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Age is Just a Number - Right?

By Hilary Jones

I’m a bit ambivalent about age, or more especially my age!  On the one hand, I’m determined to fight it with all I have, and on the other, I know who’s going to win – eventually!  693 more words


"This Girl Can" campaign inspires Nottinghamshire's women to get involved in sport

Sport Nottinghamshire is taking part in the “This Girl Can” campaign, which aims to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to take part in sport. 153 more words


Padded Sports Bras: Yes or No?

When buying a sports bra these days it’s getting harder to find a regular non-padded bra among all the ones with added va-va-voom. When did this happen? 430 more words


This Girl Can

I know this ad for Sport England has been on air for a bit now but I’ve just seen it. Love the use of the Missy Elliot track (‘Get Ur Freak On’) alongside the footage of real girls and women working out. 199 more words



I don’t much like it when I see blogs or articles written online which criticise. I’m not a big fan of the negative. Mainly just because I don’t believe that there is much in this world that is totally and utterly negative and so for all that stuff in the middle that is just a bit ‘not on’ maybe we could all exercise some balance? 343 more words


Moving past lip service on women's issues

I came, chubby-cheeked and reluctant, to the realisation that if I was ever going to find the seat of my own power, I had to embrace the smell of my own sweat. 584 more words

LISTEN: Badminton England's North East manager speaks about participation

Badminton England’s regional delivery manager Tom Smith believes the sport has a bright future in the North East despite a recent survey suggesting a national participation decrease.  107 more words