Daniela's Masterpiece

I received this masterpiece from Daniela today. I continue to love the children’s drawings to me!


Sponsoring Children

Support A Child India from Vishwa Jyoti Organization

All children’s have the privilege to a sound, glad and satisfying life. With the assistance of different Protection program we attempt to offer help to every single kid by the most ideal means. 223 more words

Child Support

What You Do for the Least of These

What do you have that you take for granted? What do you have that people in remote areas of Africa, Asia, and South America don’t? When you really think about it and do some research, its more than you think!! 532 more words


New "Sponsor a Child" program

We have launched a new sponsoring program with Ngodup Choeling School of Pangan Gonpa in Kullu-Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India, after the teachers and staff requested us to find sponsors for their students. 176 more words

Important Rules for Donating or Sponsoring a kid

Many children surrounding the world are enduring under extreme poverty plus they rely upon donors to make it through and get health care and an education. 411 more words

Kigongo's Dreams

I recently received a new letter from Kigongo. It was heartwarming to know how he responded to “In the future I hope to visit” as ‘my sponsor’.  53 more words

Sponsoring Children

How NGO's in Uttar Pradesh is Ensuring Children's Development?

Educating children and ensuring they remain healthy in the region has been an important goal for NGOs working across the world. Many NGOs in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar are working on the similar lines. 306 more words