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Sully - A Movie Review by Liz Warner

Given friends’ rave reviews about “Sully,” I was surprised to have left the theater just a bit disappointed.  It was good, and I’d recommend it, but it likely won’t be in my DVD/BluRay collection unless and until it’s in the cut-out bin. 854 more words

Holidays (Movie Review)

Holidays is an awful film found on Netflix. Or at least I found it on Netflix. From what I understand it might have been released somewhere at some point but I don’t care enough to find out. 1,406 more words


Too many "Legends of Tomorrow" may give conflicting answers to our heroes' question: What makes a hero?

“The Justice Society of America,” Legends of Tomorrow, Season 2, Episode 2. Directed by Michael Grossman. Written by Chris Fedak and Sarah Nicole Jones

Spoilers for this and future episodes of  2,734 more words


Doodling - 10/19/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Kind Of–

I finish those goldurn feathers and then move onto the legs.

Sleepless In Seattle (1993)


Screening: 1 hour 46 minutes

Genre: Drama, Romance

Released: 25th June 1993 (USA)

Director: Nora Ephron

Adapted From: An Affair To Remember

Stars: Tom Hanks (Sam Baldwin), Meg Ryan (Annie Reed), Ross Malinger (Jonah Baldwin), Bill Pullman (Walter) 974 more words


New Game! Anime Review

My roommate suggested this anime to me when it started premiering last season. I immediately watched the four episodes that were out and fell in love with the show right away. 730 more words

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