Country Directors Letters

I recently received a set of letters from the country directors of my sponsored children.  These letters definitely give more insight into the challenges the children face on a daily basis. 17 more words

Sponsoring Children

Watoto Children's Choir

Last night, my family and I took a drive to Lifepointe Church. Before we left, I was moaning and groaning. It was Sunday night. I didn’t feel like going out and being up late. 416 more words


3 Ways Every Student Can Stay Organised!

The school year is back with the same excitement and anticipation. Aren’t you looking forward to it? But how would you spend this school year differently? 325 more words

Akshaya Patra

3 tips to prepare yourself for the next academic year!

A few more weeks and you will be back to school. Are you prepared to face another academic year? If not, here are a few fun tips to help you get into the school state of mind once again. 350 more words

Akshaya Patra

Let’s bring children #BackToSchool

Hello May! Akshaya Patra, a children’s charity, welcomes a new month with a topic we all love visiting, something that has stolen space in hearts and something that all the children should have access to: School! 327 more words

Akshaya Patra

How to Sign for the Economic Empowerment of Women?

Women have long been oppressed under the guise of weaker gender. Gone are the days when women were thought to be delicate and puny. The coming age of women is not just strong willed but also physically strong. 968 more words

Poverty In India

Speedy Letters

On April 21, I received an email with a link to a copy of a letter from Akoete. Here in the United States, we accept speedy internet correspondence as a way of life, but not so much in a poor area in  25 more words

Sponsoring Children