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Being Stupid

किताब-ऐ-मोहब्बत का बिगड़ा हुआ प्रूफ हूँ मैं,
हुस्न के बहकाए हुऐ दीवाने का एक स्पूफ हूँ मैं,,
होता जो समझदार तो मार डालती बेवफाई मुझे,
खुदा का रहम-ओ-करम है कि बेवकूफ हूँ मैं,, !!  ;)


Global warming will ‘go away’ if we just ignore it

New research conducted by environmental scientists provides evidence to the claim that the best way to fight global warming is to ‘just pretend it isn’t happening’. 311 more words


The Taliban Painted My Living Room

When I heard the news that the Pakistani army had captured Muslim Khan, a top commander of the Taliban, I was overcome by a simultaneous sense of shock and relief.  1,221 more words

Hedgehogs just as evil as rats

Scientists have today revealed surprising test results which show hedgehogs are in fact ‘just as evil’ as rats.

The consensus prior to the study, which had gone unchallenged for decades, was that rats held a much higher position on the QMoE (Qualitative Measure of Evilness) scale than any other similarly-sized furry things. 374 more words


Pluto is a vegetable

Scientists have agreed that Pluto is best classified as a vegetable, because it “does not contain seeds, and therefore can’t be a fruit”.

The report, published yesterday in  225 more words


FIFA definitely no longer corrupt

The governing body of association football, FIFA, has today announced that it is ‘100% corruption free’, and will remain so for eternity. The announcement follows the sacking of acting Secretary General Markus Kattner yesterday. 259 more words


Breaching That Fine Line

I’m told that the line dividing inane and insane is blurred. In the days when a more sensitive incarnation of Gary Strachan worried what people thought of him, this line was approached with greater caution. 775 more words