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On the individual third person (why singular they isn't enough)

On my “Language” page, I note that I am unhappy with the use of singular “they” when talking about a specific person (though always deferring to a person’s stated pronouns where I know them). 410 more words


Grammar Points

The finer points of grammar

On the left, our language teacher, Yang Yu, explains to us how to convey spatial relationships, using “inside” (里边) and three different verbal constructions: 1) something (在) something; 2) someplace 有 something; and, 3) someplace (是)something. 248 more words


Telling A Story.

We planned a story about an invention. We pretended we were inventing with Richard Trevithick. What would you invent in a story?


Playing the hate: on being the top in a degradation scene

Content Note: Discussion of “forced fantasy”/”rape” roleplay, race play, body shaming play, slut shaming play and general topics of that nature that may be distressing to some readers. 1,489 more words


Hindering Progress

Digging through ghostly shards

pummeling the words that shout from within

understanding too much,

the vice grip of constant anxiety

offers the spoken words access that no one can fully know. 37 more words


Chinese is an Elegant Language

A month ago, I would have said that the Chinese language sounds harsh and choppy.  Today, however, as a beginner, I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of the language, both in its written forms and spoken sounds.   420 more words


We are reading and writing Chinese

Here is our assignment for tomorrow in Han zi and Pinyin. It is a simple dialogue:

What is your name?
My name is Ryan. 17 more words