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The Spoonie Life

I sleep for 10 hours every night, and many days I nap for between 1-3 hours.

No, I’m not a toddler, nor am I an elderly woman. 577 more words


Am I Spoonie Sick or Real Sick?

On any given day, my pain is at a 6 on a scale of 1-10. Some days it’s way worse, some days it’s maybe even a little better. 593 more words


New Years Resolution

For the first time since forever, I didn’t make a New Years resolution. The past two years my resolutions have been somewhere along the lines of “be healthier” and “manage my illness more”, but this year I didn’t think it would be fair to hold myself accountable for such an impossible goal. 133 more words


To mum.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I’m sorry your having a bad day. I wish I could take it away and give you more spoons, so you’ll have the energy to play. 243 more words

Anxiety set in.

I started writing in this blog as a way to blow off steam.  I may not have posted much, and to be honest, it’s not like I’ve had a super terrible journey.   584 more words


My Illness is Invisible, But I Am Not.

I look like a healthy, 27 year old female on the outside. However, healthy isn’t really the first word I would use to describe myself. I have several invisible illnesses. 780 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day in the Life

Alright, gumshoes! Have you ever considered every decision you make throughout a single day? Neither have I–until those small decisions had the potential to turn into big consequences. 161 more words