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No spoons

I look around and try to find other people that shared their experiences with PTSD.  I believe that getting different perspectives will help a person to recognize their own challenges.  454 more words


Optimism 101

So, I doubt that the first word any of my friends would use to describe me would be “optimistic.”  In my younger days, I’m quite sure it would have been exactly the opposite or, at best, the dubious title of “realist.”  And I still ain’t Pollyanna. 766 more words

Personal Growth

Silence Is Golden

I told my therapist yesterday that I was tired of explaining myself to people all of the time.

“Good. Remember, the word “no” is a complete sentence. 211 more words


November 28

November 28

Today my brother was coming to western NY from Michigan, so Brad and I traveled back to Buffalo.  It turned into a major game day with my nieces, nephews (our kids stayed home) and siblings. 74 more words



By Suzanne Miller

We often have things that make us remember special times and people

One day, I noticed that my spoon collection was getting a little tarnished, so I got out the rubbing compound and a soft cloth and began to take each one down and polish it to a bright shining finish. 787 more words

Christian Life

Day 294 - Positives

This afternoon I have had my Norfolk Against Chronic Pain Support Group secretaries head on. I have been typing up the mission statement and constitution for the officers / committee members to finalise. 205 more words

Year Of Positives

Spoons Tours - the Sir John Hawkshaw, City

This spoons ensconced within Cannon Street Station gets it’s name from Sir John Hawkshaw, the original station designer. 195 more words