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Avoiding Running Injury Disaster

We’ve all felt tweaks and pains whilst running up on the fells or on the road. Some are nothing but others can develop into an injury disaster. 815 more words

Sports Therapy

Movement of upper limb, exam and assessment Sports Therapy CPD.


Active range = Patient does the movement, Works contractile tissues (muscles).

Passive range = Therapist does the movement – ( works non contractile).

Resisted = Work the middle range isometrically, then inner range isometrically, then outer range isometrically. 688 more words

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Sports Massage Heals All Your Sports Related Injury

Whether you’re a first class competitor or a weekend rec center goer, you can profit by sports knead. Contact a massage specialist to examine your massage needs and choices. 407 more words

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9 ways to run better!


Flexibility is important to have in all soft tissues, these include muscles, tendons and ligaments. When these have limited flexibility your joints will have limited range of movement (ROM), which can lead to bad running and walking biomechanics. 593 more words

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Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l'Ardèche

3 Days ago I returned from the Tour de l’Ardeche, a mountainous 6 day women’s stage race in the south of France. Whilst there I was working as a Soigneur for the… 2,340 more words

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Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are one the most common types of injury sustained through strenuous activity or general overuse.

Below are some of the most common shoulder injuries and conditions that most of us will experience at some time. 710 more words

Out of Action

I finally did something about the constant pain in my left wrist because I can’t go on with one day of good golf and the next day, terrible golf. 269 more words