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Where are my missing spoons?

For a person with Fibromyalgia or any chronic illness keeping the spoon theory in mind can really make a difference.  I’ve talked about the spoon theory before but just in case this is your first time to my blog I will explain.   404 more words

A spoonful of perspective

There’s nothing like being forced to rest when you’re sick to remind you of a few never-ending lessons:

  1. Dark chocolate is ALWAYS comforting. Particularly in large amounts.
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Making all the things... Part Two.

Back again after an interlude of extreme involvement in the art of forging metal into pretty shiny things. I am not sure why I am utterly entranced by this process but it makes me feel as though I have come home. 926 more words

Just Me

Okay y’all, in my 20+ years of babysitting I have found the best way to entertain kiddos is to play card games with them.  If you don’t have Uno (Old Faithful) or Phase 10 (super fun, but long), then try these games with any old deck of cards.   738 more words

Card Gamse

spoons and charms

held on the weather

and what is the face

and whom it was the broom

and what is the sweeping smell

that pours from the kitchen to the rhythm of  your… 42 more words