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Let's Make a Lamp

Would you believe that this lamp started life as a wine bottle? It looks so expensive, like it might have come from San Francisco’s Gumps or something. 1,008 more words

French Knitting

My Holiday Workshop: Jingle Bell Doorknob Hanger

This was inspired by a favorite decoration that I bring out every year – a lovely little bell that hangs from a doorknob on a bit of stuffed ribbon. 370 more words


How to Can Flowers, Pencils & Paintbrushes

First, buy a can of soup or what have you and eat it up. Then remove the label and wash your can. (Be careful with this. 530 more words


Corkwork: Revisiting French knitting, Spool Knitting

I just finished a batch of spool knitters in cherry for a customer.  They are so pretty that I need to keep one for myself.  These are probably the most elegant spool knitters I have ever seen.   386 more words

All Things Wood

A little history of knitting machines

I started writing a “page” to tell a little bit about knitting machines, and I got on such a roll that I decided it needed to be a separate post.   663 more words

Knitting Machines

Make a Knit Pumpkin (or Even a Pouf!)

I received one of those marketing emails from Etsy the other day and it included a photo of some pumpkins knit with a combination of stockinette and garter stitch. 901 more words


Stick Loom Knit Eyeglass Case

Have you ever found yourself with a pair of glasses in need of a case? Well here’s a nice little project made with a sixteen-stick spool knitting loom made from an empty roll of duct tape. 371 more words