Best Outrigger Pole: Carbon Fiber or Aluminum? Plus, Step-by-Step How to Rig it.

The best outrigger poles are carbon fiber because they are much stronger and lighter than any  aluminum pole on the market today. Why does that  165 more words

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Crabs love the Gooch!

No matter what coast you are on, crabs love Gooch Juice™. Spray or soak your bait of choice in this potent blend of natural oils and scents to keep the crabs crawling. 75 more words


Fishing for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River is a unique experience in every season

Stories of Atlantic salmon that push anglers to their limits are what attract people from around the globe to the fabled Miramichi River.

As host of the Canadian documentary… 599 more words


Kailua Kona Sport Fishing

The best fishing in the world! If you haven’t tried Fishing the open sea, you owe it to yourself! Marlin and Mahi Mahi fishing has been great this year off of the Kona gold coast! 294 more words

Stealthy Hybrid Leaders

Stealth relates to the lack of visibility (and with a sneaky profile behavior).

To begin with: Hybridization

Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Leader material was chosen due to the findings by; 685 more words

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Surf Fishin' in Port Aransas

Wading out into the surf and casting into the waves is big sport in Port Aransas.

Port Aransas is the only established town on Mustang Island. 485 more words

Contagious virus causing fish die-off in Lake St. Clair

Thousands of fish have been dying in Lake St. Clair in what government officials in Michigan are attributing to the largest spread since 2006 of a highly contagious virus. 594 more words

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