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Making and mixing media for fun.

A little jam spoon I carved about a month ago.  My baby grandson Mason at the Melbourne Museum and some left over stained and painted paper made into minute boxes with some fish cutouts from a found book.  As usual just playing.


A Shortage of Spoons

My school’s terms are approximately ten weeks in length. It’s the middle of third week, and i’m already out of spoons. More than that, i feel like i’m running on negative spoons. 467 more words

Spoons Tours - the Railway Bell, New Barnet

This Spoons retains the name of the pub which opened in 1850 in conjunction with New Barnet station. 107 more words

Hobbies and social lives (a.k.a. how to stay sane)

I’m not sure if it’s possible to overstate the importance of having hobbies as a spoonie. Stress relief and an increase in happiness are just two of the… 751 more words


Anxiety set in.

I started writing in this blog as a way to blow off steam.  I may not have posted much, and to be honest, it’s not like I’ve had a super terrible journey.   584 more words


Monsters in My Head

So I am exhausted. Blanket statement, could mean a number of things.

There is college student exhausted, there is parent exhausted, there is exhausted from work, the list goes on and on. 589 more words