The Cold, Hard, Truth...

My oldest daughter, Kennedy, recently gave me a card for my birthday. The card was lovely but it was her words that gave me pause. She wrote, “Thank you for setting such a great example for me. 815 more words


Meeting my sponsor child Kamala in Nepal with World Vision Australia

Sitting in the car as we approached the school I felt a rush of emotion as the time was fast approaching. More than five years of sponsorship, close to a year of planning and hundreds of hours of travel and I’m only minutes from meeting my sponsor child Kamala. 2,055 more words

World Vision Australia

Incredible Australian visits her Sponsor Child with World Vision in Haiti

I’m sharing another incredible story of my friend Alana Kaye who has again visited a child she sponsors through World Vision Australia. As a child sponsor myself, I know how incredibly important it is to see sponsor children and how moving it can be to have the opportunity to meet them. 1,771 more words

World Vision Australia

Seeing the work of World Vision and their incredible people in Nepal

Today I went to visit my fourth World Vision Country Office around the world. I was in Kathmandu, Nepal, at the head office and was met by the kind Anu. 762 more words

World Vision Australia

Wise Words #3

Thinking of all the little children waiting for a sponsor … (mural from The Compassion Experience)



Compassion International