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Lupus Lately

One thing I haven’t touched on in a while: Lupus.

She’s been O.K., definitely been worse, but has also definitely been better. When I began this blog two summers ago, I had just received word from my rheumatologist that I was no longer in “remission*.” Since that time my blood tests have shown that my lupus is active, fortunately, I have remained relatively healthy. 507 more words


People Pleasers, Codependent People and Self Care

Many people that some from abusive backgrounds have forgotten or never learned how to love and care for themselves. What comes naturally to most people does not come naturally to everyone. 773 more words

Mental Health

No Spoons for You!

If Grandpa wasn’t standing there. If he had seen. If my surroundings had not suddenly collapsed. Or if we were not surrounded by family she… 1,037 more words


Invisible Illnesses and the Spoon Theory 101

Invisible Illnesses

An invisible illness or disability is any illness that isn’t immediately noticeable, and is often characterised by the phrase: But you don’t look sick! 853 more words

Chronic Illness

On 'Salaried' Existence, Spoon Theory, and 'Digital Nomadism'

This post functions, somewhat, in response to this article, ‘What I Learned When I Gave Up the 9 to 5′. It also, despite its critique of that post, operates from a position of relative privilege; I’m very lucky to have a job that accommodates my needs. 1,968 more words


The Impacts of RA

I spent the last two days home “sick” with an RA flare-up. Any evening plans I had with friends were cancelled. I have so many projects I want to work on, and it’s frustrating when my time is free, my ideas are on fire, and my hands don’t work. 1,400 more words

Baby Skipper

An Amazing Week

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Wow, you know that I am always around the house. My goal for a month is to not have to leave my property but once a month! 339 more words