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Tips of the trade

I think the thing I hate most about having MS is the complete lack of ability to anticipate an attack.  I almost wish I would turn purple right before an attack so I’d know it was coming.   496 more words

Thoughts From The Bong: Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is like lip sweat on a hot, humid summer day. You try to wipe it off, only for it to come right back. 242 more words


Fundraising Handover

Ever since my diagnosis of MS in 2013, I had always wanted to give back to the charities that gave me support when I needed it most. 505 more words

Chronic Illness

Know the Old Jenn...The Me Before, During Lupus Diagnosis

I feel like once we reach a specific point in our lives, we really know who we are and plateaued with being satisfied with whom we have become.   2,950 more words


... Oops.

Well, I’m back from an unintended and over a month long hiatus. Oops! Fibro fog hit in a really bad way, and I completely forgot my password… twice. 49 more words


In it for today...

I was for sure that I would be discharged today from the hospital….30+ days later, but I was wrong.  I must have a few more stable set of labs, x-rays and blah blah blah…another night in Never Neverland.   834 more words


Cancelled plans and the art of saying "no!"

Today I had to let someone down.  It is not something I like doing, nor something I take pride in, it simply is just something that goes along with the territory of living in chronic pain. 2,932 more words

CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome