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I recently received a new picture of Anold. It is always fun to look back over the years!

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Compassion International

Bucket List Item #23 - Sponsor a Child

I know it’s been months again since I’ve written, and then I come through with a bomb like sponsoring a child (go big or go home right?), but I promise you it’s at least worth the read. 826 more words

IT ISN'T Easy to look at a kid - THINK ABOUT THIS Less-Complicated Alternative

Adopting a kid can be complicated. Aside from an sea of paperwork, longing weeks for decisions, and the limited range of children designed for adoption in america, implementing can also cost significant amounts of money. 474 more words

The Financial Advantage of Child Sponsorship

The information and statistics of child poverty are surprising. Yet the , the burkha has generated up an mental immunity of types to the plight of malnourished and underprivileged children from the 3rd world. 317 more words

Role of NGOs in uplifting children

Non-government organisations often take up charity for children because they know children are the future of the nation. There’s a long list of NGOs in Bangalore that are involved in the causes related to children. 261 more words

Mid Day Meal

Sponsor a Child and Develop Hunger Free India

As we celebrate 70 years of independence, let us pledge to sponsor a child and give him the education he deserves.  Millions of children in India suffer from hunger as a result of which their growth is stunted. 296 more words

Sponsor A Child

Common Thread

After reading several letters from my children last evening, I was reminded once again of the common thread in almost all of their letters to me. 62 more words

Compassion International