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Transcript for Lesson 6

Hello reader,

Here is the transcript for Lesson 6! (covers days of week, time, grammar: a person)

Click on link RSS_Spoken Sanskrit_Lesson 6 for PDF.

Sanskrit Lessons: Transcripts Of RSS Videos

Biography of Jamie Oliver

Jamie wanted to ‘give something back’ to the catering industry, so he opened a training restaurant in 2001 for young people who were not in full-time education or employment. 442 more words


Harold Rosen: an inspiration for teachers today

announcing an inspiring new book
Harold Rosen: Writings on life, language and learning 1958-2008

Harold Rosen was one of the great reformers of English teaching. His work has just been republished, providing a challenge to the deadening practices of the National Curriculum – its obsession with grammatical terms, its neglect of modern texts, children writing to formula to get through tests, and the constant threat of failure. 686 more words


BrELT coLAB: Fillers are hardwired in our linguistic identities by Alex Tamulis

You’ve probably taught what ‘conversation fillers’ are, but have you wondered how many ‘uhs’ and ‘likes’ you would need to introduce yourself to a large number of classmates on your first day of class? 2,170 more words


Learn Spoken Sanskrit: Lesson 1


संस्कृतं देवभाषास्ति
वेदभाषास्ति संस्कृतम् ।
प्राचीनज्ञानभाषा च
संस्कृतं भद्रमण्डनम् ॥

Sanskrit is a divine language.
Sanskrit is the language of Vedas.
It is also the language of ancient knowledge. 337 more words

Sanskrit Lessons: Transcripts Of RSS Videos

Spoken Language Independent Study

Year 11 – here are the slides from the lessons this week. Remember:

a) choose your articles carefully; don’t just print off Wikipedia. You need to have articles that have a clear point of view on the topic. 147 more words

For Pupils

A curriculum for all? GCSEs, EBacc and Progress 8

We are pleased to announce a new survey, commissioned by the NUT and carried out by a research team from King’s College London. A curriculum for all? 1,116 more words

Accountability Pressures