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Spoonie; what does it mean?

You may have heard, seen or read the word “spoonie” come up before and, no doubt, wondered what on earth it means! I know I talk about spoonies and how many “spoons” I’ve got left etc. 466 more words

Chronic Illness

School with POTS & EDS

After writing my first blog post, I felt so great. Finally having an outlet and a place to keep everyone I love informed on my life is fantastic. 1,002 more words


The Spoon Theory

After learning about Crohn’s and meeting people with other autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses, I would always hear the term “spoonie.” I googled the term and remembered thinking that I really must not have Crohn’s that bad or at all because I didn’t feel like it described me. 550 more words


On Pacing

No, I’m not talking about pacing in regards to the story itself – though that’s important, too. Today I want to talk about the impact my chronic illnesses have on my writing. 1,755 more words

What's in a Name?

Naming things is always tricky.

I’ve never had a child, but if the amount of baby name books and websites are anything to go by, deciding a name for your baby carries a certain amount of responsibility. 480 more words

I'm Running Out Of Spoons

I feel like I need to maybe get a wider perspective and stop having a pity party, from hearing from others going through something similar, so if you have ANY experience with any of these please get in touch and offer me some words of wisdom. 1,073 more words


16/2/17 - Help. all my spoons have run away!


Day 194


If I told you I have no spoons, what would you think? The vast majority of people would wonder why the hell I was telling them my cutlery draw was half empty.To people like Mr W and myself, however, it means something very different. 2,413 more words