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Big Event Coming Up? Read This!!!

I’ve done it countless times. Train hard for a targeted event and planned to taper down for the week of the event. It gets to Tuesday and then I panic. 686 more words

The not so Forbidden City – An Ambassadorial Tour of Beijing continued…

Part 2.

Day 6 – Rehab Lecture and more rehab.

We met this morning at half 9 outside the accommodation to attend a Rehab lecture with Michael Cole, its optional but as a Sports Therapy student I highly doubt that. 6,783 more words

Sports Therapy

Choosing Between Sports Massage Therapy And Physiotherapist For Treatment Of Various Issues

Sports massage therapy and physiotherapy both focus on providing relief from various kinds of injuries and pain. The two procedures have certain similarities and dissimilarities. 341 more words


Derby Count-Me in

So I mentioned at the end of last term about having been offered an amazing opportunity and having to make a decision that would change the path of my course, both literally and figuratively speaking. 421 more words

Sports Therapy

A day out at St. Mary's

So, I decided to do another external course, this time in the introduction to traditional taping and strapping. Don’t ask me why my University doesn’t have it as an option, I don’t know, every placement I’ve been on so far they’ve used it, in one form or another (a debate for another time). 516 more words

Sports Therapy

Ede & Ravenscroft Academic Prize for Excellence.

Ede & Ravenscroft ©

Amazingly I got this letter in the post congratulating me on this ‘prestigious award’. It blew my mind, if I’m honest, although, there’s not much out there about this award and there was nothing on the university website about it either, but what I did find gave it high praise indeed. 127 more words

Sports Therapy

Under pressure da da dum dum...

Exam Pressure!

So the reason all the posts have come thick and fast this week and not before is because we have had exams coming out of our ears (at least that has been what it’s felt like), so no time for blogging or anything, for that matter. 777 more words

Sports Therapy