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Grand Theft Auto V; Roblox Edition

The game that instantly hit the front page upon its new title.  The creator is none other than Janlari


First things first: The initial look… 168 more words

Gta V

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Mario and Sonic in the same game! Yeah, a couple of years ago that would be totally unthinkable. However lately they’ve duking it out in several olympic games. 8 more words


Excitebike socks

These socks are so cool! The old school Excitebike to NES recently got a re-release for 3DS.



We’re back! Yes, been a drought, I’m simply out of t-shirts. It’s hard to keep up the tempo, but luckily there’s always new t-shirts, like this FIFA 12. 15 more words


Competition: Win Virtua Tennis 4 t-shirt

Today we’ll revisit a t-shirt posted back in April, it’s the fantastic tennis game Virtua Tennis 4. First one, in the comments, to write the name of the Swedish player in the first Virtua Tennis, wins the t-shirt!



Another cool t-shirt I snapped a photo of at Retrospelsmässan, showing F-Zero, one of the first games launched for the SNES. The game had a comic style with background history in the manual to build a background for the characters in the game.


Punch Out

Since we’re on a roll with NES t-shirts, why not go for another one? Punch Out is without any shadow of doubt one the best NES games. 8 more words