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never say that routine before

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and where it was being heard

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and signs it was the pivot… 44 more words


It's World Password Day — these are the worst passwords you can use

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

It’s World Password Day, the annual global push for better password security.

And what better way is there to urge stronger passwords than to shame people with terrible ones that can be hacked in seconds? 254 more words


The most popular places to travel this summer, according to Pinterest

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Spring is in full bloom, which means it’s time for some summer dreamin’ — and some serious travel planning.

To get in the mood, we’ve rounded up the top 10 most-pinned summer destinations on  65 more words


Spot: 'X-Men: Apocalipsis'

Por: Cesar Cortez

En horas de la mañana, la Fox había revelado algunas imágenes junto con algunos posters basados en antiguos juegos de video de… 191 more words


Dark Spots, Wrinkles, and Dryness: Fighting the Skin's Aging Process

As people age, their skin easily becomes damaged. It does not bounce back as easy as it once did. This often proves bothersome to most, as the skin that once appeared soft and smooth now looks dried out, darkened, and full of lines. 393 more words


Obojeni program objavio spot za novi singl „Vrlo jednostavno“

Znate kako to već ide – najpre se pojavi jedan ili nekoliko najavnih singlova, a potom i čitav album.

Na veliku sreću i zadovoljstvo, bend Obojeni program ovih dana dosta vremena provodi u studiju snimajući novi album, ali da možemo da se upoznamo sa onim u kom pravcu se kreću njihove ideje i nove pesme otkriva nova stvar „Vrlo jednostavno“ i spot koji je za nju urađen.




(Source: www.timeout.com)

Start hunting for jobs in the near-West. Live music behemoth Timbre tunes into the food court game, and its new spot in close proximity to the ‘-polises’ in Buona Vista gathers some of the city’s hottest F&B names to set up shop between artfully stacked containers and in imported trailers. 522 more words