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Hot Seating.

We have been learning about our whole school play ‘A Faerie’s Tail’. We hot seated characters from Cinderella and asked the characters different questions. It was great fun. 15 more words


Question Time.

We asked Farmer Derek questions about his animals and his farm. Skybimi asked ” How do you make the animals pay?” And Joseph R wanted to know ” How do you check the animals don’t have tuberculosis?”. 11 more words


Question Time With Farmer Derek.

We asked Farmer Derek questions about jobs on his farm. He talked about jobs he did and jobs which he needed to ask other people to do. 14 more words


"Why can't you speak?"

I am not going to use the word can’t. Many people I have come across would ask me: “Why can’t you speak?”

There is a difference between… 1,644 more words

Helping others to thank you

Crossing my social media radar this afternoon, is a cartoon with social interaction advice, “If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry… 793 more words


Green Screening!

We have been green screening. In Literacy we have learned about dialogue so we used that learning to help us. We made up some dialogue between a pilot and mission control during Operation Chastise. 28 more words


On the use “odd” words in daily life

Hello. This is Star Seer, and we do hope that everypony is having a good day.

550 more words