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The Spoon Theory

Turns out that this run did not just cause ONE day of extreme exhaustion and achyness, it lasted the whole weekend.  When i decided to go on this run I was not thinking about the amount of spoons I had left (if you don’t know about the spoon theory you probably do not have a chronic illness.) The spoon theory in simplified terms is the spoons represent your energy and a normal person has an infinity amount of spoons and patients with chronic illnesses only have a certain number, this means that we have to ration our energy out, but once your spoons are gone you are completely out of energy and there is nothing you can do about it because there are no spoons left.   67 more words


The Art of Awareness Reveal

Lori Anderson and Heather Millican have collaborated to create this Art of Awareness Blog Hop featuring Heather’s bean beads!  Each participant chose the color and word for a custom bead from… 1,158 more words

Hello world!

Blogging? It seems I have a lot on my mind lately. Let’s get through the introductions!

I’m Amy, wife of Levi and mama-bear to Chris. Also, holding title of Auntie-Mom to Jade, Blade and Eion. 176 more words

Spoon Theory

I’m sure many of us with a chronic illness have heard the term “Spoonie”, and wondered “What the heck is a Spoonie?”.

Spoonies are what we are.   23 more words

Lyme Disease

ME Awareness Week: The Spoon Theory

This is something that I have found very useful over the years after finding it when it comes to explaining how it feels to people who don’t have ME. 833 more words



Spoon theory changed how I live my life.   I didn’t realize it when I first learned about it, but in the years since, I have seen the changes.   328 more words



Today marks a very important day for me. One year ago today (May 8th) I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia after over a year and a half of mis/un-diagnosis. 830 more words