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What are the benefits of believing evolution?

@PrajCK I’m sure Wilt Chamberlain was encouraged to be a better free throw shooter. @cult_cognition

— Ben M. Schorr (@bschorr) October 29, 2014

— Ben M.

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Decisive Victory

I’m going to write using a sport analogy – of a sport I know nothing about. Surely nothing can go wrong, right?

(For the record, I’m not averse to baseball. 183 more words


It’s “Moore” Than One Way to Score a Basket

Early in my basketball career, one of my power moves was driving to the basket. As soon as I would receive the ball from one of my teammates, my coach or my supporters would yell, “Drive to the basket!” I did and I did it well, but do you know the countless times my defenders tried to hold me back from making each basket? 1,755 more words

Competitive Thoughts

The Writer I Want to Be

At my last critique group we all decided we were going to write 10 minute plays.

Immediately, I felt a challenged, but not inspired. I’m long winded. 368 more words

The Sports Analogy, Revisited.

EARLIER, I WROTE about the “Sports analogy”, to examine the ways in which war reporting often “borrows” from the sports journalism practices. Part of that argument was that conflict becomes trivialized, because often complex circumstances are reduced to simple one-on-one thugs-of-war. 331 more words


Why I use sports analogies

I’m sure many of you wonder why, as cliché and trite as they often are, I harp on sports analogies. It’s not just because I’m uncreative (although that’s true to a large degree). 281 more words


Have you heard of Wilt Chamberlain?

Tonight’s debate on creationism between Ken Ham and Bill Nye will end—like most debates on this topic—with two camps even more certain of their views. One will celebrate Ham and conclude that the theory of evolution has been overthrown. 533 more words