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Olympic Body Hails Boston's Plan, City's Classy Hookers

BOSTON.  Reassuring worried business leaders, the U.S. Olympic Committee yesterday hailed the city’s revised plan to host the 2024 summer games of the XXXIII Olympiad, saying organizers had made “remarkable progress” and that local prostitutes they examined were “first rate hookers.” 267 more words

Bible Spoof - Chapter 37

“Boys! Gather around! I have something to show you all,” said Jacob very excitedly. His sons stopped their work in the field and gathered around their father. 2,138 more words


Greece Sends Letter to Creditors, Forgets to Enclose Check

ATHENS.  Hopes for settlement of the Greek monetary crisis continued their roller coaster ride today when the International Monetary Fund opened what they thought was an envelope containing an overdue payment and found no money inside. 282 more words

Bible Spoof - Chapter 36

The Lord was sprawled out on the floor of heaven. He had carefully set aside a clean area to work on, but now it was littered with all kinds of objects. 379 more words


EU: Greece Will Run Out of Syllables by Friday

ATHENS. A reeling Greek nation averted disaster today as it reached a temporary accord with creditors, but linguistics experts say the effort may be too little and too late as the nation will run out of syllables this Friday unless silent letters from euro-zone partners become available. 279 more words

Toddler On SportsCenter Spoof Is The Cutest

Taylor Stephens made this adorable spoof of the SportsCenter top ten, integrating his nephew into the countdown.
His young nephew scored his first shot in junior-little league basketball, so Taylor cut the footage with some SportsCenter hoopla for the cutest bit of posterity ever.
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The First Apartment: A Rite of Passage

Today, with the signing of a lease and payment of first and last month’s rent, security deposit, key charges, broker’s commission and the short-term national debt of Finland, my younger son became a man. 1,544 more words