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Meet the Spartans Preview

Fresh off our hike to Spain, Patrick and I are captured by the Absterlutely FerSher Industries goons and thrust into the Amnimals machine. Turns out it was all a ruse (what a twist!) and they didn’t want to help us get the Obsidian Dongle at all! 1,478 more words


In Writers' Market, Sales of Miserable Childhoods Brisk

NEEDHAM, Mass.  Harold “Hal” Weller had been a “gypsy” professor of English in the Boston area for most of his working days, sustaining a low-income lifestyle with “adjunct” teaching positions without health benefits at a number of area colleges.  701 more words

Video: Cartoon President - Trump's State Dinner With Trudeau

The U.S. President tries to outdo handsome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House’s first State Dinner, while Don Jr. sees an opportunity to make a new best friend.  71 more words


Great Weight Lifted From Boston as Skinny People Leave Town

NEWTON, Mass.  Jake and Susan Erlickson don’t look like addicts, but the fifty-something couple will readily admit to one craving they can’t kick.  “We both love ice cream,” Jake says, “We eat a pint every night.”  What flavor, this reporter asks, and when the two provide different answers–chocolate swirl and mocha java–their laughter betrays the fact that Jake, an actuary, meant one pint per person, not in the aggregate. 332 more words

New Study Reveals Last Previous Study Totally Bogus

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.  It was, said Dr. Phillip Reiff as he relaxed after dinner last night, “the biggest ‘Eureka!’ moment” of his career.  “We thought the science in this area was fairly well-established,” he tells this reporter as he finishes a glass of Malbec, then orders a double espresso and a slice of cheesecake from a waitress at… 363 more words

THE BLOODY BEEF CHEEK OF IT! Morrisons refuses couple meat pies before 9am

Couple left GAMMON-faced after being refused meat pies for breakfast, say reports


Beyond all the realms of parody that IKTT is normally capable of, an old couple of gammons were refused meat pies from their local Morrisons meat counter before 9am, reports say. 492 more words

Truth Kneading

Excitement in the Air as New Bank Branch Opens

WELLESLEY FALLS, Mass.  The corner of Wembly and Algernon streets in this affluent western suburb of Boston has long been known as a “dead zone” where retail businesses perish at a higher-than-average rate of mortality.  668 more words