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Only Knives Today, No More Spoons

Today is a PJ day.

I have more PJ days now than when I was a kid I think.  When all you can think is my whole body hurts so bad and the bathroom is so so so far away (next to your bedroom) getting dressed and out of bed is not an option. 317 more words

Journey With Me Mini2z

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, What It Is And What I Deal With

“Individuals with Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) have a genetic defect in their connective tissue, the tissue that provides support to many body parts such as the skin, muscles and ligaments. 614 more words

Chronic Illness

Chronic tiredness...

If you suffer from a chronic illness, the chances are that you will know all about Christine Miserandino and her spoon theory. If you are the partner/carer of someone with a chronic illness, chances are that you will know about the spoon theory. 282 more words



Have you ever felt invisible?

Being a closet basket case means that there are many things about me that no one can see – like my anxiety and phobia, my deep love for my family and friends (though, I do hope people can at least see some of that), and my chronic pain. 729 more words


I May Have Miscounted My Spoons

This week I actually got out of the house, going for lunch and a little shopping with an old friend. (Another friend of mine calls these “pants days” because they obviously require putting on pants, for going out farther than the mailbox.) 652 more words

Mental Health

Spoon Theory: What it is and what it isn't

This started as a facebook post on this article that showed up on my feed:

Stop Appropriating the Language That Explains My Condition


I’m not sure how I feel about the way spoon theory has been expanded to others sorts of disabilities- as I’ve seen the types of spoons used with. 1,120 more words


I didn't get my spoons today......

Those of you that are familiar with the Spoon Theory probably understand that statement more than most.

Basically the Spoon Theory says that those with… 744 more words