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Dark Abode 

Dark Abode
A place I visit in my dreams

Dark and frightening as it may be

Haunts me, yet calls to me

beaconing for me to walk up its desolate path… 173 more words


Resident Evil 7 and the Demonization of the South

I’m a little late to the party on this one

I’m going to be honest, the only Resident Evil game I had played prior to this was the Fifth edition in the game series. 674 more words

Horror Films

Taking a break

He looked up from the table away from his laptop, too bright to pass for natural amidst the dim surroundings, briefly recalling that more than this exists. 278 more words

Short Shorts

Doctor Doom

Or, the white coats are coming?

This picture was one of many taken in the 1990’s in an abandoned sanatorium and it wasn’t until it was published in a local newspaper that people noticed the figure at the end of the hall. 235 more words

Bad Girls Show at Cactus Gallery

In her prime, Senior Siren tempted many a sailor.  These days, although you can still spot her splashing around ships, she is far less threatening! 23 more words

Information For Denise Bledsoe Art

"Fraidy Cat!"

photo@J.Hardy Carroll

The children sped by on the roller skates clamped to their sneakers. Some grabbed at the bars of the iron fence, building their speed. 75 more words

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