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Pre-Event and Post-Event Sports Massage

Pre-Event and Post-Event Sports Massage

You spend days, weeks, months and even years training hard preparing for your sporting event and you have the attitude, dedication and determination it takes to achieve your goals. 873 more words


Immersive narrative - a collaboration with colleagues at Coventry University

There are so many variables that influence human behaviours, attitudes, habits and actions, and understanding people as individuals is a complex process. Empathy is a very difficult “skill” to master especially when you put cultural aspects into the mix. 427 more words


5 Tips to Running Your 1st 10k

The Northallerton 10k is just over two weeks away and for many it will be there first 10k. To help you prepare for the event I asked Josie to write 5 tips to preventing running injuries. 823 more words

Sports Therapy

Sex before Sport - Myth or Masturbation?

I remember attending my first sex education lesson at secondary school. We went in, put condoms on fake, slimy-feeling, plastic cocks and talked about awkward conversations that an 11 year old boy really doesn’t want to talk about. 587 more words

Sports Therapy

Be A Professional Sports Therapist

Sports therapists are also called athletic trainer. With the wide scope of sports, the demand for sports therapist is also increasing rapidly. Therefore, if you chose sports therapy as a profession, it can be very much beneficial because of its wide scope. 225 more words


"How Good Am I?"

I used to play a lot of tennis.  I was very keen to win. I tried hard. I ran around a lot. Sometimes it worked out well, sometimes it didn’t! 422 more words

Home based treatment for your injured knee

As of the present working standards and environmental issues are concerned it has been seen that numerous individuals in the United Kingdom are getting prone to knee related ailment. 368 more words

Sports Therapy