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Where Were You When?

It is said that individuals recollect certain historical events by recalling what they were undertaking on hearing of or witnessing that particular event. For instance, it is said that everyone can remember what they were doing when news was broadcast of US President John F Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. 743 more words


The People Who Won't Get Back to Me

Literary agents, also editors,
But most assuredly not my creditors,
Someday they won’t mean jack to me—
The people who won’t get back to me. 140 more words

As Trump is Inaugurated, Queens Landlords Reflect on How Far They've Come

QUEENS, New York.  The Jamaica Bus Terminal here was abuzz this morning as chartered behemoths of the highway were loaded to the gills with men like Fred D. 571 more words

Obama Pardons Pee-wee Herman for Foil Ball

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Courting controversy in the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute of his Presidency, Barack Obama yesterday granted an end-of-term pardon to Pee-wee Herman in exchange for Herman’s 8-foot high aluminum foil ball, which will become part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. 370 more words

Anti-Squirrel Cyber Protection Policy 2017

The following policy template can be used and edited as required for your company’s specific requirements.

Please ensure your company details are clearly stated and that all staff members are updated as to its implementation. 614 more words

cary grant, spoof, to catch a thief, you cant handle this Gif For Fun

cary grant, spoof, to catch a thief, you cant handle this Gif for Fun at your Time


The Adventures of Charlie Ideal Amen aka "CIA"

I begin this combulistic mesotriad fobulation with a caveat: nothing I say is true. It never happened, none of it. Also I make words up. WTH, you don’t know the meaning of ‘person’ ‘Corporation’ or ‘Federal’ and never looked into that, but take ‘CNN’ at every stench of soiled reasoning so THW it, I make words up. 465 more words