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Skiing, Les Gets

Starting the new year with a ski holiday is becoming a tradition – we love to take advantage of the off-season prices and quiet slopes; but it has the welcome side-effect of deferring the back-to-work blues of January, and putting to rest any silly ‘detox’ or diet ambitions by giving a good balance of eating what we love; whilst exercising every day. 598 more words


Just Keep Running. Again.

It’s 2 months before my 2nd marathon, and I’m regretting the training regime I settled on. Having done a marathon 2 years prior, I was foolishly a tad over-confident in my abilities to complete a second marathon: I decided to spend the months in the run up to the marathon increasing my Pole training (my new found love!) rather than increasing my running mileage. 1,423 more words


Just Keep Running.

Marathons are a funny old thing. Civilization has spent centuries inventing contraptions to allow Man to travel long distance on anything but foot: from horseback, to chariots, to cycles, to automobiles. 763 more words


Eat. Sleep. Pole. Repeat.

The Pole Fitness/Pole Dance has taken the world by storm and it shows no signs of stopping. 20 years ago, the mention of pole dance would often be associated with gentlemen’s clubs. 398 more words