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I just can’t understand the calls for Johnathon Thurston to be inducted into the Immortal ranks.
As far as I know he has never been in trouble over drugs; he hasn’t cried on TV as he confesses his indiscretions; he doesn’t seem to have the key to a Guru’s dressing rooms; he stops to talk to little children; he hands over pieces of personal equipment to these children; has he ever cheated on his Club. 51 more words

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Sporting Heroes: July

I had been wondering who would fill this column for July, as there are a few major sporting events going on at the moment. As I type this, Roger & Novak are tearing up Centre Court at Wimbledon, and this time next week we will be closing in on the World Cup Final. 747 more words

Summer of Sporting Heroes

As an armchair sports fan there are so many massive events going on at the moment it is almost embarrassing: From the much hyped Brazilian World Cup which kicked off last night, to England’s Rugby tour of the mighty All Blacks, which has gone almost under the radar for such a great event. 845 more words

1. Jessica Ennis-hill

 I think Jessica Ennis-hill is an amazing person. After being bullied and picked on, Jessica is now internationally famous for her great triumph in the 2012 Olympic heptathlon. 63 more words

Sporting Heroes

Sporting Heroes - April

We are finally into the first out-and-out athlete for this column, and after last weekend it feels appropriate to be one of the biggest heroes in the country – owner of fairly unique celebratory stance and someone who everyone feels they could be mates with – the great Mo Farah. 267 more words

My sporting hero - Ayrton Senna

Here is a photo of my sporting hero, Ayrton Senna. He won the World championship several times and has won the 3rd most grand prix races ever, He also worked tirelessly to help poor people in his own country. 19 more words

Ultimate sporting heroes

Dear 4ME

Who is your ultimate sporting hero? Mine is Ayrton Senna, the greatest formula 1 driver ever. This is not why he is my favourite sporting hero though. 10 more words

Sport Relief