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Fear Itself: Spooked (2008)

Directed by Brad Anderson.  Written by Matt Venne.  Starring Eric Roberts.

Plot; a P.I. with a bad past is on assignment in a haunted house and crazy shit starts happening… 135 more words


I'm so scared.

April 15th Sunday Readings.

Are you the kind of person who is startled easily? I wish I could say no, but I’d be lying. A number of years ago, a friend of mine hid in a darkened closet to scare me. 497 more words


Fluffy Thoughts!

This happy thought is for you, Kat!



Listening to podcasts is a good hobby to start for anxiety.

I first discovered the world of podcasts when I got a new Ipod and noticed all Podcasts available to you. 644 more words



When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,

the moon laughs and whispers,

‘tis near Halloween.

– Anonymous.

Halloween is celebrated annually in several countries around the globe on the 31st of October. 590 more words

Podcasts to Improve Mood and Inspire

Like some people use music for inspiration, I use podcasts. I’ve found myself with school commutes where I need to be entertained, and podcasts work really well for this too. 316 more words


5 Spooky Podcasts To Get You Ready for Halloween

Happy October, ghosts and ghouls! When I’m not writing about my life as a journalist, or tracking down a creepy caller, I love listening to podcasts. 672 more words

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