Marine Market Trends Lead to Tech Advances for Higher Performance

Baby boomers, a generation of boaters who once favored luxury sport fishing cruisers, are now trending toward high-performance center console boats – trading opulence for more speed and open air on the high seas. 302 more words

Sport Fishing

Where were we?

It has been awhile but here is a quick update of what we have been up to. We  will still be publishing the updates from June – September 2017 but it is important for our readers to be informed on why updates have been delayed! 610 more words

Fishing Trips

Ambition report 24th. September'17

Well,  all I, on Ambition Fishing Charters, can say is bring on another Bluefin ! this run just keeps on giving. The eddy South of Browns is pretty well stagnant so who knows how long it may last. 327 more words

Leamington anglers fined for exceeding catch limits

A day when the walleye were really biting has cost two anglers $10,000 for violating possession limits.

Johan Enns of Drayton, Ont., and Isaac Enns of St. 163 more words

Local News

Ambition report 19th September'17

The good news, well not news anymore, is that we have just experienced the best and longest lasting run of Bluefin Tuna in a very, very long time. 255 more words

Ambition report 4th. September' 17

Well I think the only thing on most offshore anglers’ minds this week is whether or not  the Bluefin are still out there. It was totally unexpected that of all the tuna  Bluefin tuna would turn up on the week-end. 222 more words