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Fencing vs. sport fencing

Some, not me, but some, might say that I really blew it in that last post by not explaining the difference between fencing and sport fencing. 757 more words

Reach Out And Touch Someone!

Do you know what it is like to reach out and touch someone? Next time you do, use an epee! LOL!

Would you like a sketch done of the a fencer in your life? 12 more words

Fencing Art

The Fencing Sketch

The watercolor painting, “Epee Boys” is a good example of what I call a fencing sketch.

I usually prefer to work from life as I watch the fencers on the strip. 85 more words

Fencing Art

"Electric Foil"-Watercolor Painting

Remember that 80’s song, “Electric Avenue” by Eddie Grant?

“Electric Foil” depicts a dynamic engagement between two male foil fencers on stage for the Finals. 37 more words

Fencing Art

"The Parry" Wins the Prize

This watercolor painting recently won the Third Place prize in the December 2012 Florida Watercolor Society Online Show. This was quite a satisfying victory for two reasons. 89 more words

Fencing Art

A Quick Run-Down on Why Sport Fencing Is So Boring

Starting tomorrow, various Olympians will be competing in one of the sillier modern sports: fencing, the ancient dance of death in which everyone wears suits that look like Mormon underwear and tries to stick one another with car antennae. 540 more words

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