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Yesterday when we went to the hospital for the lemon of a visit, we were obliged to leave Florence behind.

She’s very heavy and while I can lift her into the back of the car once, this time she escaped and then was spooked. 130 more words

Living In Italy

Spooked: Music - Week 12

So Méabh was in charge of the music and she did a great job, i love it! Unfortunately in our final animation, a scene was rendered wrong because I forgot to hide the monster in the scene and it didn’t make sense within the short so I had to cut a chunk out of the music which is even more annoying because Méabh and I sat and put it together so we could time our animations from it. 81 more words

New Narratives

The Spooky Showdown Ft. Meg MacKay

Megan MacKay is a fantastic comedian who joined us to create a wild story about an island and a famous quarterback. Follow her on Twitter @MeganMacAwesome


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents What spooked her?

Z57 is still looking for what spooked Lea and wonders if it was the squirrel that went up this tree! It did seem a little vicious… Eric Litvin doesn’t think it was a squirrel, but no complaints as Lea has returned to her normal self. 32 more words


Spooked: Lighting - Week 11

Use the mib_occlusion Mental Ray texture and connect the out value to the ambient colour of your lambert.

soft select an apple- deformer lattice to sculpt, use blinn, add ramp (which is gradient) into colour. 177 more words

New Narratives

Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Spooked Lea

Z57 doesn’t know what spooked Lea but she is not sticking around! Eric Litvin will stick close behind her to make sure she doesn’t go too far while Z57 will scan the yard to see if any danger lurks around. 40 more words