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The Story of the Catman

Twenty years ago, if you had put money on boxer Glenn Catley- the Catman – to become super middleweight champion of the world, you would have made yourself a tidy sum. 206 more words


Bridging the gap between sports performance researchers and practitioners - Alan Griffin

In the area of sports performance, researchers and practitioners are two vital cogs in achieving the most productive and safest environment for athletes to develop and perform. 728 more words


5 Easy ways to speed up Muscle recovery

Week after week, day after day, session after session, we put our bodies through hell in the gym, on the field, or on the court with one objective: out work the competition. 766 more words

Sports Performance

Last Free Online Workout in Your Living Room Next Wednesday!

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined me for free workouts over the last two months (and for supporting me along the way). 314 more words

Athletes….You Need Your Carbs!

By Fred Daniels


In the last 10 years or so, carbohydrates or “carbs” have been identified as the enemy in the battle against weight loss. 1,061 more words

Sports Performance

The ultimate breakfast smoothie for the exercise enthusiast

The science of fuelling the body in periods of extensive exercise can be very complex and daunting. After all, one has to consider maximising the performance during the activity and optimising the recovery at the same time. 391 more words


5 Mistakes That are Holding Back Your Performance

As athletes we all would like to think we bring the “Mamba Mentality” into our workouts and overall preparation for our sports. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how much we exert ourselves in the gym, our performance can be hindered by factors we might not be paying attention to. 709 more words

Sports Performance