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Children of Triple Crown Winners Say They Lead Lonely Lives

ELMONT, New York.  They live, they say, in a no-man’s-land between two very different worlds, and are comfortable in neither.  In an age that increasingly rejects traditional concepts of gender, they feel they were born too soon, and must work hard to earn grudging social acceptance that is granted more readily to others.  462 more words


The Curse of the Uncool

Take the hippest restaurant,
where everyone wants to go
where you can’t get a table for several years
unless you are in the know.

The place is so cool it’s frigid, 231 more words

Boring Our Children to Safety

“They’re at it again,” my wife said with concern.

I looked up and saw flames rising from a pile of dead branches off in the  distance. 1,199 more words

For Victims of Hip Restaurant Aphasia, Meals Are Gone With the Wine

BOSTON.  At the July meeting of the Young Women’s Professional Circle, a group of high-powered, up-and-coming female business leaders that holds monthly lunches where members network and share stories of success and struggles, Cindy Pelham is making small talk with her tablemates when an appararently innocent question causes her to panic. 466 more words

Much Awaited Homecoming

I’m pleased to report that after 31 days and a few false dawns, today the head of the brood is being discharged from the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). 663 more words


It Made Sense When Paul Simon Sang It

I get the news I need on the Twitter feed

Oh, I can gather all the news I need on the Twitter feed

Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today but smile… 94 more words


Vince Cable: Back once again with the ill behaviour

Sir Vince Cable is back after being the only candidate mental enough to want to lead the Liberal Democrats. No other MP stood in the contest to lead the party after Tim Farron vacated the role because God told him to. 132 more words