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The Fine Line Between Functioning & Performing (Essure Problems: Part 3)

Everyday, I walk this fine line between functioning and performing. Neither are easy, but they’re both necessary. Some days I can’t do either. A lot of times I force myself into both roles. 885 more words

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Wow I had no idea

I had no idea how much of life I was missing. Somewhere in the fog of pain and stress I lost a lot of the things I enjoy and took for granted. 229 more words

The Spoon Theory (Essure Problems: Part 2)

If you haven’t read my first Essure Problems post, please start with me here. It’s not absolutely necessary, but will definitely help you through the series of posts. 487 more words

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I'm not invisible, but my illnesses are.

This morning, as I typed up Intro to the Hydration Party, I was feeling great. I had little-to-no pain and was bobbing with energy. Not long after I posted, I crashed. 984 more words

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

My illness is getting the best of me.

I am having a hard time lately with my invisible illness. Maybe it is because I have just recently fully admitted to myself, that I am actually ill. 629 more words


Spoon shortage

My mind is a prison of thoughts right now, only I’m not sure who has the key. I can’t seem to access much of my own mind right now. 315 more words

Abuse Survivor

I have P.O.T.S...not spoons.

Recently I read “the spoon theory” and was excited about it, it was the first time I heard someone describe chronic illness with somewhat of an insider’s understanding. 992 more words