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Hotworks- Boca Raton Art Show

Well we did our third show after having a weekend free. It was also in Boca Raton, but different location. The location was great. The organizer, Hotworks, has arranged with the city and such to shut down a portion of US Federal Highway #1 right next to Sanborn Park. 539 more words

American Oystercatcher photography with the Canon 7d mark II

American Oystercatchers are quite catchy in the big family of shorebirds, with their long orange-red beak made to open up shells. While you may find them all along the American coast, they are often present with one or two individuals at Fort Desoto, Florida. 633 more words

January's Wetland Bird Survey

It’s that time of the month again. Time for the Wetland Bird Survey – the first one of 2015. I was looking forward to it as it meant catching up with the other WeBS counters and having a wander around Farlington Marshes. 365 more words


Spoonbill - TTK Road

There are some places that have everything going for them, but still don’t manage to get it right. I really really tried liking Spoonbill, even going to the extent of not reviewing them until I could write something nice. 448 more words


First few days of a new year

Well the South East team have only been back for a couple of days after the Christmas break but we’re right back into the swing of things. 382 more words