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The Coffee House

The steam lifted from the mug, polluting the air with that fresh coffee smell.

As I glance out the slightly dirty window, it was just starting to sprinkle. 138 more words


Spooky Handmade Needle Felted Mobile

It is still over 3 months until Halloween (boooo! rather than boo!) but I had an urge to make a Halloween style mobile. If you think it’s too early: get over it! 9 more words


Grandma and The Lost World.

I. Childhood

The best time of my childhood has to be the summer vacations that we spent in a village close to Bangalore with my grandmom (ajji). 886 more words

India Travel

Michigan Dogman

This cryptid was supposedly first reported in 1887, though there are some accounts of a similar creature by Odawa First Nations (according to local folklore, anyway). 309 more words

Creepy Americana

When The Mad Come Knocking....

So Facebook has a neat little feature that reminds you of your past status updates. This can be sweet reminding you of highlights from previous years, but it can also be a spooky reminder of things you would rather forget. 808 more words


Spooky Portrait

I spent a good bit of time on the first portrait, and got it wrong.. a little bit… it needs a little bit more nudging into place. 19 more words


UNM 2016: Omens

The writing conference blogging continues.  Earlier today, entering the hotel’s fitness room to knock out 45 minutes on the treadmill, I I heard the Indigo Girls singing “Galileo”… 249 more words