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a session with my poetry coach

It was the form letter that sent me over the edge.  “Thank you for submitting your poem to plangent voices,” it began.  “Please excuse the form letter, but due to the volume of god-awful submissions that we receive, we do not have the time to crush the spirit of each writer personally.” 1,228 more words


A Different Kind of Chat Line

Are you looking for a new kinda chat line? Look no further!

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Ron Purtee

President Obama Disses Donald Trump (Spoof)

President Obama has been in the booth, allegedly. Peep the President take shots at Donald Trump over Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ freestyle. LOL


Smarter Than a 5th Grader....or Not

Unprepared….check. Hectic….check. Disobey the rules…always. Where do you go? Go through this door, down then two, step out another door, not that big, metal one, then go through the cafeteria and the kids should be out there. 291 more words


The Gertrude Stein Look-Alike Contest

We’re getting up in years, we few forthright men who revealed to each other that we wanted to write back in our youth.  It takes a lot for a guy to open himself up that way to another man. 811 more words


Preventive Detention at Harvard: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Saturday night dinner, before the ballet.  Looking forward to a program performed to music of Rachmaninoff, Schubert and Haydn.  The dark, congenial restaurant is just a short walk to the theater, the patrons are quiet and civilized, none more so than the threesome next to us;  an older couple, a younger woman with them, apparently their daughter.   1,160 more words