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World Cup, a worthwhile investment for the official sponsors?

Depending on who you talk too, the investment will have delivered. But questions will be asked in the boardrooms long after the fans have left Russia. 305 more words


What's (Un)healthy For Sports

Sports in general encourages being active, involved, and living healthy but its not the same as sporting events. Sporting events influence many fans on what to do, have, or invest in.   614 more words

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Sports Sponsorship: Unhealthy Food & Beverage Companies

Before I started studying sports management in undergrad and entering the sports industry, I never paid much attention to the sponsorships of professional and collegiate athletics. 428 more words

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What do Health-care and Craft Beer have in common with Sport? A lot actually...

There’s been a new trend of unique sponsorships that has slowly made its way into the sport arena. Within the last few years, we have seen businesses in the health care industry (insurance and hospitals) and craft beer industry branch out and become part of the sport branding team. 413 more words

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New Signage: The NBA sponsor patches—Tacky or Brilliant?

Last year, an interesting form of sponsorship made it’s way into the NBA: patches.

Now, I guess this form of sponsorship isn’t too interesting—NASCAR has been covering their cars and drivers with sponsors since its existence, but there’s something odd about this trend entering into the NBA arena. 523 more words

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FIFA Sponsorship Struggle

I have really enjoyed talking about sponsorships in class this semester and that is what I would like to cover in this discussion. One of my favorite sports is soccer. 438 more words

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The Secrete Ballot

It was only five years ago when Northwestern would make history. A history that has yet to have a conclusion. In 2013, Kain Colter, Northwestern Quarterback becomes concern of the way players were being treated in college sports. 766 more words

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