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What Compass You Readin', Don?

Is Don Sweeney’s First Off-Season As General Manager Of The Boston Bruins Simpler Than We Think?

It’s weird, but my feet always seem to smell like ham. 1,365 more words

Sports Stuff

Matt Barnes: Sell While The Value Is Still High?

Young pitchers with good fastballs – you just can’t have enough of them these days. Matt Barnes, the Sox 1st Round Pick in 2011 (19th overall), lights up a radar gun, especially when confined to a role in the bullpen. 511 more words

Sports Stuff

(Mostly) New England Livin'

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” is a saying I’ve heard before. And it applies here, as the AHL’s divisional realignment will have the P-Bruins surrounded by familiar foes in 2015-2016.  397 more words

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Preliminary Vegas Expansion Fee Set At $450 Million. And Like, That's A Lot Of Money.

When I think of Las Vegas, I think of casinos, strippers and the girl who vomited on a man’s privates my first weekend at college. I should of course clarify that she is from Las Vegas, so please don’t think I enjoy reminiscing about people yakking on one another. 514 more words

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Lawless in Leather, by Melanie Scott

Grade: B

Doing it at: 49%

Catnip: Burlesque; Motorcycles; Smoking Hot Ex-Military Guy; Sports Stuff; Dead Ex-Girlfriend Issues; Mysterious Stalker; Dual Narrative; Not Xena

Shame Scale: 1,005 more words

Dual Narrative

Let's Go Hockey

So…the NHL Playoffs have started, and, today, my Penguins are playing. They’re up against the Rangers and, because they were D+ (I’m being kind here) in the last games going into the playoffs (with, at one point, looking like they were not going to have a chance to get in the big dance), have no home court advantage in all of the rounds, should they advance. 87 more words

Sports Stuff

Soundtrack To The Game

I’ve followed the San Francisco Giants for almost five years, and, in the three of those five years that they won a World Series, I had a knack for falling back on music that was more than just “game-day songs.” They were part of a soundtrack that seemed like game-day songs in the beginning, but wound up as winning tracks that may or may not have contributed to a team winning the title. 1,567 more words

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