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Beyonce drinks this... and you should too.

Did you know that after 🍋 lemonade @beyonce invested in 🍉WTRMLN ?!! Thats right 😉—- Im talkin about @wtrmlnwtr  🍉 323 more words

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Motivation and Mindset In Sports

Motivation and Mindset In Sports

Possibly the most important factor that has the largest influence over an athlete’s motivation, is their mindset. In the book… 508 more words

The Anti-Hustle

I did promise you a follow-up to last weeks’ article, More is Not Better, in which I shared with you the experience of my life grinding to a halt within a mere few days, how I managed to salvage my work and health, and my subsequent epiphany about my current MO – and the realization that it was… 1,167 more words

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More is Not Better

I used to think very differently to this – ask any of my training partners, coaches, or even work colleagues and bosses for that matter.  1,293 more words

Sports Performance

Are you a Mouth Breather?

I think everyone know this fact that Mouth breathing is not the optimal way to breathe because it can affect the oxygen concentration in the blood and especially supply to the brain. 156 more words


GRIT - how do you measure it?

If I asked you if you were hard working, how would you answer? Well I suppose I could only receive a very subjective answer. If I asked a 16 year old versus a Tour de France Pro Cyclist that question, I bet I would get a definite yes from both. 305 more words

What's The Big Deal About Staying Hydrated?

What is it about hydration that has got personal trainers, yogis, health coaches and sports team managers questioning, ‘how much water do I need to drink?’ 364 more words