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One-Liner Wednesday — Fruit Flies

“Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.”

This one-liner is another example of the genius of Groucho Marx, one of wittiest men who ever lived, in my humble opinion. 577 more words


IB Bio: Origins of Life

In the world around us, we are surrounded by two major types of things, living and non-living. So what is it that makes these living things different from non-living things? 1,542 more words

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Spontaneously Generating Fish

In a previous blogpost I discussed how the Swiss scholar Conrad Gessner (1516-1565) describes two strange species of fish, which generate spontaneously. Previously I identified these species as the… 1,254 more words

Conrad Gessner

Life from Dead Matter -- Part 4

 Miracle #2 – Living Organisms from Dead Matter
Part 4—Incomprehensible Complexity

This is the part four of the second “miracle” of atheism.  These miracles are impossible, illogical assumptions.  3,127 more words