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Sports Therapy vs Physiotherapy

A common cause of confusion amongst people I talk to is the difference between Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy. Often people will refer to me as a Physio and I have to explain that there is a difference between a Physiotherapist and a Sports Therapist. 393 more words

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2017 Concussion Guidelines

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*This blog post does not serve as medical advice, rather to offer resources for those interested in learning more about recent updates in the area of concussive injuries. 388 more words

*New customers only

How annoying is it when companies focus so hard on getting new customers but neglect their existing customers.  Have you ever seen a great deal from the company you are a customer of, but when you look into it, they have one of the most annoying phrases seen in marketing literature *new customers only? 1,099 more words

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How can I help you?

I can help you in a variety of ways, enabling you to think, feel and perform better, through my «Inside-Out Principles». It will lead to a greater resilience & well-being, whilst enabling you to move forward in your life. 108 more words

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Always learning

I’ve been reading a lot and listening to podcasts and webinars even more than normal recently.  I enjoy learning and try and make time for it in as many forms as I can.  664 more words

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