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Lupus Awareness Month

For the month of May I was going to post something about Lupus every day, but my Lupus had other ideas! All of last week I felt like crap. 251 more words


Lyrica & lullabies

Saw my rheumatologist today. All the tests came back normal, except for my antibody test and my vitamin D of course. Since I have no other symptoms, we can say I have fibro but nothing else. 463 more words

Being A Grown Up

Simple changes save spoons........

I had my support group meeting this week, and having been an informal group for a while the time has come as we have expanded to make us a formally recognised support group within Norfolk, this will allow us to apply for funding and open up greater opportunities for the support of our members and hopefully some fun activities/exercise programmes to look forward to. 497 more words

Some Light Relief

Nothing like a good whinge

Sorry guys. I have a gazillion positive posts floating around my head to write, but they are refusing to leave.

I’m hurting. My hips won’t stop aching. 215 more words

The Hierarchy of Activism

I use social media a lot and incorporate it into my brand of activism. I try to stay “plugged in” and on the pulse of what’s current in the world of disability rights. 510 more words


Spoons Tours - The Willow Walk, Victoria

Smaller than one would expect, this Spoons gets its name from the original Willow Walk, the causeway across the marshy ground leading to Westminster Abby. 142 more words

Spoons Tours - the Oyster Rooms, Fulham

Compact and in a shopping city, the Oyster Rooms is named for the restaurant that occupied these premises in the 1920s-30s. This is not a traditional Spoons, it falls under the auspices of being a Lloyds number 1 bar. 214 more words