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Getting on with stuff, still coughing but I’m feeling better than before. I worked on a freelance job with a client today, and completed the rough animation for them, which I can refine when I get a thumbs up from them. 68 more words


Coaching can change your life

How many of you have had a coach at some time in your life?

Most people have had a parent or a teacher looking out for them and helping them improve at some point in their life, so to an extent most of us have had a coach as that’s exactly what a good coach does.  747 more words

Massage Therapy

5 foolproof ways to stick to your rehab routine

Client: “My knee’s been hurting for months”
Me: “Have you tried anything for it yet?”
Client: “Well I saw someone, and they gave me some exercises to do”
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Therapy Expo 2017

Therapy Expo was another great success for the Sports Therapy Association (STA) and PD:Approval.  STA were presenting and showcasing their strategy for bigger and better in 2018 and how PD:Approval will be supporting their endorsement offer to provide quality assurance. 304 more words

Sports and Non Sports Injuries

Don’t Ignore Your Injury

Many of us will put up with pain, try hard to ignore it and even ‘tough it out’ only to end up wishing and regretting that we hadn’t acted sooner. 446 more words


How to heal faster after running accident WARNING Mildly Graphic Pictures

A little tireder than usual…not quite awake…not the right shoes…over training…bad terrain…?

These are the typical reasons I hear in the sports injury clinic for why people have accidents whilst out running. 979 more words


5 reasons why Beats + Balance is for you

Beats  + Balance Massage Studio is a perofrmance and healing therapy studio inspired by urban dance. We not only make massage affordable and convenient for dancers and everyone with an active lifestyles but we provide the best possible products, services and tools necessary to achieve overall health. 402 more words

Massage Therapy