Life on the ice: The many things — besides fish — you gain from ice fishing

Trust me on this: Ice fishing is very enjoyable.

Bringing a big drill to cut a hole in the ice is exhilarating. Watching the rod bend as a bell jingles, alerting all nearby that your lure is being eaten by a fish is thrilling. 656 more words


A Great Season for Sport Fishing in Duluth

When I’m in Duluth during the summer I try to make it down to the Waterfront Plaza Marina where the sport fishing boats are docked. I usually see them heading out when I’m photographing the sunrise. 58 more words

Lake Superior

Los Cabos Sport Fishing Videos

We had the boys out from PelagicGear for a couple days in Cabo. They had a few great catches, but this 220-pound yellowfin tuna was a prize. 66 more words


5 Reasons to Visit Flores on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Often overshadowed by Bali, Flores remains somewhat under the tourist radar. Yet, the Indonesian island is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves and emerging as a must-see superyacht destination. 785 more words


Time to winterize your boat or are you still fishing?

If you are up North and starting the process of winterizing your boat, don’t forget to pull off the prop and inspect it. Starting out the spring with a poor functioning engine caused by unforeseen fishing line wound around the prop is less than an ideal start to the boating season. 47 more words

Taco Marine

People project: Lure of the outdoors hooks flyfisher Paula Shearer

Before the sun rises above the horizon, Paula Shearer is already waist deep in the Bow River.

She flings her line back and forth, casting a nearly weightless fly into the water, hoping for a catch. 244 more words

Local News

Back Home

Arrived back in Sydney after a couple of weeks in L.A. – shame about the weather.

I’m looking forward to getting out and doing a bit of fishing even though it seems pretty quiet out side.

Reports to come…

Fishing Reports