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Staying Sane While Baring Your Soul

*Long time, no see! Hey! This past year I’ve been doing a lot of singing, traveling, teaching and grad studenting in an MFA program for performance studies.  329 more words

Jane Doe

What’s the name of the Patient?
(As if it matters)
A corpse lies beside dissecting apparatus.
Incision to the chest:
Reveals a Body which is Heartless. 431 more words



Thomas Tok Bot aka Tee2emm Is the fourth in a family of five, Berom by tribe, from Foron in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, of Plateau State. 139 more words



Ako ang buwan.
Ikaw ang araw.
Nagnanakaw ako ng liwanag.
Habang ikaw, nakakasilaw.

Kung magtatago ka riyan sa likod ng iyong planeta

Hinding-hindi mo malalaman kung gaano ako kadilim kapag wala ka.


Spoken Word Poetry

I don’t have a way with words. Sometimes I wonder if English is even my first language. I think that’s why poetry fascinates me so much. 534 more words


Who are we to live

The Spoken Word can have an effect on the lives of many; it can inspire, recreate and motivate many creative individuals. Spoken Word poetry is something that you can experiment with time and time again and not lose site of the way it can make people feel. 267 more words