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Poetic Devices

Keen to brush up on your poetic devices?  Try to keep up with the rapper Testament as he raps poetic devices.

For a more relaxing way of revising some key devices, and perhaps expanding your knowledge, watch this… 21 more words


An Interview with Harry Baker

An Interview with Spoken Word Poet Harry Baker

By Sara Aslagson-Sahar


59 wakes up on the wrong side of the bed,
Realizes all his hair is on one side of his head, 1,337 more words


Calling for the timeout

Struggled much

faltered more

the pinnacle beckons

while hecklers hurtle

those dispersions

that assail the confines

of my mind

standing redeemed in the

fermenting faith… 21 more words


Poem A Week #12: Washing Cars with John Kennedy Toole

PAW #12 is about John Kennedy Toole, the ill-fated would-be novelist whose book A Confederacy of Dunces was repeatedly rejected by publishers throughout his life, which Toole prematurely ended when he gassed himself in his car in Mississippi, aged 31. 28 more words


These are the confessions that I will never get to say,

The secrets hidden in my heart and soul.

From the very first look,

The very first glance, 429 more words