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Knee Pain during running or while squatting? Look at your ankles!

If you are having knee pain while your squat or run, the issue may not be just your aching knees.  The knees are affected by the joints above and below them. 381 more words

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Scanning Your Body for Health Risk and Sports Performance - Phil Jakeman

Most are aware of the obesity epidemic and associate obesity to be the result of an increase in body fat. The World Health Organisation monitors population trends in obesity by body mass index or BMI (BMI= bodymass (kg)/ height (m)2). 597 more words


First blog post

Greetings friends, colleagues, and clients! I am looking to share my thoughts and experiences in the field of health and fitness as well as baseball. The main idea driving this blog site is to share information as I grow and continue my education in the field of fitness and sports performance. 31 more words


Up Your Game

Did you know that hypnosis can help you improve your game?  Simple guided and self-hypnosis techniques can help improve focus and performance.  It can help increase calm and quite literally improve physical performance and endurance too.   218 more words


Exercise of the Week: Stability Ball Stir the Pot

This week’s exercise is going to be a great core exercise, Stability Ball Stir the Pot. This exercise requires a great deal of core stabilization, anti-rotation, and some hip stability all at the same time. 159 more words

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Testing the World Champion

The application of Sport Science is benficial for every kind of sport. It helps to support the perception of the coach and the development of an athlete with precise data. 122 more words


Top 5 Foods for Recovery

**Editor’s Note: Enjoy learning more about nutrition or interested in a personalized meal plan from a Ruthless Performance Nutritionist? Fill out the contact form at… 371 more words