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Mountain Goat Jamboree - Fabric

It seems like goats are popping up everywhere lately. Youtube has tons of goat videos, I always see goats advertised for sale on Craigslist, I recently became addicted to the Goat Simulator game on my phone, and now Spoonflower’s weekly contest is for a goat-themed design. 345 more words


Pattern Making in 3D

My three year old, Lux, has a set of geometric pattern blocks that I thought would be a great tool for me to practice making surface designs without using the computer or a sketchbook. 233 more words

Creative Challenges

First Day of School

It is the time of year when many children are approaching school, so when Spoonflower held its “What’s in your bag” contest, I was inspired by the German tradition of giving small gifts to first graders on their first day of school. 108 more words


Baby Llamas!

Oh, so sweet little Crias (baby llamas!) ❤️☺️


Paper Canoe Design

Now isn't that just peachy..?

Came home to these beauties in my mailbox today! Now isn’t that just peachy… or “coral-y” to be exact! ❤️ #fabric #textiles #spoonflower #papercanoedesign

Paper Canoe Design