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Who does the word bedbound belong to? 

I often find that people don’t understand what I mean when I or other people say I’m bedbound. I’ve had people suggest my family members should bring me back to my home city, and worse still people used to tell my ex they should bring me to events. 1,603 more words

Chronic Illness

Things You Should Never Say To People With Chronic Illnesses

  1. ‘But you don’t look sick?’
    Please inform me what ‘sick’ looks like. Is it the pale skin, black bags under the eyes, and greasy hair that looks sick?
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Spoon Day

No…I don’t mean National Spoon Day…or anything like that.  Nothing crazy.  Just me sitting around doing as little as possible.  Often napping.  Sometimes reading or writing or binge watching or napping.   782 more words

Everything Counts

Burning Out

What might not be appreciated, by the average person, is how much energy an illness can take.

Everything that you do, from getting up in the morning, to going to work, to eating, to engaging with other people, to bathing, to remembering to buy groceries, doing the laundry-all that takes energy, mental and physical. 366 more words

Mental Health

I forgot to ration my spoons again... 

I realize that many days have passed without so much as a spider mite appearing here. I repeated pretty much the same pattern as I have a lot lately: rest some, feel better, go berserk and do a bunch of stuff, crash. 298 more words



For people with chronic illnesses, or just limited energy levels, the Spoon Theory makes a lot of sense and helps us explain to those we love why some days we just can’t even. 451 more words

Business As Usual

Caregivers Need Care Too

While there are professional caregivers, family members often provide care and support for those with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.

My husband of 35 years is my caregiver. 603 more words

Mental Health