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More Than A Bad Day

Spoonies often talk about bad days. A sliver of society has allowed us to have bad days,which often translates to one bad day a lifetime. So, we talk about how often we have bad days. 1,311 more words



I am TIRED of being tired.

I feel just absolutely exhausted.

I am too tired to think beyond basic functioning. The other day I even took like a 3 hour nap when I got home from work. 31 more words

Chronic Illness


So my plan to post every day has already gone to pot. I missed two days. In a row.

But it’s for good reasons. I’ve been feeling good, baking my usual stuff that I do this time of year and I don’t feel so bad. 93 more words


I went into public today.

It doesn’t sound like much but it kind of is. It is so overwhelming. The bright lights, the smells, the sheer amount of people… I enjoyed being out of the house but, god, I kind of hated the whole experience. 32 more words

On Mashed Potatoes, Coming Out, and Forgiveness

This past year was rough. I’ve done a lot of reflecting. I’ve cried often. I’ve spent countless hours in waiting rooms. I’ve forgiven a lot of people, including myself for all the shit that I kept hidden inside. 1,671 more words


How The Social Justice Movement Corrupted A Kitchen Utensil

Quick question – what is the first thing you think of when you read the word ‘spoons’? Your answer is probably related to the utensil… 433 more words


Dear Selena Gomez, I am a fan of your survival

Monday at the 2016 AMAs, award-winning pop star Selena Gomez reminded me that even in the midst of a personal and worldwide hellstorm, it is possible to be a beacon of light and inspiration to others, yourself included. 112 more words