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Green Screening!

We have been green screening. In Literacy we have learned about dialogue so we used that learning to help us. We made up some dialogue between a pilot and mission control during Operation Chastise. 28 more words


On the use “odd” words in daily life

Hello. This is Star Seer, and we do hope that everypony is having a good day.

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Pronouns and Arcegaō

Welcome to my new blog, which is separate from my primary journal found on DreamWidth. On this blog, I plan on talking about quirks I find in written and spoken languages as I create a fictional conlang of my own, … 602 more words


Analysing Spoken Language

This week we spent some time recapping some of the features of Spoken language. This document here has a handy table summarising these features:

Terms for Spoken Language… 169 more words

A Level Language

Choking on their own eloquence

The news broadcasts are overflowing with the eloquence of Government ministers at their party conference. What kind of education has enabled them to twist logic and pose as the friends of low-paid workers and Syrian refugees, the “true party of labour”, the “new centre ground”, builders of infrastructure, supporters of local government, providers of “world class education”? 377 more words