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Hot Chocolate Spoons 

​Hot Chocolate Spoons
These guys are great to stir your hot chocolate or coffee. I make these every year for Christmas gifts and every year they are the most requested treat I make. 418 more words


Food and Globalization: A Brief Study

This is my tenth food blog post for my Writing for College class. Enjoy!


I have always been constantly interested in the social sciences, and for my research paper, I wanted to explore the effect of the social sciences on food. 370 more words

The Sauce Boss

My snot is green and everything is hard 

I am unwell. Yesterday I felt like rubbish, my throat was sore, I had a headache and my mouth tasted disgusting. It’s that kind of taste you get in your mouth when you’re about to get deathly ill. 406 more words

A fiction #3

This is a one-character story.

Part 1: A fiction #1 Part 2: A fiction #2

Diary entry 05/12/2017 04:51 GMT:

Welcome to the Sahara (well, my version of the Sahara). 389 more words

Pages From My Diary

Cold things only.

The other day a friend of mine posted to Facebook and used the hashtag #coldthingsonly.

I had a moment of profound and overwhelming empathy. Oh, my friend, I wish you weren’t there. 230 more words

Spoons Tours, Rochester Castle & Christmas Dinner

We fancied a lazy bus journey Sunday, which is what we got, Stoke Newington is an odd out of the way little place with a distinctively villagey feeling. 192 more words