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This Girl Can – A stereotype in need of a makeover?

Fitness bloggers and gym-goers have created a world of post-gym selfies, an A-Z of the best protein to be had and celebrate DOMS (delayed offset muscle soreness). 428 more words

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Je vais courir dans la 16km course, le 12 avril 2015 à Ville-D’avray,

pour collectionner des fonds pour la FONDATION KALOGRIS.

Pourquoi? Pour offre une nutrition de qualité aux enfant malnourris, 164 more words


Hey, it's okay....

Many moons ago,

There was a 25-year-old who still lived at home. Who would be lost without her oyster card and who swapped coffee for dry shampoo. 467 more words

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TINA VAN HORN said it all at the Kick-Off on January 10th 2015.

What are the benefits for healthy people? ….. Why to keep you healthy of course!

The sooner you address potential health risks dominant within your own DNA the better. 74 more words


Children's Charity Swimathon-25th January!

Sign up your children to take part in the 2nd annual Swimathon, a really fun event in aid of the Ella Roberta Family Foundation 142 more words


Changes in FOOD PRODUCTION and processing have created unintended health problems.

Tina Van Horn is an expert in epigenetics.

When science meets nutrition : find out about Lunarich, the first epigenetic superfood.

Learn how changes in the last century in food production and processing, as well as consumer behaviors, have produced unintended health problems  – and what you can do to reverse the trend.

198 more words

Welcome to my new blog

Hi, welcome to my new blog – Antifragility Training.

The term antifragility was coined by Nassim Taleb, a former trader turned philosopher, writer and academic.   Antifragility is a property; a body / organisation / material is said to be antifragile when it responds to stress and disorder by becoming… 136 more words