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Physicality and Injuries

Physical activity is a great outlet for participating in a healthy event, having fun, relieving stress, bonding with friends and teammates, and instilling hard work. 134 more words

The Hard Battle Back to the Top - an Athlete's Tale

I believe athletics is much more about the mental game than it is the physical. You could be the fastest runner in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself you will not get anywhere. 453 more words

"Ambition is the path to Success"


When starting University my only real ambition was to complete the course, but after a few ups and many downs at university, my ambitions changed a lot; they changed with every placement, every session. 563 more words

Snooker Therapy

Adam, who has been a regular member of the WEBSF since 1994, has recently finished a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and will Graduate this October. To further his chosen career Adam has started up a mobile Sports Rehabilitation Service,  125 more words


Exercise to Prevent Injury? Hung up on Hamstrings..

Since leaving University, I’ve missed the endless hours looking and reading research around area’s that draw my attention, I think this is the main reason for my blog (try to keep it regular and updated..) 1,495 more words

Who is Scott Lincoln?

So this post is mainly to raise awareness of my sponsored athlete Scott Lincoln, GB shot putter/builder. Scott is great to work with, he listens, does his homework and trains extremely hard (with very little funding compared to some athletes), whilst working full time as a builder.   1,117 more words

Sports Therapy

Pre-Event and Post-Event Sports Massage

Pre-Event and Post-Event Sports Massage

You spend days, weeks, months and even years training hard preparing for your sporting event and you have the attitude, dedication and determination it takes to achieve your goals. 885 more words