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The Spooky Showdown Ft. Meg MacKay

Megan MacKay is a fantastic comedian who joined us to create a wild story about an island and a famous quarterback. Follow her on Twitter @MeganMacAwesome


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents What spooked her?

Z57 is still looking for what spooked Lea and wonders if it was the squirrel that went up this tree! It did seem a little vicious… Eric Litvin doesn’t think it was a squirrel, but no complaints as Lea has returned to her normal self. 32 more words


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Spooked Lea

Z57 doesn’t know what spooked Lea but she is not sticking around! Eric Litvin will stick close behind her to make sure she doesn’t go too far while Z57 will scan the yard to see if any danger lurks around. 40 more words


The Spooky Bartender and Regular Ft. Jhanelle Dennis and Marito Lopez

Here is a podcast I did with the Spooky Goobs and two members of a comedy/hip hop collective called Runnin’ At The Mouth. We get pretty wild in this episode AND you get to hear one of Runnin’ At The Mouth’s songs. 19 more words


The Spooky Flight Lounge Ft. Mark Little

Our little team managed to wrangle the wonderful Mark Little onto the show! We had a whole lotta fun and I think you will to so give ‘er a listen! 16 more words


Get the Ghost Out of Here!

I have recently been the victim of the new-age technology communication known as “ghosting”. Have you heard of this? I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. 1,212 more words

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Of Bird Watching and Halloween

Just got back after a long day at the local bird park. It was a hot and humid day, but we did see some lovely and exotic birds. 236 more words

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