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The Randomness 11/3 - "Vacations Are Fun"

Who am I to not even make a mere mention here that I was going to take my birthday vacation last week, let alone post about my vacation on a day I’m feeling worn-out? 1,260 more words

Me Me Me Me

Let The Loves Be Known, 2015 edition

I can never have too many crush objects. I’m always looking to add more beauties to my dream harem. And thanks to the…get ready for it…MLB Playoffs this year, I have found my latest panty-pudding starter. 476 more words

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RIP England's RWC

Now no-one is prouder than me of what the England rugby union team have achieved in the last 20 years. After all it was at the RWC in South Africa in 1995 that I first did the original deal to cement our company’s (then Cellnet, now O2) significant relationship with the England team. 417 more words


Dedicated to the 2015 SF Giants

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about them around my birthday like last year.

Sports Stuff

Prisoner cell block CH

Well the handcuffs are out of the box and it can’t be long before they are slipped around the fat chubby wrists of Sepp Blatter. The FBI are already out for him and his corrupt trough-snuffling cronies but it was his native Swiss authorities who turned up at his office on Friday to seize evidence from his plush Zurich office and announced later that he was being investigated for ‘criminal mismanagement’ and ‘misappropriation’ of funds. 455 more words


unbelievable tekkers

So it’s not earth-shattering news to announce that the very top footballers earn fortunes these days. If it takes me say an hour to write this posting (for fun of course), in the same time Wayne Rooney will have earned about £1800 from Man Utd. 417 more words


Overtime, by Toni Aleo

Grade: B

Doing it at: 47%

Catnip: Hockey Players, Beards, Second Chance Love, Hate to Love You, Addiction, Serious Problems, Sports Stuff, Strong Female Lead, Brother’s Best Friend, Reformed Bad Boy… 1,970 more words