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Roseate Spoonbill Portraits

Several photographs of Spoonbills almost posing for portraits. 18 more words


Pink Tree, Spoonbills

As I work through all the various Spoonbill photographs I find one constant, they are photogenic.

They are different and colorful enough to grab your attention. 47 more words


Spoonbill Antics

The flying bird must have been trying to impress the other calmly walking around. He flew by, almost too close, many times.

Finally I had to take the shot. 45 more words


Landing In The Middle, Spoonbills

And once again… dropping in from the sky and crashing right in the middle of all the others.

This is so common I time my shots when I see it coming. 77 more words


Wide Shots, Marsh Birds

I had put aside photographs of large flocks in the marshes. They are hard to size, finish correctly, and in general a difficult composition for me. 122 more words


Fast Flying Pink Things, Roseate Spoonbills

When I started this article I didn’t realize how many in-flight Spoonbill photographs I had uploaded. As the weather turns a little colder they have begun flocking and probably thinking about Central and South America for the winter. 135 more words


Walk Like This, Ibis, Spoonbill

Sometimes you just take the shot. No clue who was more goofy. 8 more words