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Hey, I want to share cool stuff I’ve learned, read or thought up. I want to hear about the cool stuff you know, too.

Sometimes I do experiments – not with the level of commitment of this guy,  405 more words


Life from Dead Matter--Part 2

Miracle #2 – Living Organisms from Dead Matter
Part 2 – Complexity Produces Life

This is the second of four “miracles” of atheism.  They were identified a few years ago by Clayton Kraby on his blog “Reasonable Theology.”  These miracles are impossible, illogical assumptions.  2,918 more words

Life from Dead Matter--Part 1

Miracle #2 – Living Organisms from Dead Matter
Part I—Spontaneous Generation

In the prior article we examined the atheist’s claim for the origin of the universe.  2,653 more words

Francesco Redi's Spontaneous Generation experiments. By: Luke Arroyo-Clark

9th grade Living Environment Project

Goal: pretend you are Francesco Redi and explain the popular belief in society at the time, explain your (Redi’s) beliefs, and a conclusion. 431 more words


It Seems Correct Now

I read a bit about spontaneous generation in my biology book for this school year and I thought it was pretty interesting.

Spontaneous generation is basically the idea that life forms can come from non-living substances. 422 more words


Why I Left The Religion of Atheism

At one point in my life, I was struggling with the concept of religion. I started to believe the words of the Atheists. I started to believe “There is no God.” I followed their claims and, instead of believing in Christianity, I believed in atheism. 1,239 more words


Could Life Have Started With RNA?

Many scientists have long sought to understand the origin of life from a naturalistic worldview, and this article from The Scientist seeks to further that understanding by examining the RNA molecule (ribonucleic acid), and how it could “self-assemble”. 596 more words