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Talkin' Feline Leopold & Loeb Blues

In Chicago town, I had two cats;
Kittens, sprightly, genuine brats.
I named them for thrill killers known ‘round the globe
by their last names only: Leopold and Loeb. 474 more words

Happy Hour at the Goodall Institute

          Lucy, having grown up as a human child, was like a changeling, her essential chimpanzeeness overlaid by the various human behaviours she had acquired over the years.  883 more words

The Home Furnishing Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay

          Edna St. Vincent Millay’s monogrammed towels are on display at Steepletop, the 700-acre farm where she secluded herself from an adoring public.

The Boston Globe… 295 more words

One-Man Show is Dream Come True for Average Joe

NEW YORK.  Al Theobald is not unlike many other 55-year olds he knows.  “I’m average height, losing my hair, not losing any weight,” he says with a chuckle.  844 more words

Movie Night of the Living Deb Review

Night of the Living Deb

October 8th, 2015

Director: Kyle Rankin

Writer: Andy Selsor

Starring: Michael Cassidy, Ray Wise, Maria Thayer, Syd Wilder… 269 more words


Gitmo Inmate: TED Talks Couldn't Break My Spirit

OMDURMAN, Sudan.  Ibrahim al-Wala is enjoying his first days of freedom in this sun-splashed city of nearly three million in Khartoum after his release from the U.S. 468 more words


Rivalry Isn't Friendly for Clip, Staple Makers

BOSTON.  As conventioneers emerged from the Bayside Hotel here yesterday morning after weekend-long trade association gatherings, there was more than the usual jostling for cabs at curbside caused by an urge to return home.  461 more words