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To do or not to do?

I’m a spoonie, that means that when I wake up I only have a limited amount of energy and I have to decide how to use it, if I do too much then the next day I will start off fatigued and so on. 683 more words

Communication- The Sharp Bite

While CFS has defiantly affected how and when we do many physical things, it has helped Kay and I improve our communication skill with each other.   339 more words

The back story...

This is the one about me. The back story. The ‘why I decided to create this blog’.

So firstly, yes, I am a card carrying kid with a chronic illness. 1,160 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Why Spoons?

Why Spoons? Why not forks? Or a kickarse leatherman? A leatherman seems like a much better utensil to travel with, or even a spork!

‘Have Spoons, Will Travel’ isn’t a literal reference to those glorious pieces of cutlery that help us scoop, shovel and mix our food but a figurative reference to the ‘Spoon Theory’. 401 more words

Autoimmune Disease


IF you are lucky (is there an emo for sarcasm?) enough to have a chronic illness then you will understand my Hershey bar theory of energy (clinically known as the Spoon Theory but spoons make me think of ice cream which makes me think of chocolate cake which I have a mix for and am trying so hard not to make until I have company….but I digress). 2,138 more words



In speaking of long term illness, there is a lot of talk about good days and bad days. It’s been just about seven months now since I spiked a high fever and everything changed. 564 more words

96/365 - Out of spoons

I realised how appropriate the spoonie theory is last night, as I slumped over my plate of dinner struggling to find the energy to eat. If Elaine hadn’t been home, I may have had it in me to make some toast but nothing more. 288 more words