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Myth: Even Though You Are Chronically Ill, You Should Have The Same Amount Of Energy Every Day...

Myth: Even though you are chronically ill, you should have the same amount of energy every day. “You look SO good and you went to that party last month! 1,033 more words


Hands full of too many balls.

I turn 34 today. So that’s happening.

I didn’t accomplish anything on my to-do list for 33, with the exception of numbers 12, 28, 32 and 33. 1,728 more words


Time, parenting and M.S.

I want to talk about time. Time is such a precious thing nowadays and we seem to have such little of it free. We are so busy doing things that we often lose track of it, or have that much to do, we end up wasting it! 1,028 more words


Can Spoons Refer To More Than Just Energy?

Note: My post might make more sense if you skip to the bottom and read the actual Spoon Theory first. Just forgive my brain fog today. 429 more words

Living With It

The Tools for Tackling Bipolar Disorder

When you’re facing bipolar disorder – which is, when you have it, nearly every day – there are some things you can do to lessen its hold on you. 791 more words

Mental Health

To Rest or Not To Rest? A Humorous Introduction to Spoon Theory

Ah, the age-old debate.

One of the biggest struggles of dealing with a chronic illness is figuring out how far is too far. Should I push the boundaries of what I think I can handle, or should I take a page out of the book and rest? 950 more words

Chronic Illness