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Older Siblings Big Obstacle in Battle Against Pediatric Schadenfreude

BELMONT, Mass.  It’s Sunday, time for a family ritual that 11-year-old Todd Sproling has been dreading since Friday, when his long division homework was handed back to him at e.e. 561 more words


U-10 Girls Soccer Yakuza

NEEDHAM, Mass.  In this leafy suburb of Boston fall weekends are dominated by youth soccer, and Department of Public Works employee Paul Quichette is dreading it.  903 more words

Freedonia Turns to Napkins to Jump-Start Tech-Starved Economy

SKLA NORGRZI, Freedonia.  This town of approximately 30,000 humans and 2,500 farm animals nestled snugly in the Zbiegzliw Mountain range is generally considered the “Freedonian Silicon Valley,” as the government has poured millions of… 678 more words


My Chipmunk Can Beat Up Your Chipmunk

My chipmunk can beat up your chipmunk–
seriously, he can.
When my chipmunk walks on the basketball court
the other chipmunks go “You da man!” 144 more words

Future Man Writers Make Corey Hart A Big Part of Story Line


Remember anxiously awaiting a new Corey Hart video on MTV or VH1? That’s what it was like the past few weeks waiting for the November 14 release of Future Man on Hulu. 748 more words

Hepcat Herb Clark, Bongo-Playing Poet-Narc

“Beatnik” George Bermudez, an undercover narcotics officer, learned to play the bongos, memorized Oscar Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Gaol,” and became a published poet in order to infiltrate drug rings. 1,223 more words