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The Bra Whisperer

             A Boston-area woman has earned the nickname “The Bra Whisperer” for her skill at properly fitting women with the undergarments.

The Boston Globe 

We was hunkered down on our haunches–me and the kid who’d won a… 2,022 more words

Did You See Elizabeth Banks Spoof Donald Trump At The Democratic Convention?

Did you see Donald Trumps entrance at the Republican National Convention last week. Not going to lie it was pretty impressive, almost felt like a grand entrance at a sporting event. 81 more words


'The Witch's Inventory' -- Complete short story

I wrote this short story after I finished playing the first two “Dragon Age” games. As happens in every role playing game like “Dragon Age,” “Elder Scrolls,” or “Mass Effect,” you accumulate lots and lots of random stuff, until your storage capacity is maxed out and you have to stop and deal with it — sell, trash, or scrap for raw materials to make other stuff. 7,265 more words

Short Fiction

Swamp Thing Film Festival

At the impressionable age of 17 I left the rural town where I grew up to attend college in the big city.  There I soon learned that movies weren’t just a convenient occasion to feel up a girl and, if she turned you down, to blow into your empty Milk Duds box and make a fart noise. 746 more words

REVIEW: Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)

1995, Win’s Movie Limited

Raymond Yip
Wong Jing
Wong Jing
Raymond Yip
Andrew Lau
Marco Mak… 951 more words

Film Reviews

The Search for the Next Great American Novelist

It was a steamy summer three decades ago. I was working for the federal government at a scandal-plagued agency alongside a veteran bureaucrat named Fred. Fred wasn’t going any higher on the org chart, but on the other hand–because of Civil Service regulations–he was never going to be fired, no matter how assiduously he avoided work and decision-making at all costs. 1,384 more words