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The Importance of Cooling Down

Cool down, recover faster and avoid injury

Can’t be bothered?  Feel too tired?  What’s the point?

Most of us at times are guilty of not making the effort to cool down effectively and efficiently after a sporting event, strenuous exercise or training. 975 more words


They think its all over…

So that’s it my first year over. It’s been better than I thought it would, as well as harder. I’ve done more than I could have imagined. 221 more words

Sports Therapy

The mysterious case of the breast enlargement scar and knee pain

This was brought to my attention, and indeed, received comments galore after it was posted on a social media platform;

‘HAHAHAH! This got me buzzing yesterday in clinic. 484 more words

Pre and Post Event Soft Tissue Therapy

I have often wondered why an individual would want to plonk their sweaty bodies on a plinth after completing an event, even more so in the winter when they are generally covered in the dirt of the roads or fields that mixes well with the sweat. 951 more words

Injury Prevention Physio therapy Programs in Ottawa for Professional Athlete’s

Physiotherapy plays an integral role in pain relief, rehabilitation, injury prevention and treatment. Highly experienced and skilled physiotherapy team is specialized in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy to benefit the professional athletes. 226 more words

Physiotherapy Ottawa

Physicality and Injuries

Physical activity is a great outlet for participating in a healthy event, having fun, relieving stress, bonding with friends and teammates, and instilling hard work. 134 more words

The Hard Battle Back to the Top - an Athlete's Tale

I believe athletics is much more about the mental game than it is the physical. You could be the fastest runner in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself you will not get anywhere. 453 more words