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Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

We Cannot Teach People Anything; We Can Only Help Them Discover It Within Themselves!!!

Exercise is an important part of life in order to become or stay healthy. 570 more words

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Sports Therapy; Climbing the Ladder

Since leaving University of Bedfordshire, I’ve had many friends, family and colleagues ask me; What is Sports Therapy?

Everyone will have a different opinion to what Sports Therapy is, and this will differ from their different backgrounds of education, experiences etc. 623 more words

The Real Roles and Responsibilities of a Non-League Sports Therapist

Everyone that has gone through university, or those who are affiliated with one of our many choices of governing bodies (SST, STA, STO, SMA, etc), will know about the ‘Codes of Conduct’ and ‘Standards of Proficiency’, describing to us our roles and responsibilities as Sports Therapists. 739 more words


Who, What, Why, When and How?


I’m Dave Newbold. A graduate Sports Therapist from the University of Bath, achieving a 2:1 classification. I currently work for Oxford City FC as Lead Sports Therapist, working with two other Sports Therapists, a Graduate and Student respectively. 435 more words


London Chargers - A baptism of fire

So two weeks in and I think I’m having a Christmas holiday hangover. I can’t seem to get back in the swing of things. I know some of you will shoot me for saying this but it’s far too much time off. 1,130 more words

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What to eat during injury recovery.

We’ve all been there. Worked our asses off to reach our goals and without warning something goes. It can be a small or big setback but they all come with their mental strains and an impact on our nutritional needs. 893 more words

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Thank You! Come and say hello!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to say thank you for all the fantastic support with the new Yarm clinic. The response to “The Yarm Clinic is Open for Business” 99 more words

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