Too late. Lake warning

It’s Monday. Time to get a wake.

On the big scale of things, there’s a new Super Hero in town. No worming out of it, he’s a common man who recognized a challenge requiring effort against a boat load of odds. 466 more words


Parker: Calgary couple hook a winner with their Dolly Varden clothing line

Calgary is home to many avid fly fishermen, but few are as keen as Dan and Joanne Berezan.

When not casting in the Pincher Creek area, you might find them whipping a line back and forth in Patagonia or any number of locations in Southeast Asia. 479 more words

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Getting hooked on ice fishing

“You’re going to catch zero fish if that’s your hook set.” And that’s exactly how many fish have nibbled on my line through a slushy hole in the ice. 842 more words


Ice Fishing Tips

Everything is frozen and still. Before you lies a vast expanse of ice. It appears that there is no life anywhere, except for you. But, as a fisherman, you know that below your feet, there is very active life, in the form of perch, trout, walleye, and other fish. 377 more words

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Ice Fishing

Do you think it’s too cold to fish? You are wrong! Ice fishing if fun, challenging, and brings in some nice catches. People have been ice fishing since ancient times. 420 more words

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Sport Fishing

Think of the perfect weekend for a fisherman. You and your close friends pack up, load up, hitch the boat up, and headout. Some people may view this as work, but with the conversation, joking, and good humor that come along with it – to an avid fisherman – this isn’t work at all. 685 more words

Best Fishing Reel