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Sports' Report 16/17 #8- Tuesday 29th November 2016

The best swimming result for 8 years!

Ballard School joined around 20 other schools within the London West areas for the ISA regional swimming championships in Aldershot… 866 more words

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Sports' Report 16/17 #6 - Wednesday 9th November 2016

Health-Related Exercise in P.E.

Pupils in Years 3-9 are experiencing health-related exercise in PE. These sessions are designed to improve fitness, promote confidence in exercise and prevent injury. 653 more words

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Sports' Report 16/17 #6 - Tuesday 25th October 2016

Continuing on in style with ‘The Ballard Way’

In this week’s Ballard Sports’ Report: success for our girls’ Hockey, more detail on our Swimming Strategy, including our U13 academy. 680 more words

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...and have fun! - Headmaster's Blog - Wednesday 19th October 2016

…and have fun!

I remember as a youngster in a Scottish prep school being told the story of King Robert the Bruce as he faced yet another English army on the Scottish border. 432 more words

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Sports' Report 16/17 #5 - Tuesday 18th October

Ballard Sports Academy (Years 3-9)

Ballard Sports Academy is an award for excellence in PE for Years 3-9. Every year we re-select our Sports Academy. 681 more words

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Sports' Report 16/17 #4 – Tuesday 4th October 2016

Sport across the year (and years)

Over the next week, every child at Ballard School will be handed their plan for the whole year. They are subject to change; however it gives pupils and parents the information of the sports being covered. 580 more words

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Keep on knitting! - Headmaster's Blog - Wednesday 28th September 2016

Keep on knitting!

I was very interested to note the following report in the National Press this week: Kathleen Kerridge in ‘the Guardian’ calls for self-sufficiency to be taught in schools in a bid to “relearn the skills we’re losing.” She suggests that “in a time when more and more families are feeling the pinch,” lessons in areas such as knitting, sewing, growing vegetables and making bread could be a benefit. 536 more words

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