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My Little Human Is Growing Up...

Last night for the second night in a row…PanKwake allowed me to sleep.

That may not seem like a big deal considering she is almost twelve now. 256 more words


At Night I Dream I Run

Dear Friends,

At night, I dream I run.  My legs pumping and my feet pounding the pavement in rhythm as my skin glistens in the air of a warm day.  642 more words


To thine own self, be kind.

I give myself permission to NOT do things. Yes, there are consequences and the ‘What if?’s’ that must be lived with. What if I cancel? What if I miss something important? 1,478 more words

Mental Health

A down day

Fireworks have been going off behind my right eye all day. If it weren’t so painful, it might be pretty. Like a kaleidoscope. But no, today has been awful. 63 more words


Living with Chronic Illness

“I feel like I am dragging my nerves on sandy gravel every time I move.” If you can understand that statement you too might suffer from Fibromyalgia. 243 more words


It’s been 3 years since I started this blog, I had plans to write at least once a month, documenting my life and hoping to spread awareness of my conditions. 232 more words

What I Learned About Chronic Illness

When people talk about what it’s like to have a chronic illness, they typically use the spoon theory.  I think it’s very moving, well-written, and largely accurate.  665 more words