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Told You There Are Videos...

I previously mentioned that I like to find the humor in life and take some things not so seriously, like with some of my videos. 147 more words

TGIF With a Big-Balled Yogurt-Eating Mouse

In an experiment at MIT mice fed yogurt as compared to junk food developed luxuriantly thicker fur and bigger testicles that they projected outwards, giving them an air of “mouse swagger.” 1,259 more words

Comrades!: An everyday story of heroic Soviet folk



The temperature dipped a bit today. When we thawed out the thermometer, it read -35.C. Heroic Comrade Cat is missing. We await his glorious return. 457 more words

The Whitechapel Whelk

Paging Lima Peru

I was, throughout my childhood, a cut-up.  From the time I was lined up next to Darrell Dunham in first grade as part of the Pageant of the Saints and told to portray St. 783 more words

Full State House

Here is Mississippi State Video’s best impression of the Full House intro. Enjoy!


10 Things You Didn't Know About Queen Elizabeth

  1. Has never won her fantasy football league.
  2. Favorite Avenger: Black Widow.
  3. Has a secret husband, Norris, in Provo, Utah.
  4. Predicted the Pilates revolution.
  5. She insists on making her own meatloaf.
  6. 47 more words