Free Family Fishing Event in Miami at Tropical Park

April 18 – Fishing is a great outdoor activity that the entire family can enjoy. Here’s a great opportunity for all to rediscover this favorite sport and pastime and have a “reel” fun family-day that’s absolutely free. 146 more words

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Annual General Trout Opener Coming Soon

The general trout opener in many counties throughout California will commence on Saturday, April 25, one hour before sunrise.

Because of the popularity of this annual event with the angling public, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is making every effort to stock trout in all accessible waters approved for planting prior to the season opener. 503 more words


Installing t-top outrigger mounting plates

We were recently asked, “What’s involved with mounting an outrigger system to a t-top that isn’t outfitted with the needed mounting plates – and can the average boater do it themselves?” 102 more words

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CDFW to Hold Public Meeting on Proposed Emergency Fishing Closure of Part of Sacramento River

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is holding a public meeting to solicit comments on a proposed closure of 5.5 miles of the Sacramento River above the Highway 44 Bridge in Redding to Keswick Dam. 358 more words


How to Install a Taco Marine Outrigger

Here’s a quick away to install a Taco Marine outrigger top mount. This short, but very informative video from Captain Mark Henderson, (Liquid Fire Fishing team), that will show you how to install, from start to finish, a Taco Marine outrigger mount. 46 more words

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing-All About The Favorite American Pastime

Among several pastimes of the Americans, Sport Fishing has gained immense popularity as a recreating way of catching fishes. The challenge involved is to catch the most desirable type and species of fish of a particular region. 234 more words


Sport Fishing Restoration: How anglers and state agencies work together...

The Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration (SFR) Program has had a major impact on sport fishing nationwide. Since its enactment in 1950, state fish and wildlife agencies have received more than $3.2 billion under the program. 125 more words

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