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Choking on their own eloquence

The news broadcasts are overflowing with the eloquence of Government ministers at their party conference. What kind of education has enabled them to twist logic and pose as the friends of low-paid workers and Syrian refugees, the “true party of labour”, the “new centre ground”, builders of infrastructure, supporters of local government, providers of “world class education”? 377 more words


Autumn Leaves.

We went outdoors to look at autumn leaves. We talked about them. Can you think of any words we could use to describe the leaves?


Describing Autumn Leaves.

We went to the woodland and looked for signs of autumn. We looked at the autumn leaves. What do you think we saw?


Saving Phrases: can you explain/ describe that?

You might know that I’m a bit of an a advocate of speaking a language, no matter what level you are. Only sometimes, especially early on in a language, you won’t understand everything that gets said to you. 278 more words

Language Learning

How Cued Speech Represents Spoken Language

Anyone who’s familiar with manually coded English (MCE) such as Signed English or Visual Phonics may wonder, rightly so, how Cued Speech can provide 100% access to English on the lips and hands. 130 more words

Cued Speech

Talk, talk, talk...

I usually write about ‘professional’ issues rather than curriculum matters but I was recently given a set of books about English to review and made me reflect on issues around ‘professional autonomy’ and how different that once was. 856 more words

Professional Autonomy