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Beating Tilt: How to stay level when things aren’t going your way

We’ve all been there when nothing seems to go your way in-game, no matter what you do. Maybe you’ve been spawn peeked at the start of a round in RS: Siege, get killed just as you use your ultimate in Overwatch, or get eliminated whilst looting in Fortnite. 1,204 more words

My questionable relationship with competition

I’ve competed in a lot of different ways in my lifetime: In softball and field hockey as a youngster, in music through high school and college, in rec league sports in my mid-20s, as a competitive cyclist from late-20s until last year…I had some real successes as a competitor when I was young but, as it is with a lot of adults, those successes become less frequent when you aren’t just competing with people your own age but also the entire adult population. 436 more words


The Emotional Game - Part 1: Arousal.

I have decided to write a blog post about the emotional side of sports but after planning  I think that there is too much info to digest in one post. 1,085 more words


The company I keep when I run alone

I met up with an old friend the other day. We’d not really spoken in a while so it was a surprise to find them out in the middle of nowhere. 1,754 more words


How to ENDURE - Alex Hutchinson

Author Alex Hutchinson joins us to talk about ‘ENDURE’ his new book about the elastic limits of endurance performance. His latest book details the various factors that lead to those amazing days when everything clicks. 315 more words


Why don't I feel important? - A 3 stage guide to feeling valuable in team sports.

Being on a sports team there are many things that can motivate you; other players, coaches, parents and awards are just a few examples. Unfortunately, there are often factors that actually affect your motivation in a negative way, one of these is a lack of self-appreciation. 1,071 more words


Sport Psychology Principles for the Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Professional

What is Sport Psychology?

According to the Essentials of Strength and Conditioning textbook, sport psychology is a sub-discipline of exercise science that seeks to understand how behavior processes influence skilled movement. 2,239 more words