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The Importance of Implied Culture

I played football at Albion College in the early to mid-90s. One of the things that I found interesting about those teams was that we never had any explicitly stated mottos, slogans, or team names. 850 more words

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Make Plays Today

The more I think about our lives, specifically our thoughts, feelings, actions, and how it all works together, the more cohesive things appear. Sometimes this seems to be a complicated process, but it really isn’t. 159 more words

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For Love of the Game

In my practice as a sport psychologist, I often see a typical type of issue. The athletes who come to me can play very well at times, even brilliantly, but they perform inconsistently. 287 more words

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Do Not Get Sloppy!

After every high point and every success comes the question: Now What?

Whether it is  the completion of  a successful project at work or success in a sports competition there is a day or two of celebration, and glorious afterglow. 320 more words

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Fear and Courage

I talked with a few people about fear this week. One important thing about fear to keep in mind is this: Fear has its greatest power when you believe you are actually feeling a situation or even a potential situation (a future situation). 205 more words

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From Uncertainty to Known

The unknown kind of sucks.

I don’t know that my friend’s words did justice to the news he’d just received. But even if he hadn’t just gotten shocking news, don’t we often think the unknown sucks? 339 more words

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10 Tips for Soccer Parents on the Sidleines

A few years ago I wrote a post about soccer parents, but at that point, I did not imagine that we would now be one of “those” families, driving to soccer games in different cities, spending the night in hotels, and paying buckets of money to play a sport that many of us just went out and played in the park after school. 1,758 more words