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Haru Matsu Bokura

This book makes me feel all kinds of things. It’s beyond cute, especially the beginning. Haru Matsu Bokura (HMB) is a manga by Anashin. Its story is basically about a socially awkward girl who befriends four guys at her part-time job. 1,388 more words


Mistresses U.S. Series

If you have not seen the U.S. version of the TV prime time series Mistresses, we highly recommend it.  Just know that, if you have not seen this show, this article is going to contain spoilers about what is currently happening on Season 4. 249 more words

Primetime TV

Warning: Mini-Spoilers Ahead

Hello hello hel-lo! I suppose it’s time for me to post an update on how Secrets has been faring on WattPad (FeignSleep). I haven’t made a post on a lot of the recent chapters, and I am at horrible fault and blame for it, but let’s just say I’ve been busy. 838 more words


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This review might seem a little bipolar, but that makes sense in my eyes, as this is a bipolar game. I was brought into Deus Ex via Human Revolution, having admittedly struggled to make myself play the dated original. 5,836 more words


Kaladesh Spoilers! Saheeli Rai is UR

The Puzzle Quest preview shows that Saheeli Rai is UR. That was pretty much assumed, but this was a good confirmation. I did think that she could be URx though. 28 more words

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#Arslan Fuujin Ranbu III (Ep 5 - 7): Shagad's great #アルスラーン戦記

Today’s goal is to finish Fujin Ranbu.

Episode 5: Parting(決別)

Once more, we learn men’s greatest weakness: Wealth and women. Gieve and Farangis are so funny. 502 more words

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas // Book Reviews

Hey hey!

Today, I’ve got another review of a series that I am evidently behind and attempting to get up to date with in hopes that I will not frantically run from circulating spoilers. 2,214 more words