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Women's Sports Deserves Attention Too

When I think of three sports on the top of my head, basketball, football, and volleyball are the first to pop into my mind.

Why those three? 357 more words


Who's to say volleyball is easy?

Recently, there was a blog posted by ESPNW about how young girls are starting to “flock” more towards volleyball than basketball.

As a current collegiate volleyball player, I find this to be pretty cool since I love the sport, but as I continued reading the article, I felt more bothered by the reasons behind it. 343 more words


The classroom isn't the only place to learn things

We’ve all spent the first portion of our lives learning about various subjects in the classroom and finding ourselves applying it to different aspects of life everyday. 363 more words


More to being a collegiate athlete than meets the eye

As a student athlete, I spend most of my days either in the classroom or in the gym.

I dedicate endless hours to better improving my skills for the sport I love and exceling in the classroom to be able to make Dean’s List each quarter. 373 more words


Everyday life of a tall girl

If I had a penny for all the times my height has been mentioned, I would be so annoyed for two reasons: 1) pennies aren’t worth much and 2) I know I’m tall so please do not tell me an already well known fact about myself. 432 more words