Staying Connected

I am always touched when I receive a letter from one of these children. The common thread across all the children’s letters is letting me know how much they love me and thanking me for being their sponsor. 40 more words

Compassion International

It's my birthday!! So i'm giving the gift of education

In a few weeks it will be my 28th birthday (eek) and as has become my tradition, I do not ask for personal gifts but instead reach out to my loved ones for their generosity. 292 more words


BMKS in the Summer of 2009

“Oh yeah Back in the summer of ’69 Ohhh

Man we were killin’ time, We were young and restless”.

Every Bryan Adams fan would recognize these lines from the singer’s hit single, “Summer of ‘69”, but there was something very special about the summer of 2009, too.

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Affect an Innocent Life positively - Sponsor a Child in India

Poverty & social differences are major concerning issues all over the world. And due to this, millions of innocent lives are getting affected to a miserable extent. 395 more words

Sponsor A Child

#OhWhatLove // OhWhatJoy

It would almost be impossible to watch the amazing Watoto kids singing live without experiencing joy. It completely exudes from their smiling faces, passionate singing, and funky dance moves. 197 more words


Sponsor a child’s health to give a Gift of Life

Guess what would happen to you if your parents had not provided you with the healthy nutrition & required medical care since your early childhood. Surely, you can’t even imagine that unless you find a real picture of the negative consequences such a basic need left unfulfilled. 316 more words

Sponsor A Child

What's CRF?

Christian Relief Fund is an organization that fund’s children in developing countries. Sponsorship provides food, clothing, medical care, schooling, and bible teaching. Generally a program starts in a new area with building a well, building a church, then building a school. 130 more words