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Spooky kitchen...

I just gave myself the fright of my life!!! Still quaking a bit!! So, it’s the wee hours of the morning and I go to the kitchen to have a drink…as I start to wash up, I begin to think of my 93 year old neighbor who died two months ago…imagining she’ll just appear at the window…my heart in my mouth I dashed out the kitchen. 41 more words

Carla's Song

A smile spread its way across Hank’s chubby face as he heard the song. Carla’s song. A song with no name because it had no words. 930 more words



Yesterday when we went to the hospital for the lemon of a visit, we were obliged to leave Florence behind.

She’s very heavy and while I can lift her into the back of the car once, this time she escaped and then was spooked. 130 more words

Living In Italy

Spooked: Music - Week 12

So Méabh was in charge of the music and she did a great job, i love it! Unfortunately in our final animation, a scene was rendered wrong because I forgot to hide the monster in the scene and it didn’t make sense within the short so I had to cut a chunk out of the music which is even more annoying because Méabh and I sat and put it together so we could time our animations from it. 81 more words

New Narratives

The Spooky Showdown Ft. Meg MacKay

Megan MacKay is a fantastic comedian who joined us to create a wild story about an island and a famous quarterback. Follow her on Twitter @MeganMacAwesome


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents What spooked her?

Z57 is still looking for what spooked Lea and wonders if it was the squirrel that went up this tree! It did seem a little vicious… Eric Litvin doesn’t think it was a squirrel, but no complaints as Lea has returned to her normal self. 32 more words