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President Football Team

This is something that I wrote just over a year ago, but thought it was good enough to be the first thing on my blog. 2,117 more words

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MC's Haworth Makes me Want to be Better

–DISCLAIMER: When my Journalism class starts (one day), I’ll make them “blog” about the experience of preparing an article. This is one of those blog posts.– 1,513 more words

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Simple Ways to Get Active this March Break

Just ’cause it’s a warm one doesn’t mean it’ll be a boring one!

  1. Catch the last shinny game or free skate of the year!
  2. There’s gotta be a…
  3. 124 more words

The Randomness 2/29: Leap Year Madness

This GIF has nothing to do with the Leap Year; I tried to find some good GIFs for this special day but wound up with stuff from a movie called “Leap Year.” The GIF is actually for me ’cause funny, and for Leo DiCaprio for finally winning dat Oscuh. 1,332 more words

Dunk contest 2011

This is Blake griffin’s dunks that he won the 2011 dunk contest with.


Chapman: Party of a Million

Lord, where have I been this past week? It’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything. Defeats the purpose of having my own site (notice how I’m avoiding calling this a blog when that’s what it is…) if I don’t post anything. 978 more words

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4 Ways of Beating the Winter Blues

It’s been a long winter for most Canadians. With the Holidays over, work or school back in full swing, the cold weather, shorter days, and being cramped inside for ages, it’s no wonder over 15% of Canadians get the Winter Blues! 963 more words