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Out of Action

I finally did something about the constant pain in my left wrist because I can’t go on with one day of good golf and the next day, terrible golf. 269 more words


Massage: Get in Touch with its Many Benefits

Massage is no longer available only through luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Today, massage therapy is offered in businesses, clinics, hospitals and even airports. If you’ve never tried… 802 more words

Beginner’s Guide For Becoming A Sports Therapist

Manchester is widely dubbed as the sports capital of UK and the people in the city are just mad about the football. Almost every second youngster in the city wants to be a footballer and as such there are a number of clubs in the city. 262 more words


Fergie time strikes again... 

Year two is over and they all said that it would be harder but until you’re in the mix of it you just can’t contemplate it. 238 more words

Sports Therapy

Big Event Coming Up? Read This!!!

I’ve done it countless times. Train hard for a targeted event and planned to taper down for the week of the event. It gets to Tuesday and then I panic. 686 more words

The not so Forbidden City – An Ambassadorial Tour of Beijing continued…

Part 2.

Day 6 – Rehab Lecture and more rehab.

We met this morning at half 9 outside the accommodation to attend a Rehab lecture with Michael Cole, its optional but as a Sports Therapy student I highly doubt that. 6,783 more words

Sports Therapy

Choosing Between Sports Massage Therapy And Physiotherapist For Treatment Of Various Issues

Sports massage therapy and physiotherapy both focus on providing relief from various kinds of injuries and pain. The two procedures have certain similarities and dissimilarities. 341 more words