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Italians March on B-Schools, Demand Return of Double-Entry Bookkeeping

PHILADELPHIA.  Tony “Baby Shanks” DeFilippo came of age during the 1960’s, but he says he missed out on that decade’s social turbulence.  “I was too busy chasin’ girls,” he says with a sly smile.  508 more words


The Poet's Embezzlement

Every poet cheats his boss.

–Russian proverb.

Into the middle distance
I fix my blankest stare.
I nod my head
at what is said.
My brain is God knows where. 120 more words

At the Feline G-20 Summit

News item:  Three stray cats evaded security and wandered around the main stage at the annual G-20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey.

“I seriously don’t know what it is with these human ‘leaders’ who think they run the world,” Rocco said as we stepped onto the stage at the G-20 Summit. 490 more words

My Chipmunk Can Beat Up Your Chipmunk

My chipmunk can beat up your chipmunk–
seriously, he can.
When my chipmunk walks on the basketball court
the other chipmunks go “You da man!” 144 more words

As Words With Friends Spreads, Some Fear Its Impact

NATICK, Mass.  It’s been a long week for Tony and Dee Ann Stefano, what with two jobs and drop-off and pick-up of kids to and from school, tap dancing lessons and youth hockey, so the young couple is about to enjoy an evening of conjugal bliss while their children spend the night at their paternal grandparents.   442 more words

[OFFICIAL TRAILER] Marlon Wayans "Fifty Shades Of Black" Is A Hilarious Spoof Like Never Before WATCH:

Marlon Wayan’s is back at it again this time he’s 50 shades of Black….

This trailer will crack you up and spit you back out!! Marlon Wayan’s is hilarious! 104 more words

Tahir Register

The People Who Won't Get Back to Me

Literary agents, also editors,
But most assuredly not my creditors,
Someday they won’t mean jack to me—
The people who won’t get back to me. 140 more words