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What is a Spoonie?

I found Spoon Theory at a time in my life when I refused to listen to my body. When I was sick, exhausted, and in intense pain, I’d take a pill and carry on. 70 more words


A spoonful of .......energy?

One of the major frustrations of my HF is the severe fatigue that comes sometimes comes hand in hand with an inefficient heart function. Since my diagnosis I’ve read a lot about Christine Miserandino’s ‘spoon theory’. 1,516 more words

Learning Spoon Theory

Learning about Spoon Theory changed my life and made it livable.  I’ve always been the kind of person who pushed through any illness or pain to get the job done.  54 more words


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I've never heard of Spoon Theory before, and it's resonating with me to an extreme degree. I've been called lazy so many times in my life, and I try so hard to do as much as everyone else I know, but it never seems as though I'm able. This helps me forgive myself and understand the reasons why I'm so easily exhausted and laid up.

Why I am a spoonie - my autism explained

Hi, it’s me again.

Today I thought I’d share with you something a little different than usual. Today I thought I’d share with you the story of why I’m a spoonie. 1,522 more words

Get down with the sickness

I had a good day the other day and made a mistake of eating food. I have felt like crap ever since. Back to purees and liquids. 87 more words


Mind over Matter

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  Seriously, I learned this doing dishes.

16. Not feeling like I’m a bad mom/housekeeper etc while I struggle with chronic pain and health issues.

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Rose tinted glasses

I’ve been trying to be positive and upbeat about this, but today I don’t have it in me I spent half the night up sick I slept on the floor outside my bathroom cause I didn’t think i would be able to make it from my bed to the toilet before getting sick and I didn’t want to add cleaning puke out of carpet to my things to do today. 180 more words