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Creativity as a Therapist

I’m not creative

Yesterday I was talking to a patient who was a photographer, and was involved in film making.

I have never considered myself creative in the slightest. 451 more words

Massage Therapy

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Sports Therapist

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and seek out treatment for that injury that’s been niggling away at you for too long? Choosing a therapist can be a difficult process. 791 more words


Ankle Sprains and Instability

Ankle sprains frequently occur in sport, but also may result from a simple trip down an un-seen curb.

The word sprain is used to describe a rapid over-stretching of a ligament or ligaments. 429 more words

Sleep for Sport

Many of the athletes that I work with take their training very seriously. However, unfortunately, few of them take recovery as seriously as their training, despite it being integral to improving performance and minimising risk of injury. 164 more words

Sports Therapy

Chiropractic for Athletes

Looking after athletes has become big business.

The typical medical team of a Premier League football club consists of orthopaedic consultants, chiropractors, podiatrists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and masseurs, not to mention strength and conditioning coaches, biomechanists, performance analysts and so forth. 309 more words

First Blog post in a while... just an update

Its been almost a year since my last blog post and so I though it was the time to give you a little update on everything Ah Sports Therapy. 304 more words

Sports Therapy

The truth about muscle soreness

Every gym goer has experienced it sometime or the other – muscle soreness. Yes, the same pain after working out, that has triggered some of the most motivational and catchy fitness quotes like, “Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow”, “No Pain No Gain”, “Nothin’ Sweet Than My Sore”, “Sore Today, Soar Tomorrow”, “I can swear by my sore”, and a dozen more. 746 more words