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SHE CHRONICLES: "Enough" a poem by Deana Verse

The crazy part is that i know i dont miss you

i really truly miss what i thought we had so frikn bad
like an ache that wont leave… 207 more words

National Poetry Month

SHE CHRONICLES: "Stones" a poem by Deana Verse

They say iron sharpens iron

discovered gratitude for the wrong way you grind against my existence

Just right enough to render me sharp samurai sword like against the white meat of discontent… 279 more words



i’ve given up
on you,
for the
record, love,
you gave up
on me

whilst i was
struggling to
keep our heads
above the water… 128 more words


pieces of peace...III

delve deeply
underneath my skin,
no one is near
release your tears;
your anger from having to stand still
your strength in silence
independence you don’t desire… 70 more words

lay with me. (interlude VI)

tOmOrrow does not eXisT

lay with me,

in the moons

of yesterday


from landscapes to

ginger blossoms

from panthers to


* 29 more words


For wearing your true colors
Perhaps that/s the reason we
Got stuck in that old causeuse…
The weight was too overloaded.

Seasons changed
From winter-to-winter… 54 more words

Spoken Word Poetry

The Rock

I wonder what it feels like to be a rock. Not just a rock. The rock. The rock that creates the ripples that glide across the water surface. 369 more words