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Do You Have to Be Crazy to Play Derby? Maybe a Little...

I was recently visiting a friend with a very cute cat. At one point in the evening, I was petting the cat when he suddenly started biting and clawing me. 612 more words

Roller Derby

Sometimes Simple is Better

In a day and age of complex data management systems and the apparent desire to uncover the holy grail of load and fatigue indicators, sometimes the most basic of assessment and monitoring tools are the most valuable. 362 more words


Even though golf great Phil Mickelson lost his bid to become the first male golfer in 437 major championships to shoot that mythical score of 62 when his 16-foot birdie putt didn’t fall on the 18th hole at Royal Troon in the British Open, he still shot a fantastic 63! 77 more words


Lee's Top List #2 - Golf Secrets that Good Players Don't Want You to Find Out

2. What good players say and what they actually do are completely different

Is it that good players don’t want you to beat them? Are better players tricking you into playing bad golf? 387 more words


Ask the Expert - Dr Emma Kavanagh (Bournemouth University)

1. Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience)

I played hockey to an international level but that was a long time ago now – that experience led me to coaching and my love of psychology. 485 more words

Youth Strength And Conditioning

Building Trust in the Performance Environment: Silent Lightning & Dark Thunder

Can lightning ever be separated from thunder?

Lightning is the flashing brilliance, and the thunder is the reverberating sound that echo’s in our chest cavity. They come to our senses as separate things, first the lightning then the thunder. 594 more words

Sport Psychology

How important is an understanding of attention to a sport psychologist interested in using it in their work with sportspeople?

Although contentious, attention can be defined as an intentional or unintentional increase in awareness of sensory and/or mental events which determines the quality and effectiveness of perception, decision-making and performance (Schefke & Gronek, 2010). 3,478 more words