa bổ sung kiến thức. 1,924 more words


24 Hour Read-a-thon

SO last week I was trawling through booktube and saw lots of people vlogging themselves over 24 hours of reading. But I thought I’m not that camera friendly, so to hell with ease of format, I’ll blog it! 757 more words

24 Hour Readathon